Monday, August 17, 2009

The Girl Who Wept Colors

Pictured: Fluke in ColorFunk - Retro (Tan) by SINdecade

(Featuring the new Fluke line of skins from SINdecade.)

Once upon a time, there lived a girl who needed neither food nor water to sustain her.

The celebratory expanse of the rosy dawn was her breakfast, the petals of blooming flowers were her lunch, and in the early evenings — as the Sun descended into the loving embrace of its brilliant reflective friend The Sea — the glorious sunsets served her sumptuous feasts of colors.

All the hues of the rainbow nourished her body and illuminated her soul with a spectrum of joy. As a result, her emotions were so powerful that she wept at the sheer beauty of the world around her.

And when she cried, colors ran down her cheeks and surrounded her in radiant pools.

Pictured: Fluke in ColorFunk - ManyMe (Tan)

It wasn't long before word of the girl quickly spread throughout the land. Because the girl's tears were born of colors and came straight from her heart — pure in nature and rich with feeling — they produced magical, vibrant shades, the likes of which no one had ever seen.

People traveled from far and wide to see the mysterious girl who wept colors. Unfortunately, they didn't seek her to pay homage to the beauty she created. They didn't ask her to share her view of the world and what inspired her to shed such beautiful tears.

Instead, they wanted her colors for their own. Artists envisioned glorious fame and fortune from the paintings they would create with her tears. Simple folk chased her through the streets, convinced that they too could be beautiful if only they could just sip a cup of those marvelous tears. Weavers and seamstresses followed the girl relentlessly with the hopes of soaking their fabrics in the multihued puddles she left in her wake. Oprah Winfrey called her several times a day. Martha Stewart often pounded on her door with a giant man-paw, bellowing about "good things."

The girl tried to hide. She took shelter in dark alleys where there were no colors to be found and crouched there until her weeping subsided and she looked like a normal girl again.

Pictured: Fluke in Smoky - Berry (Tan)

But inevitably something would move her, as the girl could find beauty even in the intricate cracks of a well-trod pavement, and she'd dash through the streets, her teardrops splattering the walls with graffiti that would later become a major tourist attraction.

Meanwhile, people continued to chase and clutch at her. Ignorant and gray, they shouted cruel things and threw dirty socks at her in attempts to get her to cry.

Eventually, the girl's tears of joy turned to tears of sorrow. One night, she put on her best dress, slipped out the back door, borrowed a boat from a nearby witch and embarked on a journey across The Sea of New Beginnings, crying all the while. The waters turned red with her copious angry tears:

Pictured: Fluke in ColorFunk - Rosebay (Tan)

OOPS! She forgot to turn on her Windlight settings!

I said, "The waters turned red with her copious angry tears."


Much better. Thanks.

Her travels were not without danger. She crashed into several houses along the way. (Sorry Ali, Marnix and Sehra.) But when she got to the other side of The Sea of New Beginnings, there was a man in shining white armor waiting for her.

. . . OK, actually it was a man in a white lab coat.

"I can give you a potion to kill your emotion," he said.

"I don't trust men who talk like Dr. Seuss," she replied.

"I'm sorry you feel that way, but thank you for sharing that with me," he said. "What if I could fix it so you don't cry anymore? People would leave you alone. You could live a normal, functioning life."

It sounded like heaven to her. He gave her a bottle. She removed a green pill and washed it down with her last swig of a fading sunset.

She moved to The Land of No Feelings, and shortly after, her tears stopped. But the colors -- the colors that had filled her up and sustained her and made the world so beautiful -- they faded too. She lost her appetite for them. Instead, she started eating brown gravy. Lots and lots of brown gravy, poured all over everything, often late at night.

Soon she realized that yes, the magic pills had taken away her tears, but they also drained her world of color. Without it, she had no gift. She became a blank, joyless puppet, held in captivity by her apathy.

Pictured: Fluke in ColorFunk - Regret (Tan)

With her last ounce of will, she chucked the remaining pills into the ocean. She called a gang of thug chickens that she had met in a back alley one night, and they came and busted her out of her cell.

She left The Land of No Feelings and called the head honchos at Crayola crayons. During her time behind the gray bars of apathy, she had learned the skills of a savvy businesswoman, and so she negotiated a fat salary, a house on the beach, some swank digs for her thug chicken bodyguards, a dinosaur and a giant rabbit in exchange for her services.

Today, the girl is once again sipping sunrises for breakfast, munching on vibrant flowers for lunch and dining on delectable sunsets. Except now she only weeps colors on weekdays, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., under the watchful eyes of Crayola executives. And occasionally on holidays and special occasions.

With her talents now comfortably harnessed and put to good use, she spends the rest of her time just being a normal girl:

Pictured: Fluke in Glam - Downtown (Tan)

And that, boys and girls, is how your crayons are made.

. . . . . . . . HA HA HA HA!

Um, sorry. I kind of lost steam in the middle of that story. I think the moral is to take control of your life, put your talents to good use and find a happy medium between your extremes. And chickens can kick some serious ass. And you should feel a little guilty the next time you use a crayon. It's made of tears, after all.

I can't write these days. I blame the Prozac.

That aside, I really wanted to find a fun way to showcase Trin Trevellion's new line of SINdecade skins. I've loved Trin's work ever since I was a little wide-eyed noob, so I was so flattered to receive a review pack of Fluke from her.

Forget the fact that I'm a fan. Regardless of my affection for any designer, I'm always gonna give you the straight skinny here. So I promise I'm not blowing smoke up your Neko tail when I say that I truly believe Fluke is one of Trin's most versatile skins to date.

It comes in Snow, Pale and Tan, with makeups in Casual, Smoky, Paint-Box (or Glam with the Tan skins) and Color Funk ranges. You can buy a skin separately for $1000L; a Variation set, which includes a skin in each makeup range, for $2200L; or a fat pack for $3400L.

If that confused you, please hop over to her blog post HERE and check out the much more comprehensive charts, which also show you all the makeups in all their glory. And if I were you, I'd run over to her store and pick up a demo — you might just find that cute striped lingerie in her blog pictures as a free gift in the demo folder.

As always with Trin's stuff, you get a lot of bang for your lindens: Each purchase also includes a freckles version, eyes to match the skin's color palette, prim lashes and the optimal female Fluke shape.

You might also want to check out her Play! Female AO. Check out the photo and description HERE. I use it, and not a week goes by without at least three people asking me where I got it. It has an animated stand called "Sly" which is a little bit bitchy, a little bit seductive and a whole lotta awesome.

Thanks for humoring me. I'm gonna go read some Stephen King now.


Meara Deschanel said...

Oh Em. You make me smile. Great blog post, as usual. :D *super huge hugs*

Anonymous said...

Brilliant. Dead funny. Thanks.

Ecaria Regenbogen said...

*sniffles* That was both so sad...and so hilarious, only sniffling can cover that load!

Side note: Why do I always have to enter "Weiner" into the blog reply word box thingie? *eyes the last blog post with a large grey object*

Marnix Malifozik said...

So *that's* what you were doing!
It all makes sense now.
Kinda. :)

Quaintly Tuqiri said...

That was hilarious Em! And I kinda really want to know where you hair is from. Especially the one in the ColorFunk - Rosebay photo - is it from Exile? And the last one is from Truth? Also that ColorFunk dress is superb and I waaaaant :P

Emerald Wynn said...

Thank you for the kind words, everyone.

Quaintly! <3

Yeah, I specifically left out other outfit credits because I just wanted the post to be all about the skins.

But in the Rosebay pic, that's the Breeze hair in Chewed Bubblegum from lamb. And that fabulous gown is quite a surprise -- it's 200L at Angelwing Fashion. I call it like I see it, so be prepared - the store needs some redecorating and the vendors need to be modernized. Some of the clothes there are a little eyebrow-raising. But if you go to the second floor, you really will find some SPECTACULAR gowns -- all around 200L -- and a friend and I recently were shocked at the quality and detail when we put them on. If this store got a makeover and ditched some of the older outfits, I really think it would grab the eye of the fashion community.

In the last pic, that hair is the newish Julie (or possibly Julia) from Dernier Cri. Each set you buy comes with two bangs options, so there'll be a Julie and Julie II in the folder.

The other hairs were Hair Fair finds, although the first pic is that Jess freebie hair from Truth in Smurf.

OK - this comment was longer than my blog post. LOL!