Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I need to blog something, but I'm trying to pack up my place and move back to the family homestead in Tennessee.

[Insert that Daughtry song here. Or Michael Buble, if you prefer.]

I think I have about 20 days to accomplish this task, which makes me hyperventilate.

In fact, starting tomorrow if any of my friends see me on SL for long stretches of time, please scream, "GET OUTTA HERE AND GET BACK TO WORK!"

I'm looking forward to the move, actually. It's a convenient way out of the relationship with the somewhat spineless RL BF. "Sorry, can't see you anymore. I'm leaving the state forever."

Wow, that's heartless. Sorry.

Oh, and I'd like to give a shout-out to all the friendly strangers who have stopped me on the streets of SL and asked me if I've gotten my period yet. It's touching to know that a) people actually read this thing and b) they too have been concerned about my womanly cycle.


Oh the sweet, sweet relief!

I feel bad for any of my past mocking of people who cyber. Cybering doesn't leave you standing in an aisle at 1 a.m. in the middle of Walgreens, staring at home pregnancy tests with glazed eyes and a queasy stomach.


That's my quick update. Longer blog later. Thanks for coming along on the ride!



Tymmerie Thorne said...

Wait - what? You mocked people for cyber? Hey can leave you in a virtual drug store praying you won't get stuck with a talking fetus. I know. I have been there.

Anonymous said...

Tymm XD !

Glad to hear it Eme, don't worry if I see you online for too long I will kick your ass out of here :D

Bettye Dugan said...

oh thank...whomever! *hug*