Thursday, March 1, 2012

The M word! (let's try this one more time)

(Edited to correct some big damn mistakes)

Have you ever taken a picture for a blog and then looked at it later and wondered how the bleep your shoe got cut off? That's me right now. Live it in the moment with me. Meanwhile I'll just keep smiling and pretend I cropped it this way on purpose.


I changed my AV's clothes. Somebody throw a parade!

I switched from the Emo Fashion Chicken look to this cheery Stepford Dress by Sugar and it made me feel a little better. ("I feel prettyyyyyy! Oh so prettyyyyyy!")

I took a course in color therapy in college. Supposedly, the color yellow lifts your spirits if you stare at it long enough. That's about all I remember from that class. OH and if you match the color of your shirt to the color of your eyes, people will perceive you as more honest and trustworthy. So hey, all you liars, grifters, scammers and crooks out there — choose that shirt carefully when you're getting dressed in the morning.

Now I feel like crime statistics just went up a little because of me. Oops.

I raved about Sugar creator Iokko Molko's skins in my last post. I didn't realize she made clothes too. I guess I'm flat-out obsessed with that store now. You're just gonna have to deal with it. You like this dress? You can get one of 10 available colors for a mere 75L at Depraved Nation's March Gatcha Madness event. If you're scared of mesh, the good news is each dress includes S, M, L and XL sizes. I'm wearing M. Click HERE to get a free box of standardized shapes that most designers use when working with mesh.


MESH MESH MESH! I'm so sick of that word! Sick! Sick of it! SICK OF IT IN ALL CAPS!

Don't get me wrong. I like mesh. Designers are doing beautiful things with it (see above). It's hip, it's happening, it's now, I'm warming up to wearing more of it, and it's a helluva lot better than screwing around trying to adjust a bunch of prims. I'm just sick of hearing about it. Why can't it have a more attractive name? Take sculptie, for instance. Now that's a name that makes me want to bounce around and giggle. Or maybe even chortle. But "mesh," blah, it's only one letter away from "meh." Not only that, a local law firm where I live in RL keeps running a commercial looking for clients suffering from "complications due to transvaginal mesh implant" and, as such, I could be the only person in SL who thinks "transvaginal" whenever I see the word "mesh."

Consequently, it has officially earned a place on my list of "Words and Phrases I Wish People Would Stop Using for a While," which also includes "j'adore," "pop of color," "muah," "haz" (as in, "I can haz smack in face?"), "kitteh," "smexy," "hawt," "hun," "buttsecks" and "your bank account has insufficient funds," among many others. And I realize this is completely irrational, but I'm also sick of people who frequently! put! exclamation! points! in! blog! headlines! A couple times a month is cool, but several times a day? We get it! You're EXCITED about that free review copy! Blogging is fun! Blow up the feeds! Shout it to the world! Hold out your hand! Now swallow that Valium I just put in it!

Oof. I just can't seem to shake the bitchy these days. Sorry. Hold on while I go stare at a yellow wall for a few minutes . . . .

OK. Getting back on track . . . Henceforth, "mesh" shall be referred to as "The M Word" in this blog. Mainly because I'm tired of getting tricked into thinking about vaginas. Let's see how long that lasts.

Hey, look at this necklace:

(FREE SKIN ALERT: This Milena skin is another Mynerva group gift, available in store. It's dreamy.)

I met Elemental Earth Designs creator Sirena Penucca at Jewelry Fair a couple years ago and now I like to keep an eye on her work. Her Tierra Jar necklaces are cool. That's a little butterfly in there! And if it's raining or snowing in your RL (or in your head), you could probably Break in Case of Emergency.

(Is anyone else old enough to remember when they used to put a cigarette in a glass tube that said "Break in Case of Emergency" as a joke? Hell, maybe they're still doing it now and I'm just not paying attention. But anyway, I will never forget the day, way back when I was a wee child in the '70s, when my mom actually broke one of those things open and smoked the cigarette inside. She had recently quit smoking and had a brief lapse in judgment. Little did she know she was creating a warm, fuzzy memory that would last a lifetime.)

As long as we're on the topic of addictions, join me at the Breedabulls store as I chant . . .


They're 1100L each in a random-buy vendor, with three designs available. Trying . . . so . . . hard . . . to . . . resist.

March Gatcha Madness at Depraved Nation (through March 17)
Breedabulls cow store

Dress - Sugar - Stepford Dress in Blue & Yellow Poppies (at Depraved Nation's March Gatcha Madness)
Shoes - MiaMai - DecO Miranda in Mango/Jeans
Necklace - Elemental Earth Designs - Tierra Jar Necklace in Fly
Hair - Truth - Felecia w/Roots in Champagne (The M Word! Includes flexi attachment)
Skin - Mynerva - Milena preview in Porcelain, group gift in store, 50L join fee
Eyes - A:S:S - Herbalist Eyes in Borago


Deoridhe said...

MOOO moo moo mooMOO moo moo moo moo Moooooooooooo!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh gawd they're playing those transvaginal mesh ads here too. Makes me both grin and feel disgusted at the same time. :-P

I'm more annoyed that some people still refuse to use a M-word capable viewer and that designers still have to slap a big warning on their items "OMG! MESH! LOOK OUT!" (see? I can use tons of exclamation marks & capital letters too). Never had this much problem when Sculpties first hit, geez.

I also see I can't use "smexy" anymore. My day is ruined. >.>

Moon said...

*hugs*I'm glad you sound better today. Yellow is my favorite colour coz it's so cheerful and I want to be that way. Well I try.
Mesh is great except I can't fit in most of the clothes because of the sizes. Makes my boobs too small and my waist too big and my hips, I dunno what. No size fits me. But! The exile mesh hair fits me perfectly so I'm happy about that.