Saturday, April 30, 2011

Having a blast in Lag Land! Wish you were here!

Maybe I should start trying to make my blog posts shorter, snappier and more pointless.

This is my AV resolutely marching to God only knows where. She got caught up in a lag current and now she's evoking that "HELP I CAN'T STOP WALKING!" reaction from me as I watch helplessly and wait patiently for it to end.

She's still walking as I write this post. I'm sooooooo embarrassed because she marched off my parcel, across a bunch of other parcels, and then through my apparently very romantic neighbors' house.

Wow. I like that Billboard of Love up there. And that swimming pool looks happenin'. Maybe I'll try to make friends with them so they'll invite me over for pool parties. With cocktails!

For the record, I never ever ever ever cam into strangers' houses. I pride myself on that. But unfortunately . . . hold on, I have to check something . . . wow, she's still walking. Usually I crash after WALKING AIMLESSLY IN A STRAIGHT LINE OVER THE OCEAN FOR 15 MINUTES.

Lost my train of thought. Um. Oh yeah. I respect the privacy of my neighbors, but if my SL forces my AV to walk through your ban lines, walls, sexy playrooms, bedrooms, etc., there's absolutely nothing I can do about it except look politely away from my screen.

This couple has set up a big spacious mansion of love and adoration on a giant sim of land zoned for farming. I happen to rent six parcels on it. I AM THE QUEEN. But I guess they don't mind being surrounded by hundreds of breeding horses, cats, dogs, turtles and wow, somebody's still doing the breedable fairy thing! I'm tempted to get back into fairies. But then I'd probably need another damn parcel for them.

Maybe I'll write something that's actually worth reading later. But I finally crashed, which means I can now try to log back in three times before I actually succeed. I like weekends.

This post didn't turn out to be as short and snappy as I planned. Fail.

Posted: April 30, 2011


Monica said...

Lol....has that ever happened to you while flying? When that happens to me no matter how hard I try to steer myself back, or get a friend to tp me back to where I was before, I'm stuck flying right off the map.

And don't even get me started when you try to drive vehicles across sims. But wait...that's not really lag. Never mind! ^^

Patricia said...

very funny, i've had the same experience, but it pissed off my neighbor who put up yellow ban lines. grrrrrr

great po9st

Deoridhe said...

I think the shark should count as +5 to snappy.