Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"Get your placenta sack out of my yard!"

(Well, gosh, I look a little bitchy!)

Sometimes I like to multislack in real life. I'll find a freakshow like "Toddlers & Tiaras" on TV — does anyone else notice that almost all those little Stepford-pageant-bots have names that end in a Y sound? — then start up my favorite waste-of-time app on my iPhone (Dream Zoo FTW!) and put my AV somewhere with a random prize giver, like BareRose. (Wow, that's three monitors/screens in my face at once. Healthy!)


(In the first draft of this blog post, I accidentally typed my real first and last name in that sentence. That would have been so entertaining for all of us if I would have accidentally published it, huh? Then you'd all know that I'm really AN OSCAR AWARD-WINNING MOVIE STAR!!)

Um, so anyway, that was a long, pointless way of saying, "That's the context of that picture up there." Kickin' it at BareRose. I snapped a picture because I looked at my AV and suddenly thought, "Damn, I love that Illusory skin (Paige in Vintage Doll) so much, I want to COVER IT IN BUTTER AND EAT IT FOR LUNCH!" There's a new Illusory skin for 88L in the latest Collabor88 collection that opened today if you want to check out the brand for yourself.

And those eyes! Thanks to my eye fetish, I probably have about 30,000 pairs of eyes in my inventory, and the Herbalist Eyes by A:S:S are some of my all-time favorites. If my inventory ever catches on fire, they're on my "Try to Save This Stuff from the Burning Flames" list.

Herbalist Eyes in Borago by A:S:S

Hey, speaking of, my friend's house burned down in RL and before he ran outside, he used several precious, smoke-filled minutes to find his iPod. And for some bizarre reason, the newspaper jumped all over that "news hook" and ran the story with the headline, "MAN SAVES IPOD, DOG BEFORE HOUSE BURNS DOWN." (And you thought you were having a bad day.) How do ya like THAT free advertising, Apple? I tried to get him to send that article to Apple, actually, and work it for some free stuff, but he wouldn't do it. I guess he had better things to do. Like buy a new house and some furniture.

It's been a while since I've played the "What would you grab if your house/inventory was on fire?" game, but yeah, there it is. Your turn!

"Happy Valentine's Day! I got you some COWS! Because you MOOOOOOVE ME with your love!"

I didn't know we had breedable cows in SL — actually, they're called Breedabulls — but you can always count on me to give new and exciting procreating pixels a whirl. I don't plan on doing much with these, except maybe give their babies to reluctant friends. ("Hi, I got you a gift! It's a cow! Now you have to put it in your living room and feed it and keep it alive so you won't hurt my feelings!") If you want to be on my Awkward Cow Gift List, just let me know.

The menu-driven "Veal" (that's what it's called) that you have to "Birth" looks creepy. Ugh. Can't they just pop out the calves in boxes like all the other breedables?:

"Get your placenta sack out of my yard!"

Here's something exciting, though. If you own one cow, you can go to the Breedabulls store and pick up another free cow. You can't get one unless you already own at least one though. Somehow the computers that give away cows know all about you, your life and your farm animals. I ended up getting a few of them by setting my one cow to Buy for 0L, logging in an alt, buying that cow, then picking up the free cow and selling them both back to my main AV. God, that sounded greedy and dishonest. Sorry. I only have two alts if it helps. They mainly exist to flip lucky chairs, smack Midnight Mania boards . . . and pick up free one-per-AV cows, I guess. *hides face in shame*

Here's one of them:

I abuse the hell out of her, as in, I really don't give a damn what she looks like, whether her prims fit properly, or even if her Cabbage Patch Kid hair is sticking out of her cowboy hat. (Get that hat for free at the Breedabulls store.) She's like, Tacky SL Freebie Poster Child. *shrugs* Whatever. If she doesn't like it, she can go out and get a damn job.

Hey Emerald, what're you wearing today?

In RL, I am (or was, before I got laid off) in PR/Marketing, and when I dressed for work I liked to sometimes rock the cliché "I'm a creative type who works at a trendy ad agency" look of mostly black with a splash of color. (I refuse to use the phrase "pop of color." I want that phrase to die.) This is the type of outfit I would totally wear in RL.

I found this Neon Pixels Skirt (55L, and wow, my badonk looks AWESOME in it!) at a new-to-me store called Paperbag, and then I dug in my "Fashion Essentials" inventory folder and grabbed a black turtleneck by Penned and Basic Black Tights by Tres Blah. The Mino boots in Red are by R2; the Narayan Necklace is by A:S:S.

(Hair: Your Wish in Bombshell by Shag.) Look at my sassy 3way Classic Bag ("ryuck version") in Navy by 1mm. (Includes a shoulder version and a handheld version.) There's a blog I love called SL Yummies. I don't know blogger Lily000 Gartner, but her whimsical style and photos delight the hell out of me. I saw this bag in pink over there and thought, "Ohhhh, I love it! WAIT! I own it! In blue!" Nothing like someone else's blog to remind you about something that's wasting away in your own damn inventory.

I need to stop talking now.

Have a great day!

BareRose (Random prize giver every five minutes. Or 10. Or 15. I really wasn't paying attention.)
Illusory (skin)
A:S:S (eyes, necklace)
Breedabulls (COWS, Y'ALL!)
Paperbag (skirt)
Penned (turtleneck)
Tres Blah (tights)
R2 (boots)
Shag (hair)
1mm (bag)


Alicia Chenaux said...

Nuh uh! EDEN WOOD has a non-Y name. :-p

How sad that I could pull Eden's name out of a drop of a hat?

yeah...I'm watching T&T too. I'm torn between wanting to be a pageant mom and wishing my mom had put me in pageants. FULL GLITZ ALL THE WAY!

Emerald Wynn said...

LMAO - full glitz all the way.

Eden Wood. OMG. :-|

That episode with the crazy Russian mom blew my mind.

Anonymous said...

LOL I also was in the creative field as a Copywriter & Web Designer and I'd dress that way too (black with a dash of crazy colour).

Toddlers & Tiaras I watched once and my gawd it's like a train wreck you just can't look away from. it is pretty messed up.

Paypabak Writer said...

I was out of work for a lonng time! I feel your pain ... hope you get back to work soon. Love what you're doing here.

Ronnie Wurgle said...

Okay girl you the bomb! He's only just been born and I already love my Steve! There we go with another addiction :P Thanks again.

Emerald Wynn said...

*hugs, Guenevere* I can totally see you as a Creative - I love your work at Collisions!

Paypabak - I always get all blog-fangirl when I see one of your comments. Thank you.

Ronnie - THANK YOU for taking one of my cows. I love that you named him STEVE! LOL! I don't know if the free cow vendor is still out, but if it is you should slap it if you need a girl cow to go with him. Or let me know - I'll have more eventually.

Anonymous said...

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