Saturday, April 18, 2009

How lovely to be a woman! (UPDATED due to LMAO!)

*updated with new Ruth non-nudity at bottom. Thanks, Photobucket!*

(Uh, yeah, that headline is stupid. But I'm stuck on that stupid song, thanks to a stupid American commercial currently airing every five minutes on a stupid TV station near you.)

The madness began when I went over to my friend Krissy's house and started swinging around on her furniture.





That cool frame and the posing Boudoir Chaise below are from Lost Angels:


Then Krissy politely asked me to leave. 

(ha ha . . . ha?)

And then I started thinking about how lame I am. I don't have anything cool for photo props. I just have that damn fish tank. (Wait, I take that back. I also have my rawkin' meditation cushion with animated poses from cool-cool Khargo.)

So I trotted over to Lost Angels and bought the whole Boudoir Set for $1,450L. It comes with the chaise, a chair, a frame, a pillow and a . . . puff. (I'm blanking on what a puff is.) I think they all have poses in them, except for possibly the frame.

I put it in my inventory folder called "This Sh*t is Expensive, So for God's Sake Use It."


Now that I've bought it, I see this set everywhere, so you could be rolling your eyes right now and saying "been there, seen that." But maybe not! Maybe you're saying "Wow, once again Emerald has changed my life with some CRUCIAL Second Life information!"

The chaise is menu-driven, with 10 poses and color-change options. Love! 

If you don't want the whole set (which I was too lazy to set up for a photo - bad blogger!), you can buy the chaise separately. Everyone smack my 38-on-the-slider butt for not getting that price. 

Do check out that store anyway if you haven't. Very appealing wares. (laugh - "wares" - WARE did that come from?)

That dress was a gift a while back from the Mashooka Designs subscribo. I love Mashooka so much, I could eat that store. As you can see, not only is that Holi dress gorgeous, it also cuts through furniture. Magic powers!

If you too want furniture with poses in it but are on a tighter budget, RUN RUN RUN NOW over to Wondrous Strange, where this Victorian Fainting Chaise is on sale for 100L until midnight SLT. (Sorry, I meant to write this post way earlier today.) Otherwise, I think it's 400L:


(DAMMIT, my meditation cushion is floating in the background. I have no space or depth perception here.)


It has seven animated poses in it, and the chaise on sale is outside the store. They also have other colors inside. Those aren't on sale though. If they would have been, I would've gotten the pink one. 

(And are those embroidered dogs on that thing? Boo!)

*puts it back in the "Furniture I Buy and Like" inventory folder* . . . as opposed to, I guess, the furniture I buy and hate? I don't know what I was thinking when I tried to organize my inventory that one time.

People keep asking me about the hair. It's called Sehra by Truth and it's named after my friend and next-door neighbor Sehra! You can change the flower color or make it invisible.

(If you haven't figured it out by now, there's really not much point to this post except to bump the previous slightly-Republican-slanted post out of the way a little. People don't like that stuff!)

Um . . . next topic.

If you're a skin junkie like me, you've no doubt heard the word on the streets: Skin Within is giving away one of its regularly priced 1,200L skins for FREE until 8 a.m. SLT tomorrow (4/19). My friend Galene is a Skin Within loyalist. She loves designer Ayesha Bisiani because she makes skins that beautifully reflect different ethnicities, including Galene's.

And hey, if you get a chance, please check out Galene's new SL blog project, Rhythm of the Grid. (Introductory post is HERE.) Galene also is a real-life friend, and I'm a HYUUUGE fan of her writing out in the real world, as well as her fashion designs. (I keep begging her to bring her clothes to SL.) As such, I'm excited that she's giving the SL blogosphere a whirl. She says it's a work in progress at the moment. I say she's worth your time and you'll like her soul and creativity. She speaks from the heart. And nope, it's not a fashion blog, although I wouldn't be surprised if she shares those insights occasionally.

As for Skin Within, I found the skin. I'm not going to ruin it for you or get myself in trouble by blurting out the name here, but it looks like this, and, um, not so great on me:



A lot of skins don't look that great on me though.

Tasha, however, does. Tasha was the VERY FIRST SKIN I bought as a noob in early 2008, back when Laqroki was called RaC. Then it became Laqroki. And now Laqroki is called LAQ

Please QUIT IT, Laqroki. Next thing we know, you'll just be a symbol. Or L. Diddy.

During the past year, Tasha has gotten even prettier. Unfortunately I think she's about to get retired because she's currently marked 50-percent-off upstairs with the Portrait skins. So on a sentimental urge, I recently bought the fat pack of Tasha in Olive for 990L. For 20 lovely skins, that a steal.


Awwww! Sweet face!

Today I noticed that my fat pack of 21 Tasha skins was missing No. 13, so I raced back to LAQ to grab it. But they didn't have one. So I'm wondering if there's a reason for that or if they purposefully skipped that number for superstitious reasons.

(This blog is so damn fascinating I can hardly stand it.)

Besides spending 30 minutes searching for a skin that I ended up filing in my "Skins, meh" inventory folder, I also went to the Nushru new releases fashion show today.

As always, the new releases were stunning:


I have faith that designer Quiver Quintessa's work is as awesome as always, though. 

And I swear on my grandmother's grave (bless her departed soul) that the invitation asked audience members to please wear bathing suits to reduce show lag. I swear I swear I swear!

But when I got there, it was like that horrible nightmare you have where you go to school and you look down and realize you're sitting in class in your underwear. (Or maybe you don't have that dream, but I do.) 

Except this time it wasn't a dream. It was real. Well, actually it wasn't real. It was Second Life. And I wasn't in my underwear. I was in a bikini. With cupcakes all over it. And everyone else was dressed TO THE NINES, y'all!


Nope, I have no clue who that chick sitting next to me is. I just frantically grabbed a seat and sat down. But I hope I looked as grey to her as she did to me.

I also swung by Putrid Gloom and Lillith Bloobury's new horror RP and shopping sim, Slaughter City. I'm a fan of Putrid's store Show Me on the Doll, so I was excited to check out her new place. There are plenty of store spaces for rent, by the way, and if you're interested in joining in the role play on this sim, please IM Putrid Gloom for a character assignment and Slaughter City's backstory.

Creepy playground:


Lonely scary streets:


I waited a while for zombies or something skeery and then I left. You'll get to see Slaughter City for yourself soon if you're gonna do next weekend's (click for info:) Mystery Cupcake Gridwide Hunt

*clamps hands over ears and screams as the H-word scrapes across my brain like barbed wire*

I'm only doing it because it has the word "cupcake" in it.

Hey, here's what a mob vend (but shouldn't we be calling it a vend mob?) at DV8 looks like:


All we needed was a DJ and it would have been a party. But holy crikey, we got four pairs of sweet Persephone and Eliminator boots for 40L, so the fear of crashing was worth it.

Last but not least, this is hands down the freakiest thing I've seen in a while. I went over to Fierce Designs because they have a new outfit called Candy Girl and I wanted it for a future post on lookin' goofy and lovin' it!

When I TP'ed in, I watched in embarrassment as my AV's arms and legs flailed helplessly around in the air -- you know, that humiliating thing you do when you land on somebody or get stuck in a wall or something? (Wow, the weird things we say in SL.)

Then I realized I hadn't landed on somebody, I had landed on some things, and those things were all a bunch of creepy naked Fierce models or model bots that kept jumping up in the air and changing places. At times new ones would TP in and others would TP out. It was bizarre.

Another shopper and I watched them like a couple of fascinated pervs for a good three minutes.


. . . . wha? huh? . . . . LMAO!!!!!!! YOU'RE SUCH A PRUDE, PHOTOBUCKET!!!!

For crying out loud, let's try it again. I drew some clothes on them this time. Sorry, shocked people who monitor my Second Life pics on phriggin' Photobucket. And good morning to you too!


That weird little RUTHED ONE is the creepiest of ALL!


* screams, grabs the merman and runs like hell*


Amie Adamski said...

Ha your comment about the mediatation pillow made me laugh b/c I'm horrible at setting objects too. I think my couch is like 8 inches off the ground but looks fine to me :)

I love love LOVE the Sehra hair-it's all I have been wearing.

Ugh more grid wide huntsbut at least this one only has 50. Did you hear about the one whrtr you have to pay 200l to do it? That's all I know about it though.

Krissy Muggleston said...

Ha! You forgot to mention that the skybox was 350 meters up and when you jumped off the frame you fell to the ground... :) Emerald Wynn is in chat range.... Emerald Wynn is in long range... loool.

Selkie said...

Hey, in SL you can levitate while you meditate :) Thanks for cheering up my dull Sunday afternoon Em!

Casandra Shilova said...

Oh Em, you shouldn't do this. I am laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes and my stomach muscles hurt!

You look terrific in your first skin and Sehra hair. I'm still wearing my first serious skin purchase too! Considering how skins have improved in the past two years that's scary, but it looks more like the RL me than the multitude of others I've tried on, so it still wins!

Amie, you have to pay to hunt?! My inventory is already too big, that's easy to pass by.

Amie Adamski said...

LOL nice editing.

Ok now I know where your title came from, it is a stupid commercial :)

And yeah Cassandra you have to pay for the hunt-and since I do them and keep like oh 25% I'm not paying unless I can see what I'm going to get (no second hand I had my product in the other 5 hunts I did)

Emerald Wynn said...

I just bought my 200L VIP pass to that hunt because, well, HUNTS ARE ALL I HAVE in SL, really!

I have no life, here or anywhere.

And Krissy, HA HA HA! I forgot about that fall. Probably due to the concussion I got from it.

Tymmerie Thorne said... are going to be responsible for my choking to death on a corn chip. That photoshopped pic is brilliant in the most awful way ever.

I love the Sehra hair too, but why the F doesn't it have a WHITE flower?

Anonymous said...

Em, you are too much girl! Those photoshop skills can really come in handy. Thanks for pimping my blog. You are the greatest :)

Anonymous said...

LOL I love the comment about the fashion show. It reminded me of of when I went to some party hosted by a modeling agency. It was supposed to be a "costume party" so I dress up in my Madonna Blond Ambition look. So I show up and everyone is in ballgowns! Only one other guy is in costume - it was a bag over his head. LOL.

Nimil said...

tiny tip: a better photo host that won't ban your pixel nudes lol try media fire! they give you unlimited space and bandwith and allow you to embed files in your blog etc..

Sehra Kauffman said...

sweet plug for my hair.