Wednesday, February 18, 2009

In the Dead Zone

(Yeah yeah yeah, my blogs tend to ramble over the place, but note that you get some useful tips and info in them . . . if you read carefully.)

Blah, I've got a bad case of the yucks today.

I don't know what my problem is, but I'm huddled in bed feeling sorry for myself when I really should be packing boxes or calling people about jobs or . . . something.

I have this morning routine where I wake up, pop a birth control pill (VERY DAMN DILIGENTLY THESE DAYS, I might add), make a peanut butter double-fiber English muffin (hey, never complain that this blog isn't detailed enough for you), mix a vitamin drink, turn on CNN to make sure a major catastrophe isn't in the works, check e-mail, read a list of RL blogs, then read a list of SL blogs.

I've got this routine down to 45 minutes. Once that's all done, I get moving. I won't get into all the stuff I do in the shower. We just don't have the time.

Unfortunately sometimes I get an e-mailed IM from SL (I rue the day I checked that box in Preferences) or see something on an SL blog that propels me to log in, which can sort of throw my whole day off track. 

I usually try to restrict my time in world to really early mornings or uneventful nights and weekends. I usually fail.

For instance, this morning I checked out The Freebie Telegraph and read about a new free skin at Yome Shoujo. It looked cool, so I hopped over there to grab it. And maybe I deserved it for being a freebie stalker -- but NO, not really, because I BUY clothes from that store all the time -- but I accidentally clicked the wrong box and paid A WHOLE LOTTA LINDENS for some skins. 

Maybe you heard my scream wherever you were this morning.

Fittingly, they're called NewSun BLUE:


Matches my home decor!!!

It's a set of two skins and includes eyebrow bases. One skin has a bare lip (shown) and one has a bright pink lip. Fortunately, I like this skin. No offense intended here, but usually I don't like skins by Japanese designers because they make me look too happy and nice. This one still enables me to get my bitch on.

Hey, I've got this RL friend named Ed and he recently dumped a girl he was dating because "she had the crazy eyes" and he "just couldn't deal with it." I had no idea what the bloody hell he was talking about -- although it did send me running to a mirror to carefully examine my own eyes -- until I sat in this new chair from one of those "big damn hunts":


Ha ha ha!

I'm never sitting in that chair again. At least not when there are other people around.

That necklace, BTW, is possibly something you should check out. I'm not big on jewelry unless it's something really striking or tells a story. I'm mainly a Random Calliope loyalist, but sometimes I venture into other territories. I bought this Tranquility Potion Necklace from Cirque Ayfera's Potion Necklace series because, well, I could use some tranquility, and the idea of wearing a potion around my neck is kind of cool. There are a variety of potions in that line for whatever ails you. There's even a love potion. 

But to hell with love!

That "accidental skin" aside, if you notice something different about me, it's because I've been playing with my AV -- I wanted to sex her up a little bit because I don't think people are honoring me enough for the sex goddess that I really am. 

I couldn't find the hair I wanted at Dernier Cri (see previous post, also for the SLURL) so I settled for this alternate DC hair called Lindsay (I "dyed" it Warm 7). And lately I've been running around in this free skin called Mandalyn from OCD.


And yeah, I made that fatal error of messing around with my face while I was hopped up on Nyquil again. Thanks to that mistake, combined with this skin, I now look a little bit like a boozy Cameron Diaz. Woooo!

Kind of makes me miss the good old days when I just wanted to be a cutesy Harajuku girl-type:


Anyhoo, hop over to OCD and you'll find a box of three free skins (including that Cameron Diaz hangover) as well as a box of free hair (which I haven't tried on yet).

Um . . . here's some other random stuff that you might or might not care about. I just need to get these pictures out of my life. Here we go:


There were a few reasons why I wanted to call this post "In the Dead Zone." One reason is that the SL joy seems to be temporarily or possibly permanently gone. Maybe I'm finally growing up. Maybe I've seen and done great things in SL and now have a burning desire to get out there and make the most of my real life again. I don't know.

I told my friend Bon that I'm usually dying of boredom in SL these days -- I can only shop and dance so much -- and he suggested I check out the Swamp Hotel.

I did, and I'll take that suggestion a step further and urge everyone at some point to check out all of Mad Pea Productions on Orange Island.

Mad Pea Productions has assembled a collection of challenging and immersive mysteries for you to solve on different parts of the sim -- and YES, you have to use your brain to solve them. They're visual, engaging, fun and a little creepy. You'll get a notecard describing all your options when you TP in.

I stuck with Swamp Hotel: "On the 7th of August, seven people vanished from the Swamp Hotel . . . but not without a trace. Can you unravel the mystery of this mass disappearance?"


Hell yeah I can! They all left because they wanted a hotel that didn't have a plumbing problem.

Ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I kill myself.

Seriously, I wandered around for a while in attempt to solve the mystery, but I tore myself away because I was terrified that I would get obsessed with it -- sorta like in the '80s, when I spent hours as a kid playing Zork on my Commodore 64.

(Yep, I'm old.)

Definitely worth a look though. Go look at it!


I had a bad day yesterday. Not only did I accidentally set my microwave on fire in real life, but when I logged into SL, the whole back wall of my house was missing -- as well as the cherry and frosting on my deck cupcake chair!


Oh well. As that art that matches nothing else in my house says, "Less is More." (The wall is finally back.)


I celebrated a recent small victory yesterday by treating myself to a pair of Stiletto Moody's new Glam Booties in Nude.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, a lot of my friends are griping about them, but Stiletto Moodys are kind of a celebration tradition for me. Plus, I like the chains and charms and textures . . . and they remind me of my beloved Loubies, back when I could afford to buy them. (Look for them now on eBay!! Gently used!)


Those poses are from the "Look At My Shoes!" set from Fatima's Desire at The Victorian Village of Desire, BTW. And yeah, today my back deck had vanished -- I'm not really floating. 

It's like the Universe is trying to tell me something:

("Every day, a piece of your SL life will disappear until the only thing left to vanish will be you.")


Eshi notified her group today that she's retiring her 2008 collection FOREVER and, as such, has marked it all down to 400L or less. So if you've been on a budget but longing for any of her artistic ensembles, get over there quickly because on Sunday the prices will raise to 500L.

(Shoot, I hope that wasn't a secret.)

So I finally bought the Cienega's Chocolate Sin gown along with the Imperial Lotus gown in Beer (that's the name of the color -- unfortunately it's not floating in a frosty mug of beer). 

I put them in an Inventory folder called "For the Love of God, Wear These Freakin' Things!"

And now for the final (breathe a sigh of relief) part of this post called, "Hey, that doesn't look like the picture!"


I'm a fan of Rezzable's creepy Carnival of Doom. So when I got this notice today from Passionate Neko Dreams about a new Carnival of Doom-inspired outfit called . . . drumroll, please . . . Doomed, I wanted it.


I think the word "shull" in that ad is supposed to be "skull," and I'm sure they meant to spell "earrings" correctly. In the notecard, they also called the outfit "Doomedd."

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Designers, I'll edit your marketing materials in exchange for free clothes. I've been paid big bucks to do it in real life. I'm happy to do it for threads in Second Life. And please don't talk to me about language barriers. It's no excuse in my book. Give me your poor attempt at English and I'll transform it into a masterpiece for you.

Anyway, I bought the outfit, put it on and said, "HEY, I don't really look like the picture!"


Ha ha! I realize it's because I'm not wearing an appropriate skin or the right hair, and I also discovered that I don't have the right shoes for this outfit. (Stiletto don't make no goth boots!) Also, I had to stretch the hat to freakish proportions to keep my hair from sticking through it. I HATE hats in Second Life. They're impossible.

Note that Fuzzy the Bunny is, as always, watching in the background with concern. Or maybe I'm kidding myself and it's apathy.

This has been the longest post ever, so I'm just gonna end it with:


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Anonymous said...

I hate when people do spelling mistakes in their ad makes me wonder why I should buy something from them. Though it makes paranoid now with mine :D !

I used to be a huge fan of PND but lately they seem to have gone from bad to worse with their designs and marketing dunno what is going on.