Saturday, November 20, 2010

Big Pimpin'

Oops. I'm already behind in Luna Jubilee's 52 Weeks of Color Challenge.

Last week's color: PIMP

I mean blue.

And pimp.

I promise not to use this cheap blog gimmick for every color. (I like the five-star-rated Pimp Leprechaun Male Neko.)

I used to start my days drinking coffee, browsing world news headlines and repeating inspirational and motivational affirmations. Now I chase a couple of Xanax with some grapefruit juice and screw around on XStreet. I mean Marketplace. The possibilities for fun are SO ENDLESS there, I can't resist. It's like a hobby now. Or an obsession.

Trench Pimp in Big Money Blu by NiCHe Fur Inc. ("Making Your Second Life Sexy and Luxurious!") (100L)
Pimp Hat w Fur in Blue Zebra Stripe (99L)
L.Fauna 2.0 Lipstick - Blue Fatpack (60L) ("Is that blue lipstick you're wearing or did you just finish having steamy oral Smurf sex?")

I wish I could be the SL Marketplace spokesmodel.

Not bought on Marketplace: Stiletto Moody Tall Boot in Navy Blue Patent; Annie hair in Smurf by Truth; Pose: Feeling Blah 3 by !BANG

I also bought these eyes out of morbid fascination, only to realize that I actually think they're kind of cool:

Amacci/InSight Glamour Blue Eyes w/Diamonds, yo (200L). Three different styles are included, as well as a prim sparkle. I'm not wearing the prim sparkle because the V2.3 update has completely screwed up my lighting to the point where I have absolutely no concept of what I really look like, lighting-wise. Thank you, Ali Chenaux, for voicing your opinions on this topic. I wanted to, but I'm too damn lazy. (Skin: Sophie in Smoky by Mynerva)

This particular color theme was pretty appropriate since I'm blue about several things ATM:

1. The death of my Nicole Kidman fairy

I logged in this week and she was just . . . gone. That's her cage. That's her fruit. She, however, must have perished somehow. I left the breedable fairies group some time ago because of all the complaining and drama there. Plus, I could never get my fairies to copulate. Fixing this problem required buying an aphrodisiac and frankly I'd rather buy shoes. Now I don't even know if they're still making breedable fairies. I used to have five. One by one, they vanished, but the one in black held on . . . until now.

But yeah, they all bore an uncanny resemblance to Nicole Kidman:


2. I look like a bloated, spray-tanned hooker in League's new Amber skin.

I charge 500L for 15 minutes of steamy oral Smurf sex.

I'm a huge fan of League's skins, and almost everyone else looks fabulous in this one. So blame my wonkered-out shape.

3. Here's what My Friends list looks like these days:

So for God's sake, please don't change your profile pictures any time soon.

[P.S. Are there any HTML geniuses out there who can give me a code to reduce the Grand Canyon-sized spacing between my paragraphs? Irritating me. These posts could be so much shorter-looking.]


nimil said...

search your blog style sheet for p, ul, ol {

i have no idea how blogger works so i dunno where its located but i dug though your code using firebug (a plugin for firefox) and found that right now the paragraph line-height is at 175% change it to 100% and that space should be far less. you may also want to tweek it if you find that 100% makes your lines too close to each other. 150% might work better.

Anonymous said...

Hey those fairies even had Nicole Kidman's chest! :o

LOL love the Pimp outfit. The hat totally makes the outfit. Fo Shizzle. I think there's fishbowl platform shoes out there somewhere too. ;-)

Emerald Wynn said...

Nimil, hugs and thank you. I tried adjusting line height and it got kind of screwed up but I'll try it again.

Guenevere, your Nicole Kidman comment made me laugh. :)