Monday, February 20, 2012

Is your diabolical biological clock ticking?

This creepy little interactive prim baby looks like he's just waiting to grow up and hack off your head with a butcher knife.

But until then, you can cuddle him, breast feed him and satisfy all kinds of other menu-driven maternal instincts. Includes texture-change clothes, a stroller and a baby carrier that looks like a ghost . . . um, because this is a Halloween-edition baby. Thankfully, because we're in SL, you can be gruesome all year long and no one gives a damn, so go ahead and rock that ghoulish baby shower!

All that babbling was a long way of saying, "I WANT THIS THING! PLEASE COME SLAP THIS BOARD!" We only need another 164 slaps before we can all start scheduling goth-baby playdates!

Here's your limo to the maternity ward: CLICK THIS!

Q: Hey Emerald, what's a Midnight Mania board?
A: A Midnight Mania board is a very generous gesture extended by many creators, in which a free prize is distributed at midnight to everyone who Touches (or "slaps," as we MM board enthusiasts like to say) an in-store Midnight Mania board. When those prizes come rolling in at midnight, it's a little bit like Christmas or your birthday. Fortunately if you get bit by the Midnight Mania addiction bug, there are many inworld groups dedicated to calling out the locations of Midnight Mania boards throughout the day.


Sirena Penucca said...

oh my GAH. Really, Emerald? LOL

Emerald Wynn said...

WOO HOO! We locked it down! Thanks to anyone who read this post and slapped it! :D

Deoridhe said...

Haa haa haa! I was evil and didn't slap, but then I think I'd explode if I added a whole BABY to my inventory. *pretends she didn't get a handful of freebies and promotional items from totally generous people, and of course she TOTALLY didn't stalk around freebie blogs adding to her bloated inventory either...*

Anti-robot words: Inftanced duleserv. Why does that sound like a SL name?

nimil said...

i helped you win that ugly thing.. figured i needed a prim baby to go with my real one lol

Kareem Glas said...


My brain is having a hard time processing that horror....

(I like how the captcha read "oftve prgente".)