Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mosh pit


Soooooo my computer crashed and burned big time. It pretty much screamed, "ENOUGH!" and had a complete meltdown. I know exactly how you feel, little MacBook Pro. *pats it on the head*

Apparently it needed a new fan and some kind of software fix and "blah blah blah blah blah whatever," as my five-year-old niece says every five minutes. (What the hell are they teaching them in kindergarten these days?) I lost everything on my hard drive and didn't have my computer for a while. It was tragic.

When I finally got my computer back and was able to log back in, all my animals were green, or black with red Xs over their eyes, or in a coma (see above). It was kind of sickening, which is a ridiculous thing to say since none of this is real. I ended up only saving the KittyCats and packing up all my other animals into my inventory. I can't afford the Breedables scene anymore. In fact, I can't really afford SL anymore — or at least I CANNOT LIVE THE LIFE TO WHICH I AM ACCUSTOMED HERE! 

(Sorry. I put that in all caps because I was worried people would think I was serious if I typed it normally.)

In any case, I'm trying to put my dysfunctional life back together in RL so I'm cutting way back on my time in world. Or at least I'm trying to. SL is like a sick drug habit that I can't shake. Getting rid of needy animals helps though.

Moving on . . .

[Issoni dress by Chantkare; new Tess hair in Burgundy by Truth; mesh Madison boots in Cherry by Deco; Maia skin in Fauntastic, Cream by Ploom.]

If you live in the States, did your local Target stores get transformed into giant mosh pits full of greedy, grabbing housewives when Missoni launched its collection there? Mine did. People ran in and just grabbed things off the racks without even looking at them. It was horrible. If that's how everyone acts over loud clothes that look like optical illusions, think of what the supermarkets will be like if we ever have a zombie apocalypse.

I can't believe I just used the word "supermarkets." I'm really 75.

The hilarious thing is that the shelves are starting to fill back up with Missoni returns now. Thank God. Tennessee is not the healthiest state. We're more interested in putting gravy on everything than putting low-end, mass-produced, designer-name brands on our bodies. I did not want to see all these fried-butter-eating, buffet-hopping people wearing the same zig-zag horizontal stripes all over town. I really didn't.

I didn't buy into the Missoni hype but I appreciate the fact that Chantkare created this Missoni-inspired Issoni dress to mark the occasion. It's only available on Marketplace and you don't have to bitch-slap your way through a frenzied crowd to get it. Better yet, it's only 50L. It is, however, only available in limited quantities, so if you want it, get it while it lasts HERE CLICK THIS RIGHT HERE.

Hey, look at how hard I've been working to decorate my house:

I call this style "Nostalgic Minimalist." That Rubik's Cube-inspired floor lamp (my God, we're inspired today) will blind you with all kinds of '80s awesomeness. No really, it's bright as hell but worth the burned retinas. I got it at the bright-as-hell store enLightened for 200L.

OK I think I'm done with this post now.

Happy Sunday!

P.S. To top it all off, Blogger has changed its interface. During this difficult transition, the writer is not responsible for whack formatting.


Deoridhe said...

I got used to the new interface, but I'm thinking of shifting over to Wordpress. Google is having Google+ creep, seemingly, and more and more of it's products seem to require Google+, and I can't get Google+ since I'm not a Real Girl.

Also, welcome back. And needy animals are a trial!

Paypabak Writer said...

Deoridhe, check out Tumblr before switching to WP. I really like the options it gives me and much friendlier interface. See my page at

Deoridhe said...

Any particular advantage to tumblr? My big thing is I mostly like Blogger, I'm just seriously worried about google removing services unless you're hooked into google+.