Monday, July 19, 2010

Fruits and other tasty things

So, here's what my hair's doing today:



And yes, I've rendered my VOL LOD Factor, or whatever it is, so let's just chalk it up to Second Life being a little bitch again. It looked great yesterday. See:


The primary purpose of that photo is not to show you this cute Melany dress from Convoitise or my new favorite hair -- Aradhana in Gem by Truth -- or even the dreamlike quality of the art installation-slash-shopping experience that is It was a blur. No. I really took that photo so I could show off my SPECTACULARLY DOUBLE-JOINTED ANKLES! WooT! (Shoes by O! Bleak.)

Let's pause for a moment and look at this picture of Adam Lambert:


Bwahahahahahaha! OMG that picture is huge. Oops.

I've developed a weird crush on him lately. I have no idea where it came from and my friends are patiently waiting for it to end. Until then, I'm perfectly comfortable with the fact that for some bizarre reason I'm hot for a guy who's usually covered in glitter, wears more makeup than I do and has a penchant for dressing in drag. Oh, and sleeping with men.

Perfectly comfortable with it.

Follow me, won't you, as I smoothly transition from Adam Lambert's thingy to Rosie's Thingies.

I'd never heard of Rosie or her Thingies before, but she dropped a Blogger Pack in my inventory and I was more than happy to check her thingies out.

Let's start with the box:


You rock, Rosie. I don't care what's in your box. The fact that you made a box that makes me want to lick it like I'm a character in a deleted scene from "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory" makes you today's Queen of Awesome. In fact, I need someone to make me a crown with full perms so I can officially crown my blog subjects with the royal attention they deserve.

Anyway, I'm keeping this box as home decor.

"Hey, look at my artistic fruit pillar!"

So, it turns out that Rosie's Thingies are eyes and if you've been reading this blog regularly, you probably know that the minute I opened a box of eyes, I had an eyegasm. SL eyes are my drug. I cannot resist them. I probably have about 9,000 pairs. I tried to tone down my eye hoarding this year by making a "2010 - ONLY the Eyes You Cannot Live Without - Seriously" folder, but it already has about 800 pairs in it.


(Eyes in Kiwi, 30L at Rosie's Thingies)

Maybe I'll start working on building a rep as The Eye Blogger of SL. I know many of you out there have been tearing out your hair and wailing, "Forget fashion - we need an EYE blogger!" and maybe my purpose in SLife is to save the day and become just that. I wouldn't even have to change the name of this blog.

And then I could get away with running pictures like this one:


"Hey, I like your eyes!"

OK, so let's get back to poor Rosie, who has now been buried under a heap of my double-jointed ankles, Adam Lambert and my blog fantasies. Creator Rosemarie Indigo has launched a line of fruit inspired eyes and I'm loving them for several reasons: 1) They're strikingly vibrant but more subtle than other fruit-inspired eyes I've seen, meaning you kind of have to get close enough to, um, taste my fruits to notice that they're fruits, 2) they're an affordable 30L a pair, and 3) their box is awesome.

If you want to try them, she's offering this pair of Framboise eyes for only $1L:


That skin, monocle-that-I-need-to-mod and earrings are by Sanu and are available at the It was a blur exhibit. They kind of all blend together and that's the point, actually. And my eyelashes are jacked up, as usual.

Speaking of, let's wrap up this post with a gratuitous shot from It was a blur and then I have to get to work:


When I took that pic, everyone behind me clapped.

It was a blur


Heidi Halberstadt said...

Emerald, I truly love you. You made me laugh yet again. Let me shower you with my girl-crush-love: <3<3<3<3<3

Me said...

LMAO! I loveeee you!!!!

I developed a crush over the weekend that I considered blogging about but thought better of it. Sadly he isn't as cool as yours though. Sigh.

At what age do we quit getting crushes?

Your blogs make even my best days a bit better.



p.s. Heidi is such a harlot.

LisaMun Aronowicz said...

LOL you made me laugh so hard! Great post as always!

Tashi Core said...

*clap clap clap!*

Quaintly said...

That last picture was gorgeous, Em :)

Heidi Halberstadt said...

a) Ms. Harlow, please expect a letter from my lawyer

b) Em, Adam Lambert is complete and utter eyecandy. I don't care if he's a bumbling, drooling idiot, I am only there for the visuals.