Monday, February 13, 2012

Cold heart, hot pastries

I'm not good at buying Valentine's Day gifts for guys. In RL, I'll usually just try to cook something. And then I'll usually fail and end up buying something at the last minute and trying to make it look like I cooked it. I'm such a romantic.

Maybe that's why I was charmed by this Teatime set by Baffle! (53 prims, five woods available, texture-change seats, 140L), available at Back to Black. It looks like a little romantic breakfast table I'd set to try to disguise the fact that I can't cook. ("I slaved away all morning on these croissants!") I even slaughtered some nonproductive breedables to make some prim space for it on my screened-in porch. Please pardon the fact that it's snowing out here. Wear a jacket if you stop by.

Happy Valentine's Day, Bunny!

When I saw that "Virgin" T-ball Jersey in the Sn@tch gatcha at The Love Gatcha event, it made me laugh. I totally wanted it, but my heart sank a little because there were 11 other shirts in there and I have wretched, wretched gatcha luck. To my great delight, I got it on my third and last try. Holler if you want one of the other two I got: "Erotic" and "Wet." I am neither at the moment.


I just got a package in RL from the guy I'm monogamously texting. I don't know what else to call it. We spent extensive time together over the holidays, but he lives in Florida so we're not really seeing each other on a regular basis. And we hardly ever talk on the phone. Which is good. I hate talking to him on the phone because he sounds exactly like Forrest Gump and it makes me want to start screaming hysterically after a mere 30 seconds of conversation. I keep trying to break up with the guy, actually. I'll give him a big speech about how I can't do this long-distance thing and I'm just not feeling it . . . and the next day he'll act like it never even happened and start bugging me about changing my FB status to "In a Relationship." I'll say, "I don't want to see you anymore," and he'll say, "OK" and then two hours later he'll send me a text that says, "Hi Sweetie how's ur day going?" So effing irritating. It's like being trapped in a bad "Seinfeld" episode.

So I had a little heart attack when I got the package because it said, "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL VALENTINE'S DAY!" in huge letters on it and I realized I sort of forgot Valentine's Day. I didn't get him a Valentine or anything. I opened the package — did you really think I was going to wait? — and it was a pair of flannel pajamas. If I gave a damn, this is the type of random gift that would have me agonizing for hours: "What does it meeeeeean???? Does he not want to see me in lingerie? Does he have a flannel pajama fetish? Why did he pick pajamas with little ice cream cones all over them?"

But my heart is as cold as my screened-in SL porch right now, so I just looked at the ice cream pajamas blankly for a second, put them back in the box and shoved the box under my bed. Ironically the only thing I felt was a huge wave of relief that it wasn't something fancy and expensive.

That's my Valentine's Day 2012 story. Exciting, huh? One for the grandkids.

Back to Black (thru Feb. 29)
The Love Gatcha (thru Feb. 14)

Hair - Truth - Alexis in Swedish, 250L per color pack
Skin - Mynerva - Caramel in Summer Nights, 250L
Shirt - Sn@tch at The Love Gatcha - "Virgin" T-Ball Jersey, 20L per try
Jeans - League - Garage Jeans in Cool Blue, 245L
Necklace - Ginza at Bloody Valentine Market - A Sinner's Pendant, 214L
Boots - Le Poppycock at Back to Black - Keep on Truckin' Endurance Boots, 149L
Eyes - Rozena at Back to Black - Lively Eyes in Violet, 90L
Wings - December - Cupid's Wings (part of a Cupid set for Project Themeory)


Chalice Carling said...

Oh dear Em. You could always wear the three tops at once and take one off at a time. You could tantalize someone with a sexy strip and be a wet erotic virgin no?

As for Forrest of Florida, you just send him a pair of onesies complete with rear trap door. Flannel PJ's on St. V's day...what a drop kick.

Deoridhe said...

I kinda now want a monogamously-texting guy to send me things, even if they are flannel, because I like getting sent things.

Not so sure about the "aggressively pretending he is never broken up with" thing, though. I could see eventually texting him with I DON'T LIKE TALKING TO YOU, JUST SEND ME THINGS - PREFERABLY MONEY KTHNXBAI.

Does this make me a bad person? I think it does.

(My make-sure-you-aren't-a-robot thingy is Academy Terpack. Is that, like, a new Academy Award?)

Anonymous said...

So what did you get for Valentines Day!!!!

Emerald Wynn said...

That was it - flannel pajamas with ice cream cones on them. I love pajamas, so I think he was just trying to be thoughtful, but . . . it's hard when all my friends are getting jewelry and flowers and meanwhile I'm rockin' huge fuzzy pajamas with food on them. :-\

One guy got me a tool kit one year, so I guess it's a step up.

I guess I'm not one of those women who inspires great acts of romance from men. If I think about it too much, I'll start bawling, actually. :(

Deoridhe said...

I once had a boyfriend who would tell me about these extravagant, thoughtful gifts he would give to his exes (while he was dating them). I kept waiting for my extravagant, thoughtful gift. I got a couple of mixed tapes and a rose. Over the course of a year and a half, or so.