Thursday, February 23, 2012

Gettin' all pervy up in here!

Oh how I love this Glam Affair Linn Valentine Skin, available at The Dressing Room for a mere 70L right now. It manages to make a blood-spattered wedding dress look glamorous. If you love it too, run over there before the collection changes — there are also dark and pale versions available. I so appreciate The Dressing Room because I'm too damn poor to buy Glam Affair skins under any other circumstances these days.

And someday I'm going to write a post about how I used to be kind of "meh" about Finesmith jewelry and now I'm really warming up to it. I like watching designers evolve in SL. Or maybe it's my taste level that's evolving. Probably a little of both. That was a navel-gazing way of saying I'm diggin' that Love is in the Details necklace. When I get done wearing it, I'm gonna flip it upside down and plant it in my yard. (Not really.)

So, I had no idea the very talented Evie's Closet designer Evangeline Miles also makes furniture, builds and props. I saw this Le Petit Theatre in a store the other day and said, "I WANT THAT THING!" When I inspected it, LO AND BEHOLD, there was Evie's name as the creator! Apparently she's got a cool little store called {Mole End}@Wanderstill on Ode. I checked it out and got all giddy. Wanderstill has special meaning for me. I get happy to see people are still keeping it lovely over there.

OK, enough vanity and materialism. It's time to play one of my favorite games:


I rent a couple of farming-zoned plots on the Aura sim for all my damn animals. I've been there forever while strange neighbors all around me come and go. I recently got two new neighbors — one on each side of me.

One of them apparently is very considerate and polite:

AWWWW! Spelling aside, that is very sweet and somewhat hilarious, considering that my own parcel looks like this:

It looks like someone blew up a zoo-bomb in the middle of it and ran away. I feel like making my own sign now. "Please excuse the mess. Unfortunately it always looks like this. Thank you!"

And then there's the new guy (gal?) on the other side of me:

DAMN, IT'S A KICK-ASS CARNIVAL OVER THERE! I'm trying to get up the nerve to IM the person and offer to trade, like, a cow or a pig in exchange for photography rights on that carousel and in those creepy tents.

I'm renting one other parcel on the other side of the sim. One of my neighbors over there always has these bad-ass horses that make me wish — for a few seconds — that I was still breeding Amaretto horses:

OH MY GOD, YUM! I wanna steal your horse and ride it around and then eat it, lady!

That was probably one of those limited-edition, "maybe if you're lucky, your horses will breed a Christmas horse in December" horses. I kind of miss the anticipation and suspense of hoping my horse bundles might hold a surprise charmed or LE holiday horse. KittyCatS owners are just now getting a taste of that delicious "maybe you'll birth one, maybe you won't" agony with these LE Mardi Gras kitties:

YES! I got one! I have two more chances to birth one more before the magic stork stops delivering party cats at midnight tonight. I'm not being greedy — it'd just be nice to have an extra one to sell to help pay the rent on all these damn animal moshpits.

Skin - Glam Affair at The Dressing Room - Linn Valentine Skin 01
Hair - Truth - Vicky w/Roots in Swedish (includes hairbase)
Eyes - A:S:S - Herbalist Eyes in Tussilago
Necklace - Finesmith - Love is in the Details
Dress - Chocolate Atelier at Bloody Valentine Market (through March 10) - Mirage Tears ("Bloody") dress
Pose prop - {Mole End}@Wanderstill - Le Petit Theatre, includes marionette strings for arms and legs
Breedables-friendly (and other zoned) parcels for rent - Paradise World Estates Central Office

2 comments: said...

If you do happen to get another of those kittens--it's a KittyCat, right?--I would definitely help you out with tier payment. (Cannot believe I am typing this since I am constantly taking care of Plantpets and a KittyCat already, but that one is too adorable to pass up!

Emerald Wynn said...

ALAS, I only got one. I knocked up every cat I had (not personally) trying to get them to birth another one.

PlantPets! I have a couple of those! Actually, I have three of them. I keep having to reset them. And no matter how old they get, they always seem to think they have 42 days before they "spawn" a child or something. I have yet to get a baby plant. Obviously I'm doing something wrong. I love them though, because you only have to buy them ONCE and The End - no constantly buying food or vitamins. Eventually they're probably going to be the last ones standing among all my procreating pixels. I'm just too broke for pets these days.

I joined the PlantPets group for a week or so and WOW, those people are just as diehard devoted as KittyCatS or Amarettos. :)