Friday, April 29, 2011

Duchess of Awesome

I got an IM in my email from my breedable dodo this morning:

"The object 'Jonathon' has sent you a message from Second Life:
/me is ready to breed"

So am I, Jonathon. Life's a bitch, huh?

I had huge plans for this Kate Middleton-Is-Really-An-Alien cutout, but SL is being all stuttery and I can't move. I got her as far as the edge of my stunningly landscaped farm parcel before we both crashed to a miserable death.

Get your own Kate cutout for 15L on SL Marketplace HERE, CLICK HERE, RIGHT HERE. 

I particularly like the description:

"Put some class in your SL experience by putting this in your house or office or at a party, many possiblities."

Many possibilities.

I got up at 5 a.m. Tennessee time to watch the Royal Wedding, only to discover that it must have started around 3 a.m. Oops. Dammit. But WOW, the hats. The Kentucky Derby has NOTHING on the Brits. We really need to step up our hat game.

I searched in my inventory for a fancy hat to get in the spirit of things, but I only have about 8,000 goofy ones, like this I-swear-I-didn't-know-it-was-illegal Hello Kitty Hat from Mad Hattery. Cover your eyes, Sanrio!

That's classy.

Congratulations, Dutchess Catherine! Wait, so, the queen didn't give her the title of Princess? Are we bummed about it? I kind of am. Or at least I'm confused. I'm going to call her Princess Kate anyway. I will also let her share my Duchess of Awesome title. It's more fun than Cambridge. Hopefully that will make her feel even more special.

Some credits should go here, but I crashed. I can tell you that those are Homesick Eyes in London by A:S:S, though. The pose is by Bent and the Shipwrecked Shorts are by A:S:S and both are available at the To Write Love on Her Arms charity event to raise money for depression awareness. Or you can just come on over to my house if you need to raise your depression awareness, seriously.

The cute little shoes that refuse to rez all the way on my *insert a bunch of bad words* computer are Straw Button Flats by Duh! at the Albero Gatcha Fest. You will see them in a future post in all their correctly rendered LOD factored glory, I promise.

And actually, make that "shoe," not "shoes," since one of my feet is sunk in the ground like it's pixel quicksand or something. Dammit.

I'm late for work. Here are the SLURLS I managed to write down before my AV bit the dust:



Photos Nikolaidis said...

I'm so happy to have been included in a post that involves the crazy hat-parade in london this morning. <3

Emerald Wynn said...

Hey - I meant to tell you this inworld -

I love your Homesick Eyes and your Shipwrecked Shorts so much, I want to marry them. When I bought the shorts, I thought, "Damn, I hope these aren't just for guys and I really hope they don't come with a prim bulge that I'm supposed to wear or something."

But they didn't!

And, as always, your Homesick Eyes belong in my Eyes of Awesomeness folder. I loved them so much, I bought the fatpack. I like how they look on the verge of tears -- like I do in RL almost ALL THE TIME!!