Sunday, February 22, 2009

"It ain't ghetto if you're wearin' Stiletto!"

Hi! Welcome back to my bipolar blog!

I came up with a new slogan for Stiletto Moody shoes today while I was stalking Eshi Otawara's (new?) lucky chair . . . and damn, I forgot to get the SLurl for that chair. It's at her store though. 

You can find it! I have faith in you!

Anyhoo, put this on today's list of "things I failed to get a picture of," but I always seem to run into hoochies shopping in their underwear, and today was no exception. This particular cupcake was looming over Eshi's chair -- her finger on the Touch trigger -- in a sheer bra, tiny underpants, blinding blangin' jewelry . . . and Stiletto Moody Tall Boots.

I keep seeing skanked-out chicks in these really expensive shoes. I guess they've all decided that as long as they're rockin' those Stiletto Moodys, everything else is alllllllll good!

Either that or they can't afford any more clothes.

That's when I said to my friends, "I guess it ain't ghetto if you're wearin' Stiletto!" and it was possibly funny the first two times I said it, but by now those same friends probably all want to punch me in the face.


I won't say it anymore! I promise! I'll just immortalize it in this blog post!

And hey Stiletto Moody, I won't copyright that slogan in exchange for three free pairs of shoes!

Today was a "good lucky chair day" for me and YEP, that is EXACTLY how exciting my life is right now. It was either hit the lucky-chair circuit or pack my RL kitchen, and needless to say my dishes are still waiting to feel the gentle caress of bubble wrap.

In addition to sweeping three gowns out of the Eshi chair in about 20 minutes, I won this awesome "Mardi Gras Gown 3" from the Blue Blood chair . . .


. . . which was oh-so-appropriate because I try to do at least one thing that Chestnut Rau over at New World Notes tells me to do a week -- and one of those things was to hit the Mardi Gras parade at New Toulouse today. And I needed proper attire.

For a complete list of New Toulouse Mardi Gras activities this week, click HERE. The fun has just begun. (And how could we possibly not love a publication called The New Toulouse Tattler?)

Another thing I failed to get a picture of was a parade float that literally did float up into the air as the horses pulling it went vertical and then decided to fly, but that just made the parade ALL THE MORE AWESOME . . . until I crashed.

When I relogged I got distracted over at the New Toulouse cemetery:


Yeah, that's me down there, still in the harpy getup. Hey, I never promised you chronological order in this blog.

Anyway, you can rent a plot and an above-ground cemetery crypt there, which fascinated me. For a few minutes, I contemplated trying to live in one . . . the rent is only 30L a week!

Um, so did anyone know Liz Dayton?


That is either someone with a commendably morbid sense of humor -- like something I would do if I ever kick this SL crack addiction with enough finality to kill off my AV -- or someone who actually died in real life, in which case I'll feel really horrible about posting that photo.

In any case, R.I.P., Liz. I'm sorry they hyphenated "forgotten" on your tombstone. :(

Um, insert a bad segue here. Like "Speaking of . . . fashionably . . . dead . . . "

I found another blogger I'm really diggin' right now and that's Lizzie Lexington, the self-proclaimed connoisseur of all things nerdy. Her blog makes me laugh, and her current post made me run to Fashionably Dead today to get some retro '80s Jellies -- yet another thing I failed to get a picture of. *slaps hand*

But you can check out the Jellies over at Lizzie's blog HERE.

I didn't realize Lizzie had a separate page for store SLurls, so I searched for Fashionably Dead the old-fashioned way -- in world, on the Search engine, with my fingers crossed -- and ended up at the store at Starlust.

If you too get a Jellies craving and choose the Fashionably Dead outlet at Starlust for your fix, don't forget to check out the acid-trip dinosaur room in there:


Yeah, there are dinosaurs in that picture. See if you can find them.

Speaking of trippy . . . 

Shopping makes me happy and since I've been kinda blue lately, I went wild today and threw some lindens around like Mardi Gras parade confetti.

We can blame Beauty Avatar to start. The store posted a notice in the Vain group that said something along the lines of "check out our exciting new designs today and pick up some free gifts while you're here."

I went running over there with a bunch of other greedy chicks and, because I have a thing for butterflies, I ended up dropping 650L on this A&A Nature gown from the Beauty Avatar Couture line:


Yeah, it's trippy. Strangers called it "quite unusual," as in, "That's quite an unusual gown you're wearing, Emerald," to which I replied, "It was also QUITE EXPENSIVE, so act like you LOVE IT."

It looks better on Beauty Avatar's Web site, although I'm still trying to figure out what A&A stands for.

(I never did find the "free gifts" -- except for the older one from the A&A show that's been out for a while.)

Hey, that pose up there is called LaBossue from the La Mode set at Pffiou! Poses Without Cramps, which is the most awesome pose store ever, in my humble opinion. Why? Because Poser Laleeta Xue is creative and hilarious, and her fatpacks are an affordable 100L.

I like saying "fatpacks."

I also thought the ultimate cheer-up would be some skins from one of my favorite skin designers [the oBscene] . . . but . . . something . . . seems . . . off?


This skin is one of the makeup options (YES, I forgot to grab the name) in Tone 2 of the New Resolution line . . . and IT'S THE BOOBS! 


Where is the EYE-POPPINGLY famous oBscene cleavage shading that I fan-girled (how do you spell that?) in my earlier "Thank You for the Obscene Cleavage" blog post???

Even the deeper Tone 3 seemed lacking:



In fact, I kind of look like Paris Hilton now. (Actually, an armless Paris Hilton in that picture.)

*puts the Harpy AV back on*

So, um, I'm broke now. But that's OK because I'm done shopping for a while.

I need to get back to packing in RL and do some redecorating in SL. My SL home decor is looking a little sparse these days. Watching my prim allowance and all that:


And shoot, I wish real-life packing was as easy as pointing at things with my mouse and clicking "Take."

The End.


Lizzie said...

Yes! Another jellies convert!

Laleeta Xue said...

I seriously never got what was all the attraction to SM (and by that I mean Stilleto Moody I can kinda get the attraction to Sadistic Masochism but shh you haven't heard it from me). I mean those are extremely expensive and have no demo!! No demo!!!



Got it? No demo! Who would buy no demo shoes?! Not me that's for sure!

I was actually snorting in RL at the thought that the girl on the grave might be dead. I know, I know I am deranged but how funny would it be if you just put your foot so far up your mouth :D ?!

Anyhoo good luck withe the packing Eme, where are you going again?

Quaintly Tuqiri said...

When I was moving house last April I sooooooo wished I could just select all, right-click and "take". I packed and sent 30 boxes of books to my brother's house, and that's just the books, so you can imagine how much packing I had to do! -_-" Thank God it's over. *phew*

Merrick Thor said...

Hmmm ... I thought the actual quote was "Stiletto makes it not-so-ghetto!" ...

(/me scampers off to check chat log)

No matter - funny either way. =D Good luck with the packin', Em! Remember not to pack the baby in the knife box, tho. =P

Tymmerie Thorne said...

I need a t-shirt with the "It's Not Ghetto..." slogan. Someone get on that right away. Thanks.

I have Lizzie's blog bookmarked on my home PC - thanks for reminding me to share the fun with my readers (both of them - thanks Mom & Dad!) and post the link! Lizzie wears a fanny pack so I SLove her.

So did you get rid of the fish tank? I know some rockin' low prim furniture places if you ever want some landmarks. I used to only have 100 prims to work with so I feel your pain.

Can I come with you when you do more Mardi Gras stuff? I know where I can find a really slutty Mardi Gras costume and I need a place to wear it. I'll wear SM's to class it up though.

Emerald Wynn said...

Merrick - damn, you were right. The original quote was, "Stiletto makes it not-so-ghetto" but it evolved over the course of the evening to include the words "ain't" and "wearin'" I'm gearing up for the South and all that.

Quaintly, I have more books than you, probably. My mom is mad. "YOU'RE NOT KEEPING THOSE BOOKS IN OUR HOUSE! WE DON'T HAVE ROOM!"


Laleeta, yeah, if that poor chick is really dead, we can just add it to the list of A-holish things I've said and done this month and write off February as total fail.

And Tymm, I have a banana bikini so yeah, I'm probably going to that Fat Tuesday party . . . right before I give up Xanax for Lent.

Lizzie: \o/ -- cool I magically manifested her here by writing about her. Now where are my free Stiletto Moodys?

Krissy Muggleston said...

Could it be the Obscene New Revolution line is actually one of their first? I learned the hard way that if you shop in their 'outlet' locations or such, you get their earliest lines which have some great faces but don't have the fabulous cleavage and they have terrible hands. And I'm thinking that New Revolution is one of them... I could be wrong. You are SO right though... although I only marginally like the lips, the cleavage seals the deal for me. Ha!

Krissy Muggleston said...

*resolution, sorry.. :)

Emerald Wynn said...

Shoot, you might be right, Krissy! I liked the New Resolutions, because the eye seemed a little softer, but they're not in the main store, which I though was odd. So mystery solved, I think.

Oof, I kind of want my 2K L back. I thought maybe the cleavage was tamer because it had the word "DEMO" written across it when I tried on the demos.

Emerald Wynn said...

oops, and I meant to say *thought* -- laugh

Laleeta Xue said...

You tease putting up a hidden blogpost :p !

Emerald Wynn said...

It's emo - get ready for it. I left the group. I hope you will still be my friend. :(

I don't know - do they cut you from friends' lists when you leave? :*(