Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I take it back!

My regular readers know that occasionally I *lovingly* make fun of Lemania Indigo.

I only do it because her master-of-marketing skills result in what seems like 46 notices from her a day, 92 hunts on her sim a year and more than 766 of her "dollarbie" gowns currently in my inventory.

That aside, I appreciate her hard work. Some if it is sheer awesomeness. And some of it is -- BRACE YOURSELVES! --a little "meh." You may be shocked at my bluntness, but I'm just callin' it like I see it -- and I'm seein' it all over my inventory.

But today she earned my respect when she passed out these protest tea bags with just a brief note that said, "No pictures -- have to run to an American Tea Party but I have three new dresses for you!"


(No, I'm not wearing one of them.)

(And hey, look at the merman I caught while I was fishing! He's up there in the corner. The only man I've ever caught in SL.)

Anyway . . . 

Hell yeah, Lemania! That was DAMN BRAZEN of you!!!! I mean, seriously, considering the fact that people are so DAMN TOUCHY these days, that took some BALLS, pardon my French (Farm).

By the way, I swung by the tea party here in Memphis tonight. There were more than 1,000 people there. (And no, Galene, they were not all rednecks!)

No taxation without representation!

So I take back all my tongue-in-cheek smack talkin' about Lemania Indigo. I'm not doing it anymore. She officially gets a permanent Get-Out-of-Fashion-Jail Free card from me now. 

I love women with cojones. And she's got some brass ones.

With matching shoes and tasteful, cheery detailing, of course.

Damn, here comes my mom. I gotta go!

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Anonymous said...

Lizzie thinks Emerald has cojones too!