Saturday, March 12, 2011


Lotta stuff to blog. Many posts to write. Let's hit it!

Hell yeah you're winning, Charlie Sheen — you're smashed between my boobs. There's no better place to be, baby. Unless it's smashed between my thighs.

(Wow! That was a little racy!)

Before the sobering effects of the recent devastation in Japan, I was — like much of the world — almost obsessively watching the trainwreck that is Charlie Sheen in morbid fascination. But my slightly amused "oh wow, no he didn't!" attitude quickly turned to flat-out concern and then eventually guilt, like I was part of a huge mob watching a guy on a ledge and egging him on to jump.

Now I'm over it. Sort of. I love the way we bring current events into SL and give them a voice, whether it be a collective shout of support for causes such as funding cancer research and aiding victims of natural disasters, or expressions of sorrow and tribute through our creations when an idol like Michael Jackson dies, or even just poking fun of complete doooooshes like Charlie Sheen.

I can trace recent RL history and pop culture milestones through the items in my inventory — the creative fruits of our Haiti fundraising efforts are in one folder, commemorative items from a 9/11 memorial service are in another, leftovers from my SL celebrations of my RL birthday live there, and there's a place for every holiday each year. Someday I'll look back on Second Life and see it in its entirety as a virtual journal of sorts. It started out as just killing time on a virtual playground and quickly evolved into a creative interpretation of the thoughts, emotions and events of my real life, and a place where I can capture moments in time and save them in folders.

That's why my inventory is so massive. (Yeah . . . that's it.)

That was a really long way of saying, "Hey, look at this funny Charlie Sheen T-shirt (40L, also includes a tank version) from terri.tees and these rockin' Tiger Sheen pants in Coal (150L) from LuNi."

Can we pause for a moment and also laugh at this "We're all very impressed with your slave. Now go away." T-shirt (40L) at terri.tees? No offense, people with slaves. I know it's a turn-on for some people, but I don't like hearing the whole "yes, Master" thing when I'm trying to shop. Or weaving my way around kneeling naked women in chains when I'm looking at shoes.

Um, getting back to the subject of causes and current events, Fashion for Life starts today. You read it first here! (That was a joke.) Running March 12-22 across nine sims, this annual fundraiser for the American Cancer Society has the theme Beyond Black and White this year, symbolizing hope rising out of the dark diagnosis of cancer. More posts to follow, but for now check out these Pearl Cancer Awareness Ribbon earrings by Peeps Fashion. They're included with a matching necklace in Peeps' 99L gatcha machine. Designer JennyLynn Capalini created sets in 18 colors, each symbolizing support for the victims and survivors of a particular type of cancer. As with all gatchas, you get a random set with each try.

Lavender is the color of general cancer awareness. To see the list of colors and the cancer awareness they symbolize, check out this Cancer Awareness Ribbon Color Chart. If anyone happens to get an extra teal-and-white ribbon set, which stands for cervical cancer awareness, please let me know, as it's a cause that's near and dear to my heart. Fortunately, my doctor caught my cervical cancer in its early stages and together we kicked its ass. I still live in occasional fear that it'll return, though. And right now someone I love is deeply affected by it. So yeah, I'd like that ribbon if anyone has a set to spare.

And while we're looking at that really big picture of my face, those Limited-Edition Fashion for Life Eyes in Emerald (200L) are one of Poetic Colors' RFL vendor items there.

These paragraphs are getting a little wordy. Let's switch to some quickies and get some of these pics out of my "To be blogged" folder.


I'm sure you've seen references to this bear when you log in, but there's a special Relief Linden Bear on SL Marketplace now, available in sitting and holding versions (apparently it floats, too!), for a donation of 300L, 1000L or 3000L. Proceeds go to the Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief Efforts of the American Red Cross. As you probably know, Linden Bears are collectible, so this is a great way to add to your collection while supporting a worthy cause. And once again, we put a little piece of history in our inventory.


If you've been following this blog, you know that I've been on a quest for a young, charmed Amaretto Breedables unicorn with many babies in its future. Well, the other day two of my not-that-exciting horses — Mysti, the no-trait Grey Appaloosa, and Luther Vandross, the I-tried-to-sell-him-for-25L-and-couldn't Brown Bay — gave birth to . . .


OMG! It's like winning the lottery! WOOO! Winning!

Anyone wanna trade a baby unicorn for it?

And THEN, miracles shall follow miracles and wonders shall never cease, because on the SAME DAY (yeah, sorry, lapsing into my overly enthusiastic ALL CAPS mode), my usually worthless Wildwoods Cats (no offense, little Wildwoods, but you give me nothing these days) gave birth to MY VERY OWN Spot o' Luck St. Patrick's Day elegant:


It's the dark one with the green eyes and what we WW breeders call a cloak coat. The other two are cats I paid significant Ls for because I figured my own cats would fail me. But they didn't! Now I have a cat rock group. They're called the Shamrockers. I would sell one or two except Wildwoods has thrown a twist in the mix with these particular holiday elegants, namely, they can breed baby holiday elegants through March 18.

SO START SEXING, CATS! Let's get a big damn green army going!

And then there are the St. Patrick's Day KittyCatS:

These Leprecats are available for purchase as a single male or single female (850L each) or in a pair pack (1700L), which also includes two bottles of Love5 vitamins (Viagra for cats). I bought four pairs. Why? Because the competitive little catch is that these cats have a chance of birthing a very limited special-edition Leprekitten baby. Only 100 of those ultra-rares will be born.


They are CUTE. (Look at their emerald collars.) They are not, however, the Second Coming of Christ. Lately I've been hearing a lot of over-the-top catgasms that make me want to drink heavily. For the most part, I like being in the KittyCatS group. However, I don't like it when people make derogatory comments about the Wildwoods in there. I'm protective of my Wildwoods. There's no need for elitism — can't we all just get along?


MercyStyle designer Victoria Endsleigh dropped an item called "Emerald's Blackboard" in my inventory yesterday. Awwwww! Look at it! This Cat Blackboard is for sale at MercyStyle for 80L.

And finally, a sales pitch:

My favorite holiday is right around the corner, so in honor of St. Patrick's Day, I birthed all my Wildwoods kittens with Forest eyes and put them up for sale at low, low prices at my Z Couture cat stand. IRISH CATS, Y'ALL!

The one on the right is a pointed cream named Irish Cream. You love her!

Unfortunately, people don't seem to be as excited about this idea as I was. Oops.

This post is long. Let's end it with some LMs and a sigh of relief.

LuNi Designs
Fashion for Life Blog, where you'll find a map, sim SLURLs, and a list of participating designers on each sim
Peeps at Fashion for Life
Poetic Colors at Fashion for Life
Relief Linden Bears on SL Marketplace
Buy KittyCatS Leprecats HERE, HERE or HERE
Emerald's Z Couture cat stand
Pose in top pic: From the Geometry set by HelaMiyo at the Pure Juice event (runs through March 26)
Hair: Priscilla 2, streaked (NEW) in Burgundy by Truth


Owly Indigo said...

You know what made me LOL for literal real this time? "You love her!" <3

Emerald Wynn said...

Ha ha ha! I've been trying to sell her for a week. Her price is marked way the hell down from what she would have sold for in the past. That market is dying. Sigh.

Nina Sangria said...

Nooo, don't tempt me to buy cats! /me runs away screaming

I have two breast cancer awareness jewelry interested? I tried to offer them to some random person at the store but they went all O.O like I just asked them to smuggle drugs to Mexico -_- This is the last time I try to be nice to complete strangers. make this comment informative and useful: I read you are a big fan of eyes.. <- awesome. And cheap. But more awesome.

No, that's not my blog (mine is less fancy and fashion-y). Therefore it's ok and NON-spammy to post that link here.

That would be all:) Have a great Sunday!

Emerald Wynn said...

OOOOOOH! Those ARE awesome eyes! I'm getting those!

nimil said...

yay thank you for blogging our pants <3 i was working on charlie sheen shirts too LOL they will be released probably tonight.. some only for lucas' tiger blood group. (which is open enrollment just look it up inworld and look for the one that lucas gerard is the creator of)

Serenity Semple said...

OMG I love your breedables. XDDD And I lol'd so hard at the slave shirt.

Patricia said...

I love this blog...i can't stop laughing. I have a WW cat that is flawed...Its text won't transfer to me (the breeder has tried). But it is my favorite and most active.

I love the lepracats.

Patricia said...

This is a great and funny blog. I have a WW cat which is broken. The text won't reflect my ownership, even though the breeder has tried.

I love this cat, it scoots all over this place. I want some lepractas