Saturday, February 21, 2009

If you're gonna wear it, at least Wiki it

I'd like to thank my friend Krissy for giving me this rockin' gem with poses on it. It matches my current, um, outfit.


As usual, my photography skills really did it justice. Nice angle. You can't even tell it's a gem. But trust me, it is.

Krissy's blog is DAMN AWESOME, by the way. I linked to it up there but I should have linked to it in this sentence right here. Oops. I am laziness personified these days, and you'll just have to deal.

I also want to thank the people who have dropped really nice notes in my inventory. And I even want to thank the people who've dropped "you suck, go to hell" notes in my inventory. Communication in any form is a good thing. I'm being serious. Unlike some people out there, if you disagree with something I say, I'm not gonna get all violent about it.



It feels good to be a harpy again. I forgot that I had this Harpy v.2 Fatpack of AVs from Grendel's Children. Not sure what I was smokin' the day I bought it (do I really need 12 different harpy AVs?), but I like this Icefeather version. Usually I only wear the green one.

That paragraph was so damn fascinating.

Here's what I learned today from Wikipedia: Harpies are known for stealing things. In fact, the word "harpy" comes from the ancient Greek word harpazein (ἅρπάξειν), which means "to snatch."

Speaking of, Sn@tch is having a 50-percent-off everything sale through Feb. 24, for all you people who want some snatch on a budget. 

(How's that for stream-of-consciousness writing?)

I checked out the map and saw that Sn@tch was CRAZAY with little green dots, so I shouted, "Hell no, I won't go!"

(Actually I just muttered, "no way.")

I doubt many of the Sn@tch shoppers would get the poetic beauty of a harpy in the store snatching up Sn@tch clothes.

In any case, the realization hit me today that I HAVE ENOUGH CLOTHES . . . in all the worlds there are and in every life I have. 

If you too need to have the same epiphany, just start packing all your RL clothes in boxes -- with the knowledge that a couple of movers are going to charge you for every 15 minutes of labor it takes to load all your boxes of clothes into a truck.

Trust me, you'll suddenly be swept away by a wave of generosity and spontaneously decide to donate 3/4 of your closet to charity. Yep, even your vintage Oleg Cassini. *sniff*

And actually, my SL inventory looks about the same, if not worse. 

If only SL had a Salvation Army.

And now that I've written a post without one bitchy or angst-filled sentence, I can let go of this blog with love. At least for a while. 

Hearts and stuff,


Learning Teacher said...

I gave away at least half of my clothes when I moved in April last year. I had a lot of clothes but many of them I couldn't fit into anymore and I stopped kidding myself that I'd one day be able to fit into them again ;) I had a housemate who was the voice of reason: "Even if you do lose weight in future, there will be better clothes! These are all outdated!" Okay, okay... *throws more out*

Now I just need to clear out my SL inventory. If I didn't need to put on the clothes first to see what they were, that process would go so much more smoothly!


chestnut rau said...

Yes. My inventory is stuffed and I don't need one more thing. Umm....well maybe just one more. I am so totally logging in to go buy that Harpy ave. I lurve it. ;)

Casandra Shilova said...

I am resolving to go through my SL closet and toss any gown I haven't worn in the last year. Same thing with tops.

I have a harder time with RL - I can usually manage to toss one or two items when the seasons change, but that's not enough.

Tymmerie Thorne said...

LOL - your talking about the move reminded me of my last move from between states. As the days wore on, I became less and less attached to my stuff. Halfway through the "packing up the u-haul day", I seriously considered abandoning all of my possessions and just starting over with all new stuff.

I am impressed that you can be so thankful for the "you suck, go to hell" notes. If they had been sent to me, I would have hunted the senders down and then...cried like a baby.

Aisuru Rieko said...

I love you Em! you are one of the funniest bloggers out there, I just love your stream of consciousness posts <3