Thursday, April 30, 2009


I'm stealing my neighbor's Internet connection to write this post.

Sorry to those of you who read the headline and thought it was going to be about some kind of a fashion drama or skin scandal.

But hey, speaking of, what the hell happened to Lazolli? Those are some of my favorite skins. If they turned out to be ripped, does anyone know from where?

So yeah, I have no Internet today. Yesterday we ordered the Major League Baseball channel package, so the cable guy swung by to screw around with our cable wires. But instead of competently installing more channels, the guy knocked out our phone, television and Internet all in one swoop.

My dad screamed, "THE CUBS!" and I screamed "THE FISH!" at the same time.

The cable company said they'd try to fix it "between noon and 4 p.m." today, which really means "sometime next week."

Meanwhile, I discovered that I can use my next-door neighbor's wireless connection to get online, but it doesn't give me enough juice to get in world. Or at least not for any significant period of time.

Normally I wouldn't care (I swear!) except the Gone Fishing Hunt ends today, and as you may recall, I was REALLY DETERMINED to finish that hunt.

I think I still have about 35 fish to go. I thought I was in the home stretch at Prize No. 92, but the other day Jon randomly caught Prize No. 110 somewhere . . . and it contained a landmark to No. 111.

That's when I put my head down and sobbed.

How many stops does that [stream of obscenities] hunt have?????

I've heard some people talking about how "crappy" ("carpy?") those prizes are anyway, but maybe you have to be a fishing enthusiast to appreciate them. Plus, if there are 992 prizes, there are bound to be a few good ones.

Like Prize No. 87: This "Gone Fish'N" outfit. Catch it at Tyranny Designs.


That was smart of me to shoot that brown-and-tan outfit against that brown-and-tan background.

You can't see it, but it has a groovy little green hood hanging down the back. And the detailing on those capris is really cute -- bait and hooks and stuff in the pockets.

The fishing basket holds some little bunnies with their own little bags of fishies:



The outfit also comes with a hook that sticks out of your mouth, but I'm not wearing it in these photos. 

I never did get that whole Second Life phenomenon of running around with stuff sticking out of your mouth.

That hair, along with a black version of it, is a free gift in the Magika subscribo. It has a long ponytail. You can't see the ponytail because the hair blends in with the wall behind it. Oops. But trust me, it's there.

I'd give you the SLurl for Magika (am I even spelling it right????), except I can't get in world. :(

This is one of the worst posts ever.

/kicks Comcast


Tymmerie Thorne said...

/me runs up next to you and joins in kicking Comcast.

ROFL - even with stolen internet services you are adorable. So, I take it you are not going to do the 500+ shop Discovery Hunt?

Have you named your turtle yet? (omg did you already do this and I missed in in your last post?)

Emerald Wynn said...

The turtle -- OH TYMM, THE TURTLE! I'm so worried I'm going to accidentally kill it! Tomorrow I'm buying a water temperature regulator.

I think I'm gonna spend my next unemployment check on the big swanky turtle kit, complete with a turtle tanning bed or whatever they need.

And TY for the kicks and the compliment. And for being one of only three people who still read this thing.

I look at those Discovery Hunt signs and start twitching. :\

Emerald Wynn said...

And ROFL -- I'm sure the unemployment people would be thrilled to know I'm spending my unemployment checks on turtle supplies instead of things like, oh, bills, food, utilities, etc.

Tymmerie Thorne said...

But see, you got the turtle for free. It all balances out. :-)