Thursday, April 9, 2009

This one's for the lover in you

Shoot, that last post was SO DAMN DRENCHED IN EMO, I need to post something peppy now!

Sorry it's been a while since I've posted anything. I've been doing something somewhat foreign to me, which is actually WORKING, and I got so buried that I think I went a WHOLE 24 HOURS without logging in!!!


My "Date With Emerald" column runs today over on SL's new(ish?) blog CityZen right HERE, so please hop over there and give it some love if you feel so inclined. It's my first post, and the City Zen blog itself is evolving, so cut me a little slack. They'll get better, I promise! And if you find the concept worthy, ask your single friends to read it -- and volunteer to be my victims!

Meanwhile I've been collecting a bunch of stuff in my "Blog this!" folder and I should probably get some of it out there before it's too late.

Let's start with the TV show "Lost." If you're a fan of the show, you can pick up a free (or $1L, I can't remember, but isn't it supposed to mean the same thing? haha) Sawyer AV and/or Kate AV over at KA Designs right now -- on a table when you walk in the door. And if it's been blogged somewhere else or, even worse, all over the place, my apologies. I'm way behind on blog reading.


And yeah, I'm a mystical purply person in that photo. And all that stuff, except for the skin, is free or extremely affordable. So in case you want to be a mystical purply person, here's where to get hooked up. If not, skip the list below. But the jewelry, the jewelry, the jewelry! Alienbear Gupte is so talented.

Hair: Vira from House of Munster's prize in the MiaSnow Fried Egg Hunt (through 4/19), in celebration of the new Midnight Gardens location. The fried eggs are easy to find and the prizes are fun. And if you're using the cheat sheet that's floating around out there, the one I have *cough* doesn't include the HoM prize (as well as a couple other stores' prizes). But they're soooooo easy to find. Just use the TP board at Midnight Gardens and hit each store.

Shirt and Skirt: Elv'an Translucent Top and Skirt in Water (purchased separately) from Elv'an Magika, where everything costs about $5L or less, including hair and great boots. I'm not kidding you when I say that I bought everything in that store.

Eyes: HooT Eclipse Eyes - free gift at the Harold sim store

Necklace and (barely visible) Belly Piercing: Eostre set from the Alienbear Hunt (runs through 4/15). Pick up the notecard containing your first clue and instructions HERE. Yes, there are clues and some grid-hopping involved, but if I can finish this hunt, you can too. I only needed help with one egg, and my lovely friend Casandra (check out her blog) came to my rescue. If YOU need help, holler at me in world.

Skin: Tone 2/Makeup 8 ($1,200L) from the new Climax line at Pulse.

OOF! I spent about $4K on these Climax skins the other night when Lorac Farella invited her group members to come see her new-and-improved store, and I woke up the next day with an "OMG, what'd I do!?" skin hangover. But DAMN, they're so gorgeous! 

If you like Lorac's work (and how could you not?) I recommend joining the Pulse group, as she's SO generous and the group chat is friendly. At the time of my skin splurge, Lorac also tossed out a free Climax skin as well as items from her new clothing line to everyone wearing a Pulse group tag. It was a par-tay! With nice party favors!!

But enough about all that.

Easter is almost here, and if you haven't gotten it already, you MUST go get this $2L Eggpack with accompanying AO created by the extremely talented Laleeta Xue of Pffiou! Poses without Cramps and Aisuru Rieko of the awesome store Beloved. (And hey, Aisuru, I happen to LOVE your trees!!!!!)

Yes, they're my friends, but I'd still be lovin' this Eggpack even if they weren't. I swear!!! Pick it up at either of their stores.


Oh, oops, I need to scoot it up a little so my shoulders aren't eating it. And NO, the backpack doesn't have bubbles shooting out of the top of it. I just got so excited about posing in front of my fish tank that I forgot to step slightly away from the bubbles.

And that AWESOME (imho) dress (stockings included) is the FREE April subscribo gift from Alatiel Fashions. Because I'm such a caring blogger, I just went to check to see if it's still there and it is, so GO GO GO! Go slap that Subscribo, hit History and get that thing!! It's in one of the first two or three announcements.

That hot Easter mess on my head is the hilarious Bow Peeps in Scarlett group gift at Exile and it makes me laugh. Therefore, if you want to laugh at me while I'm wearing it, that's fine. And it should still be out. Unfortunately, like the lame blogger I can sometimes be, I didn't go check. *sad face*

Close up:


(That Phoebe skin is only $1L at Lazolli. It's been blogged to death, but you never know who hasn't heard the news. It's pretty! It's on one of the tables with the other $1L skin gifts.)

Aerial shot:


Yay, Peeps!!!!

Um, back to the Eggpack, since my fish tank kind of scroooed up that pic, here's what it's supposed to look like:


And I even saw a really cool chick wearing it at Concrete Flowers:


(The lucky letter was Q, by the way.)

So speaking of eggs, I'm almost done with the Bunny Hop hunt. I think I only have about 75 more eggs to go. 

The other day when I was sobbing in a ginormous furniture store and trying to find the bleepity-bleeping egg, I made a new friend named Lord. He has a vast collection of planes. I ended up ditching the hunt and going flying with him for a while. 

(Because, hey, I'm trying to be all carpe diem like that these days, as opposed to the "crap-ay diem" to which I am sometimes inclined.)

And I'm posting the following picture as proof that sometimes I DO participate in activities besides shopping and hunting in SL -- and with the opposite sex, too!!!:


LOLOLOL! As you can see, "some idiot" left her "Show Interfaces" option clicked on in the Snapshot controls. As you can also see, I am SUCH a captivating conversationalist, particularly when I'm with a man.


Lord writes for the Metaversal Arts blog. Read him HERE. He's quite dashing, although I haven't heard from him since the "weeeeeeee!" incident.

And finally, a little something I like to call Loser of the Week. Well, OK, month.

And the Loser of the Month is (drumroll, please):

Artemisa1 Strathearn!

(Hell yeah, I'm calling you out by name, little girl.)

The one thing that sucks about these gridwide hunts is that sometimes you fall in with a group of a-holes. When that happens, you either have to take a break for a while until they move the hell on or stick it out.

When Artemisa1 decided it was fun to seek me out at every egg location and deliberately walk across the room, if necessary, to slam into me, I ignored her for the duration of about four egg locations until finally:

[2009/04/06 17:28] Emerald Wynn: Hi Artemisa, I was wondering if there's a reason why you keep slamming into me -- or are you just bored and/or mentally challenged in some way?

SHOCKER, no answer.

What honey, you can dish it out but you can't take confrontation?

Artemisa1 wasn't at the next egg location.

If you happen to see her, be sure to Hi5 her for being such a gem and tell her that her mom probably wants her to get off the computer and go to bed now.

And one more thing that's annoying me at the moment:


CANKLES! Why?! No!!!!

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Ah now I see why you didn't come look at Drag Queen Hair with Krissy and I, you were bloggin'! LOL

Tristan Micheline said...

Bless you Em. I love ya to pieces<3 <3 Thank you for being so awesomely funny and cool..

Emerald Wynn said...

Bless both of you guys for reading this damn thing. *hugs my six readers, if that*

Aisuru Rieko said...

<3 to you! I always LOL so much reading your posts, and thanks for the shoutout :D

I hope those cupcakes are too cliched because I think they're so cute and bought one to put in my mainstore when I get it rebuilt. I was thinking of having some good prizes but making some drinks as consolation prizes, I have all these martini glass sculpts I've been wanting to use.