Monday, August 10, 2009

So damn blog-worthy, I can hardly stand it!


My life (both of them!) is joy these days. I'm not sure why, but maybe it's because I'm due for some joy. And nope, I'm not in love, I haven't inherited a huge sum of money and I haven't recently developed an impressive set of RL knockers. I'm just happy. And for the first time in a long time, I feel like everything is going to be OK. (As long as I don't look at my credit card balance.)

Ironically, Emerald's REAL eyes have played a huge role in my upswing. I went to the eye doctor last week and learned that my contact prescription was WAAAAAY off. The doctor gave me some new ones. I put them in and BAM! suddenly the world was crisp and fresh and clear! ZOOHHHHHH MY G, I never realized JUST HOW BLIND I've been during the past year!

My new and improved eyesight was like getting a giant syringe of Vitamin B shoved into my spinal cord. (Not sure if that's where Vitamin B should go, but I like the visual.) The day after I got my new eyes, I got up off my not-so-Playboy bunny tail and went out and got a job, made a couple of new friends at a shindig, cleaned the hell out of this monster of a house and filled up my social calendar. Woot!

It's amazing what a difference the ability to SEE makes!

. . . well, that and a new antidepressant I've started taking.


Sorry. Mainly I write this blog just to entertain myself. But the fact that a few other people like it too is delightful.

The eye transformation made me realize that I'd probably be a helluva lot more social in Second Life if I upgraded my video card and installed more memory in this gasping-for-breath laptop. Because I'm still mainly seeing SL like this:


I thought my gray-haired friend Heidi and I were cat-fighting over a giant penis until she told me it was a lollypop. Oops.

Shoot, you can have that candy then, Heidi.

OK, so anyway.

My yard is starting to look pretty trailer-park fabulous, if I do say so myself. I'm pretty sure my neighbors probably hate me by now. I'm white-trashing up our whole island with the dinosaur and the randomly placed furniture in the yard and the eyesore of a chicken coop. I just need some pink flamingos, an abandoned toilet and an old beater pickup truck with no wheels and I'm set, baby!


But I didn't write this post to talk about my yard. I found a blog-worthy place/new project this morning and I wanna share that joy with you because I am a giving person like that.

I swing by Soulless Productions frequently to slap the Midnight Mania board, which has cool prizes like an eerie back-alley photo backdrop (unfortunately not used in this post). But that place is so much more than a hot destination for a Midnight Mania-board junkie. It's like a three-dimensional ode to horror movies. In the Halloween House, you'll find creepy horror movie props and sets, many of your favorite monsters and villains, classic scream flick posters, an Unlucky Dip . . . and more!

I purposefully did not take a picture because I want you to go see it yourself. (Um, yeah that's it.)

But wait! That place is so much more than just a cool horror-themed store!

Before I get into why, let me break up the text with some free stuff that's currently there. The MM board isn't out right now, but the Fall Fun Hunt (that site includes a list of participating vendors) and The SL Hybrid Hunt prizes are.

The Fall Fun Hunt prize is this great pumpkin patch. It's 83 prims and stretches far beyond the photo below. I didn't have the prim space on my own land, so I dashed over to a neighbor's place, rezzed it, shot this pic and ran like hell. That's called "Rez and Dash" or "Drive-By Rezzing." I love pranks.


I can't tell you where the Fall Fun leaf is because that would be cheating, but I CAN tell you that whenever I find a leaf in MY house, I throw it in the toilet. In the upstairs bathroom.

I'm gonna 'fess up and admit that the The Self-Proclaimed Huntress doesn't know what The Hybrid Hunt is. You're looking for green paws I guess. The link up there takes you to a blog with prize pics and a list of participating stores.

Soulless Productions' Hybrid Hunt prize is a set of male and female laundry basket beds. I'm not sure why the different genders need different versions of laundry baskets to sleep in. My cats sure as hell don't think they do. They'll pile into one regardless of whether it's filled with pink lingerie or boxers and sweat-stained T-shirts.


There's also a sitting pose in it:


Yeah, I'm a rebel. I roll with my Windlight sky settings on Sailor's Delight and the water set to Second Plague. Rock.

I can't tell you where the Hybrid Hunt prize is at Soulless Productions because that would be cheating. I CAN tell you that when I find a random green paw in MY house, I usually stick it on the side of the refrigerator. In the kitchen.

So finally — now that most of you are asleep or have wandered way the hell away from your computers — I want to get to why Soulless Productions is pure joy. You MUST read the notecard if you pick up one of these prizes. But just in case pumpkin patches and giant laundry baskets don't do it for you, here's what it says:
"The first and only company in SL producing remakes of classic horror films. So far we've done a remake of John Carpenter's Halloween and Psycho. We are currently working on our remake of Christine. Plus many more on the way. If you're interested in being a SL film star and would like to join our growing crew, send either myself (Soulkeeper Dreadlow) or my wife Evil Stacy your information in a note card. We specialize in horror films so if you're looking to do Gone With The Wind, you're sh*t out of

"You can watch our first 2 completed films, Halloween and Psycho. Halloween was our first film and we have grown and gotten much better with Psycho. We hope to continue to improve and bring you high quality films in the future. But for now let me shut up and let you enjoy the movies."
Click HERE to watch Psycho. Click HERE to watch Halloween. Or there's also a movie theater-style viewing room in the store -- take your friends. Who's up for a movie night? :D

I watched Psycho. Well some of it. Enough to tell you that there's a sex scene at 3:33 and a death at 5:15. I was tickled, as my grandmother would put it. It made me GIDDY WITH LOVE for all you SL people. Just the fact that people would remake Psycho in Second Life — even if it's a little choppy — well damn, that just makes me want to hug the whole grid and skip around in a circle for a while. People are so awesome. They really are.

I love you, man.

And I see a new future in my SL: Horror movie starlet! I tried to get my friend Heidi to request an audition with me and she quickly logged off.

I have one thing to say to you, Heidi: "BOK BOK BOK!"

Speaking of chickens:


Chicken Meara is spreading her upside-down virus. :\

I'll sign off with a FREE(ISH) SKIN ALERT!

I'm not blogging about the awesome new Misty in Pale skins by League. I'll leave that to people who take better pictures. As much as I love the Misty skins, there are times in SL when I look at my AV and get kind of a drag queen complex. I don't know why. Maybe because I prefer only miniscule amounts of face paint in real life. I think less makeup makes me look younger.

So maybe that's why I loved the fresh-faced youthful glow of this $1L Beata in Clear skin at a new-to-me skin and shape store called Xaida. The selection is small, but the artistry is beautiful. (Please God, don't let them be ripped.)


Perfect for those days when you just want to look serene and clean.

Go grab it like you want it!

Love, hugs and chemically-induced joy,


nimil said...

the hybrid hunt is aimed at nekos and other hybrid folk :p

go for the new video card and the ram! i always squee when i get to update my computer and sl works just a little bit better..

Emerald Wynn said...

Oh Nimil, that would explain why I hadn't heard of it. I'm not cool enough!

I wanna be a hybrid folk!

Heidi Halberstadt said...

You and me are gonna have words, girlfriend! Do I LOOK like I need a giant grey penis, huh, huh? Never mind, don't answer that...

And I chose not to audition to be an SL movie star because that would just be like my RL and I'm trying to get away from all the stardom, money, adoration, money, fans, money, paparazzi ohandidimentionmoney...

Emerald Wynn said...

Heidi, LOL. I dropped a prim babby in your inventory tonight. They were on sale for 300L.

Anonymous said...

Yeees! I am so happy things go well for you!!! I am one of your followers who hasn't posted much here before. I started reading you when you had that hilarious post about fashion shows in SL, and that you only saw grey stuff... lol. Please, don't upgrade too much. It is such a relief that somebody has a worse graphic card than me... And thanks for the tip of the free skin. It is very pretty and fresh. You blogged it first? Fashonistas, watch out...

Anonymous said...

Ah, I didn't mean that about graphic card. Buy the best! :D

Emerald Wynn said...

Marianne - hugs you! Thanks for reading and your comment made me laugh!

No worries. I see no new video card in my immediate future. Too many bills piling up. *jumps in them like a pile of leaves*

Marnix Malifozik said...

Hey, Emerald. This particular neighbour thinks that the dinosaur adds some class to the neighbourhood, to be honest

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are happy and doing well. Take care.