Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Fish Rewrite


*blows smoke off the blog-killing pistol*

The first version was weepy.

So, once again . . . and this time without feeling!

Sorry I've been The Queen of Blowing You Off lately. I've got the blues. Fighting a battle. Low on ammunition. Blah blah blahbety blah blah.

The fact that I'm currently writing a RL magazine article called "Ten of the Most Beautiful Brides in the South!" (yes, with an exclamation point) probably isn't helping much. Coming soon to a bridal magazine near you!!


And if you're one of those "chin up and pull yourself together!" people . . . well, take that sh*t somewhere else right now.

I don't want a pep talk. I don't want sympathy. I don't want nurturing. And for the love of God, spare the tough love. If you say anything at all about my Big Blue Monster, just say, "HELL YES, life's a bitch, but don't forget that sometimes it can be SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL too."

Maybe I'll buy that line.

Right now all I want to do is fish. And not think. Unless I'm thinking about fish and what inventory folders they belong in.

Apologies to all the friends who either get my "Sorry - I'm fishing!" response or the occasional and accidental "/1 cast" in chats.

The Gone Fishing Hunt, which ends on 4/30, has become my Great White Whale and I think I'm projecting a bunch of crap (or carp?) on it, because I'm obsessed with finishing it. Never mind that I'm only on Prize No. 59 and I think there are about 987 prize stops. I'M FINISHING IT. And once I finish it, I will get my shite together and do something HYOOOOGE with my life! I swear!


I called this snapshot "Hell" because I was stuck in this nursery for little kid AVs for, I kid you not (pun intentional), an hour. Sorry, little kid AVs, but you CREEP ME OUT.

The prize was that really cool mud hole though. I might put it in my front yard if my landlady lets me. And close-up my hair DID NOT have big bald patches in the back. It fits beautifully, as long as you're not . . . looking at me from behind and far away I guess. I don't understand that phenomenon. My shoes do it too sometimes. I've given up caring about it. I have bigger fish to fry. 

So many fish puns, so little space.

If you too would like to torture yourself, the hunt starting point is at Coull Creations.

And . . .


KUDOS to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for a) your creative marketing tactics, b) making me consider becoming a missionary for five seconds, and c) making me think about sex and the missionary position for about 20 minutes.

Speaking of sex (sorry, Quaintly, that's the only segue I gots right now!), my friend Quaintly is in SLove as she puts it, and when she tries to explain it to me, she gets all esoteric and stuff and that's why I'm in SLove with my friend Quaintly . . . but not like that, Quaintly.

Fall in love with Quaintly in love on her blog HERE.

When I read Quaintly's blog, it makes me miss my friend Jon. We weren't all gooey like that (WHOOPS QUAINTLY, I just called you gooey!!!!) but we were goofy, and goofy is good. I shouldn't have tossed him back out there. Bad fisherwoman!


Wow, my hair was pink, my necklace was not working out so well, and Jon, um, was rocking some really yellow hair and a bad tan. And a weird goatee. We were fugly. We didn't care. Life was good. I had pink wings. There's a country song in there somewhere. 

/me casts my rod and tries to pull Jon back in world.

If you're really into the whole 7Seas thing and you're looking for a certain fish for your collection, ask me if I have it. (Level 6 already!) Once I finish this hunt, I'm going back to chasing jewelry designer Random Calliope's Ode-bearing butterflies at Wanderstill. I'm still trying to catch that mother-fluttering ring in Twilight (and no, I don't think he named the Ode in Twilight set after the vampires, but I could be wrong).

[If you have no clue what I'm talking about, go to Wanderstill sometime and click any butterflies you happen to see. Some of them will give you lovely gifts.]

And in the meantime if you need me, get your rod and bait and meet me at a fishing hole, because for the moment I am Gone Fishing.


Asthenia said...

That fishing thing is sooooooo amazing, a few weeks ago it was all-i-could-think-about! Did you go fishing at Katat0nik yet? To get the hooker whale or whatever its called :D it only took me a *few* hours to get it... you can also get katatonik dresses and other cute thingies.
I actualy prefer to use the invisible rod and just sit and relax somewhere (and copy-paste /1 cast LOL)

Emerald Wynn said...

I heard katat0nik's hole was one of the best.

Oh gosh, that sounded horrible.

Tymmerie Thorne said...

Fishing a a wonderful way to clear the mind - in RL or in SL. It has been a long time but I used to go to...omg now I can't think of the name of the place...something Aquatics...Splash Aquatics? If I remember I will repost. They have a fishing tournament. I don't care about the money....but it is fun to sit there and hope that you catch a big fish just for the honor of placing. I even won once - $100L! Not too shabby for sitting and thinking. (See, new people? There are better ways to try to get money than camping or begging. Contests rock. Even guessing an answer right at Primtionary will net you a small cash prize.)

I can't imagine writing an article about brides - the interviews must be awful in the most delicious way possible. I would have to have someone physically restrain me to stop me from being snarky and using backhanded compliments in such an article. Good luck with that! :-P

Learning Teacher said...

Hahahaha I admit it, I'm gooey. Someone called it "barf-tastic". LOL. Can't help it. We are a mushy couple :P (You should hear the things Karl says to me!)