Sunday, March 27, 2011

Back to the gypsy that I was (cue Stevie Nicks)

I have a RL friend named Ed who lives in this weird little town in Florida and is always doing fittingly weird things. He tried Second Life for about 15 minutes and left when he couldn't find a fat enough male AV in an adult-sized diaper. Why he wanted to spend his virtual existence that way, I have no idea, but that's my friend Ed for you.

Anyway, one day he got it into his head to build a gypsy vardo, complete with electricity and a bed. It was like an epic quest for him — trying to find just the right parts and just the right shades of paint. He blogged the whole process and it was, hands down, one of the most awesome feats I think I've ever seen. When the thing was finished, it was freakin' MAGNIFICENT. What killed me the most was Ed's "Now what the hell do I do with this thing?" attitude afterward. The joy was all in the building of it for him. I suggested he sell it on eBay, so he did — and people went wild over it. The bidding was off the charts. The people who didn't win it contacted him and begged him to build them custom versions of their own.

Now he's living happily ever after, building vardos for people who secretly long to be gypsies. Weird how one day he had a whimsical idea, grabbed it with a death grip and joyously ran with it and it changed his whole life. (Or at least until he gets his next wild idea.)

I think this La Roulotte gypsy wagon by Belle Belle would meet and quite possibly exceed Ed's very, very high vardo standards. It is beyond awesome and, as usual, evokes an "ARE YOU KIDDING ME, BELLE BELLE???" because it's only $150 this weekend for Spruce Up Your Space (SUYS).

I am continually blown away by the generosity of the creators who participate in Spruce Up Your Space. The majority of them knock the monthly theme way the hell out of the ballpark and then gift us with their creative fruits — YES, I said "creative fruits" — for a mere $150.

Hell, this little garden table with tea and cookies would cost that alone in ordinary circumstances:


Cheeeeeeezus, I want some of whatever Belle Belle Creator Leyla Firefly's on. The woman is a machine. The 435-prim wagon is packed with details — note the crystal ball and the dream catcher in the interior shot up top — and even includes a working old-time radio. I think. At least it has a menu and looks like it works. But nothing really ever works in the land of Emerald's Second Life Sucks Right Now. So who knows?

For pictures of all the SUYS items, along with pics of items in many other sales events, check out the blog The Circadian. I just discovered it, and now it's another one of those "how did I live without it?" blogs in my book.

Subject change:

"Hey, aren't you that blogger who blogs about eyes?"

That was my goal when I started this blog, but I never really rose to fame as one of SL's premier and leading eye bloggers. Occasionally I do feel the urge to share the eye joy, though. So before I sign off, check out these special-edition Japan eyes by Banana Banshee, available at the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser market.

Japan - Nori, 100L. Joy joy joy joy joy joy joy! Each of these pairs also includes prim eyes and an alpha layer for them if that's how you roll.

This next pair is my favorite. Pretend I don't look possessed in this picture:

Japan - Fuji, 100L. (Skin: Kianna, Smokey by Mynerva with a Mynerva lipstick tattoo layer in Coral.)

Japan - Dragon, 100L. Banana Banshee's Rosemarie Indigo officially goes on my list of Creators Who Are Beyond Awesome. She is right up there with A:S:S creator Photos Nikowhatshisnameos as a ruler of the magical realm of rockin' eyes.

(Getting punchy. I think my Sunday-evening "QUICK - must numb the pain of my looming currently hellish job tomorrow" Xanax dose is kicking in.)

Vendor pic:

Some or all of the proceeds from sales at the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser market go to AmeriCares to aid Japan relief efforts. I'll try to show more items in future blog posts, although I never know when my laptop is going to blow up or if I'm gonna get sent on a surprise weeklong business trip to some place like Oklahoma or if SL is going to start acting like a little bitch. Let's keep our fingers crossed. *frustrated face*

Belle Belle
Pacific Crisis Fundraiser, runs through April 10
Banana Banshee at Pacific Crisis Fundraiser

A vardo Ed made for a pickup truck bed.

Posted March 27, 2011


LisaMun Aronowicz said...

I love that gypsy wagon and those amazing eyes!

Anonymous said...

Talk about living your dream. That is an awesome story about Ed. Sometimes you just find your "calling" and looks like he finally did.

Kudos to him even if he is a "weirdo". Nothing wrong with being a little off kilter anyways, ;-).