Saturday, February 14, 2009

Boozin' it up with Aslan on V'Day

Sometimes when I'm feeling blue, I like to drink gin and club soda (don't forget the lime or, if you're too lazy to slice one, the juice from a plastic lime), go to Narnia, listen to the soothing Narnia music . . . and sit like a mannequin . . . and jack up the amazing backdrops with the invisiprims on these ballet boots that I haven't taken off in weeks.


I'm sure that's the exact vision C.S. Lewis had in mind when he wrote the Chronicles.

I guess I need to clarify something.

If you IM me with a "Hey Em, what're you doing?" and I say, "Drinking gin and hanging out in Narnia" the translation of that reply is JUST ONE drink. I'm not a big drinker. One gin and club soda will put me in a giggly mood, but two will leave me curled up in bed with a headache until 2 p.m. the next day.

And my wise mother taught me to replace the more traditional tonic with club soda, because tonic is sugary and will make a hangover worse. Thanks, Mom!

Oh the important lessons we learn from our parents!

I bring up booze and the blues because it's Valentine's Day, but surprisingly I don't have the blues that badly this year. I'm sorta casually seeing someone in real life, but he has his kid tonight (or he's cheating on me), so no V'Day plans for me. And you know what? I'm fine with that! Yes I am. Yes I am. Yes I am. (cough)

Plus, I'm not working and it's a Saturday. There's no annoying "war of the office roses" going on . . . or gossip about who got flowers, who didn't and whose flower arrangement is the biggest and most expensive. Nice.

All that aside, I'd like to thank my friend Tris for sending me this Eff Valentine's Day Bear from Mudhoney. I love you, Tristan! We single gals DO have to stick together on V'Day! Let's drink gin and tear up Narnia later!


Speaking of that picture, here's your free skin tip of the day. That skin up there (::DZ:: sweet 1.3 in Medium) is free at Daizy's Skin & Shape Closet. If you haven't been over there, I advise you to check it out -- you can't see this one too well in the photo (surprise), but it's a sultry gray/lavender/mauve color palette. Other makeup colors and tones come in the free fatpack.

Daizy's has some pretty decent mods, which is why they're almost all free, a linden or, I don't know, 10 lindens. You can also camp for 20 minutes for skins if you don't have a linden to your name.

Hey you anti-freebie people, we're in a recession. I like to help out those who are strapped for cash, particularly so they'll stop coming up to me on the streets and asking if they can "borrow" 100 lindens.

(The hair is VooDoo by Exile. I'm just sayin' because people keep askin'. I got it at Hair Fair though. It's in my "Hair Fair stuff I like" folder.)

Anyhoo, am I the only one who thinks that this Valentine's Day FloatyGlobe from !FireGOOD!!! in the Vain Kissed Hunt is so damn awesome?:


RAWWWWK! You can change the cushion cover and also adjust exactly how annoying you want to be by turning the heart particles on or off.

If only I could DANCE in it! I'd be all over the clubs tonight! In a G-string and pasties! With a tip jar on top of it!

I am so damn amused by anything that flies and looks bizarre.

And speaking of friends and skins (and I was, way up there), I'd like to thank one of my five readers Kareem for dropping this awesome Blythe doll shape on me. She said it's a work in progress, but I think it's pretty damn awesomely creepy as it is:


HA HA HA! Sorry Kareem, I didn't really do it justice because I didn't fix my hair or find the right skin. If you really want to see how great this shape really is, check Kareem's blog HERE.

That skin up there is called Bitter Koicha, also at Daizy's. You can camp 20 minutes for it or break your bank by paying something like $12L for it.


New profile picture?

Hey, maybe if you ask nicely, Kareem will drop one of these shapes on you too. Or maybe she will kick my ass now for typing that sentence.

So, um, I guess I'll take my Valentine's Day decor down on Monday. *sad face*


Trying my best to be the Clark Griswold of the island.

But hey, I have to do something. My friend Sehra and her SL BF moved into this towering palatial home on the other side of me. My poor little house looks kind of . . . sad over there now.


Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Take a lesson from SL and never be ashamed to wear your heart on your sleeve:


Mine says, "Hopeful." :)

(Pictured: Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve group gift from Kunstkammer.)


Tymmerie Thorne said...

We may have to take our Valentines decorations down, but we get to put up all of our LENT stuff!! oops....I meant all of our Mardi Gras, Leap Day, St. Patty's Day, Telecommuter Appreciation Week, and Pi Day stuff! Woo- Hoo!

queenkellee said...

LOL you always make me LOL. Lurve you! Happy Valentimes!! :D

kareem-g said...

Haha, no worries. There'll be no ass kicking here. The shape is free for the asking. Anyone who wants it can im me. I'm planning to make a boy version as well.

Emerald Wynn said...

Cool, Kareem! Hey everybody, if you feel so inclined, send a "Hi" to Kareem! She's nice! And we could all use a few more interesting shapes in our lives!

This blog is a mystery to me because almost every day that I'm in world (which actually IS almost every day), someone will IM me in a store and tell me they read and like this blog. And believe me, nothing makes my day more than hearing that.

And yet people hardly ever comment here except my friends. (Sometimes Prad if I egg him on enough.)

I write this blog to fulfill an urge to, well, write something. But do we judge the success of a blog by the strangers who stop us on the streets to talk about it -- or by the number of written comments it evokes? I don't know. And do I really care if this blog is "successful"? Obviously a little or I wouldn't have rambled on about it in this long damn paragraph. I like to connect with people, if only through words.


Hey, QueenKellee, I hope you caught the post after this one where I showed off your gorgeous ballet-style dress. A more detailed blog is in the works. Bravo to you and your new store!

And thanks to Tymm for always popping in here. <3

** leaves to audition for an "I Love You, Man!" beer commercial**