Sunday, February 26, 2012

it's the loneliness that's the killer

I found another skin creator I like. I know, you're shocked, right? Hey, I used to be someone who would never ever ever dream of taking off my RaC . . . oops, I mean Laqroki . . . oops, I mean LAQ Tasha skin. (Wow, I just dated myself big time.) So breaking out of my skin comfort zone is huge for me. I stumbled across the store Sugar during a recent Woeful Wednesday shopping hop and got all goo-goo-gaga over Iokko Molko's work. I also appreciate that she has a lot of great group gifts (like this Red Pill skin) and participates in a lot of bargain shopping events, like Woeful Wednesday and Stuff in Stock.

I'm not a hardcore skin reviewer (obviously). I'm pretty much all about the face and cleavage, and I tend to gravitate toward statement-making skins. I like when it's apparent that the creator approached the skin with something to say and the intention of making something more than just a pretty face. I like skins with creative makeups, even in this day of customizable tattoo makeup. Most of the time I prefer a face that reflects strength (and doesn't make my nose look wonky).

Those are my deep thoughts on skins. They probably could have been expressed more eloquently but unfortunately I have a pounding migraine today. Sorry about that. Next topic.

OOF. I ain't doin' too well these days, folks.

Here's the "Woe is RL Me" spiel in a nutshell: For the past several months I've been in this sort of alarming downward spiral of self-loathing and depression and more self-loathing. I look in the mirror or at pictures of myself and I just feel ugly and awkward and pathetic and sad and alone. And then out of the blue on Thursday, a cyst on my ovary ruptured (GAWD DAMN THAT WAS ITS OWN SPECIAL CIRCLE OF HELL) and I felt convinced that the blackness of my thoughts was getting so powerful that it was literally making parts of my body warp and explode. I feel isolated and frustrated that I seem to be unable to live a normal, happy, functioning life like most people. Meds make me feel foggy, and when I try to talk to doctors about my depression, I feel disgusted and ashamed. I usually try to cover it up by acting like a clown. Most people have no idea that the depression is often so bad it makes me vomit, or that I spend the majority of my time in bed, like those grandparents in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." Although actually, a chocolate factory probably WOULD motivate me to get out of bed and sing a little song and dance a little jig, like Charlie's grandpa. So would a job, which I can't seem to find, and I'm convinced it's because blackness is radiating off me in waves and making job interviewers feel woozy the second I sit down in front of them. I keep bombing interviews big time. Ouch. I feel so trapped in this life that I have managed to completely eff up.

There you go. That was my pitifully raw segue into . . .

There are only a few more days left before the Back to Black mental wellness awareness event ends on Feb. 29. I appreciate the intentions behind this event. I appreciate the stories that some of the creators are sharing.

Bok bok. Here's another outfit I got there. Even though I'm on the blogger list for that event, this Flightless outfit by Rotten Defiance was not a review copy. I bought it (250L). So you can bet my bottom linden that my words of praise are bathed in the warm glow of absolute (Absolut) sincerity here. Let's all pause and bask in it for a moment . . . see, that felt good!

I really love Rotten Defiance for the imagination at work behind the creations as well as the quality of them. For fear of sounding like a pretentious "Project Runway" judge, I like that most of RD's designs, including this one, have a story to tell. And I'm a sucker for anything with feathers on it. And I like this color combination, even though we're supposed to be getting all springy right now. It's comforting to me. And I haven't taken off these Flutter boots by lassitude & ennui in weeks. Love the texture and the hassle-free mesh. That's my insightful fashion commentary for you. And don't ever let your English teacher tell you you can't start sentences or sentence fragments with conjunctions. You can do anything you want if you set your mind to it, kids. And then some. Especially in cyberspace. And America.

Because my pictures have a tendency to lack polish — oh God, and the whole "YOUR PICTURES SUCK, SO YOU SUCK AS A BLOGGER AND HOW DARE YOU POST THEM ON FLICKR" thing that seems to be popping up everywhere lately — I have started blog posts on that topic so many times; hopefully one day soon I'll finish one . . . . Shoot, sorry, I got sidetracked for a second there. I was trying to say, because my pictures aren't as stellar as others', I at least try to explain WHY I like certain fashions, skins and items here.

Imagine! Using WORDS in a BLOG to DESCRIBE things, instead of relying solely on photos! What a concept!

I'm not bashing the photo blogs by any means. Some people don't have the time or inclination to wade through wordy blogs like mine. To each his/her own. So can't we all just applaud each other's preferred methods of communication and get along?

Hey, it's Oscar night. And the award for jumping rapidly from subject to subject in a blog post goes to . . . *takes a bow*

Back to Black (through Feb. 29)

Dress - Rotten Defiance at Back to Black - Flightless in Bronze (includes wings, stockings not included)
Boots - lassitude & ennui at Back to Black - Flutter in Cardinal
Skin - Sugar - Red Pill, Tone 2, Cleavage option, February group gift in store, 50L to join
Hair - MarieDoll - Sona in Copper
Eyes - Re.Birth - Bootiful Brown
Tattoo - DC Tattoos - Thou Shall Flock Together (I can't find this store or the creator in Search anymore *sad face*)
Poses - MiaMai, various
Photo location - La'Licious - Breathe Me - Inspired by Sia skybox for Spruce Up Your Space, available today for 150L (I really love that song, too.) 41 prims, includes bed with two poses.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Gettin' all pervy up in here!

Oh how I love this Glam Affair Linn Valentine Skin, available at The Dressing Room for a mere 70L right now. It manages to make a blood-spattered wedding dress look glamorous. If you love it too, run over there before the collection changes — there are also dark and pale versions available. I so appreciate The Dressing Room because I'm too damn poor to buy Glam Affair skins under any other circumstances these days.

And someday I'm going to write a post about how I used to be kind of "meh" about Finesmith jewelry and now I'm really warming up to it. I like watching designers evolve in SL. Or maybe it's my taste level that's evolving. Probably a little of both. That was a navel-gazing way of saying I'm diggin' that Love is in the Details necklace. When I get done wearing it, I'm gonna flip it upside down and plant it in my yard. (Not really.)

So, I had no idea the very talented Evie's Closet designer Evangeline Miles also makes furniture, builds and props. I saw this Le Petit Theatre in a store the other day and said, "I WANT THAT THING!" When I inspected it, LO AND BEHOLD, there was Evie's name as the creator! Apparently she's got a cool little store called {Mole End}@Wanderstill on Ode. I checked it out and got all giddy. Wanderstill has special meaning for me. I get happy to see people are still keeping it lovely over there.

OK, enough vanity and materialism. It's time to play one of my favorite games:


I rent a couple of farming-zoned plots on the Aura sim for all my damn animals. I've been there forever while strange neighbors all around me come and go. I recently got two new neighbors — one on each side of me.

One of them apparently is very considerate and polite:

AWWWW! Spelling aside, that is very sweet and somewhat hilarious, considering that my own parcel looks like this:

It looks like someone blew up a zoo-bomb in the middle of it and ran away. I feel like making my own sign now. "Please excuse the mess. Unfortunately it always looks like this. Thank you!"

And then there's the new guy (gal?) on the other side of me:

DAMN, IT'S A KICK-ASS CARNIVAL OVER THERE! I'm trying to get up the nerve to IM the person and offer to trade, like, a cow or a pig in exchange for photography rights on that carousel and in those creepy tents.

I'm renting one other parcel on the other side of the sim. One of my neighbors over there always has these bad-ass horses that make me wish — for a few seconds — that I was still breeding Amaretto horses:

OH MY GOD, YUM! I wanna steal your horse and ride it around and then eat it, lady!

That was probably one of those limited-edition, "maybe if you're lucky, your horses will breed a Christmas horse in December" horses. I kind of miss the anticipation and suspense of hoping my horse bundles might hold a surprise charmed or LE holiday horse. KittyCatS owners are just now getting a taste of that delicious "maybe you'll birth one, maybe you won't" agony with these LE Mardi Gras kitties:

YES! I got one! I have two more chances to birth one more before the magic stork stops delivering party cats at midnight tonight. I'm not being greedy — it'd just be nice to have an extra one to sell to help pay the rent on all these damn animal moshpits.

Skin - Glam Affair at The Dressing Room - Linn Valentine Skin 01
Hair - Truth - Vicky w/Roots in Swedish (includes hairbase)
Eyes - A:S:S - Herbalist Eyes in Tussilago
Necklace - Finesmith - Love is in the Details
Dress - Chocolate Atelier at Bloody Valentine Market (through March 10) - Mirage Tears ("Bloody") dress
Pose prop - {Mole End}@Wanderstill - Le Petit Theatre, includes marionette strings for arms and legs
Breedables-friendly (and other zoned) parcels for rent - Paradise World Estates Central Office

Monday, February 20, 2012

Is your diabolical biological clock ticking?

This creepy little interactive prim baby looks like he's just waiting to grow up and hack off your head with a butcher knife.

But until then, you can cuddle him, breast feed him and satisfy all kinds of other menu-driven maternal instincts. Includes texture-change clothes, a stroller and a baby carrier that looks like a ghost . . . um, because this is a Halloween-edition baby. Thankfully, because we're in SL, you can be gruesome all year long and no one gives a damn, so go ahead and rock that ghoulish baby shower!

All that babbling was a long way of saying, "I WANT THIS THING! PLEASE COME SLAP THIS BOARD!" We only need another 164 slaps before we can all start scheduling goth-baby playdates!

Here's your limo to the maternity ward: CLICK THIS!

Q: Hey Emerald, what's a Midnight Mania board?
A: A Midnight Mania board is a very generous gesture extended by many creators, in which a free prize is distributed at midnight to everyone who Touches (or "slaps," as we MM board enthusiasts like to say) an in-store Midnight Mania board. When those prizes come rolling in at midnight, it's a little bit like Christmas or your birthday. Fortunately if you get bit by the Midnight Mania addiction bug, there are many inworld groups dedicated to calling out the locations of Midnight Mania boards throughout the day.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Cold heart, hot pastries

I'm not good at buying Valentine's Day gifts for guys. In RL, I'll usually just try to cook something. And then I'll usually fail and end up buying something at the last minute and trying to make it look like I cooked it. I'm such a romantic.

Maybe that's why I was charmed by this Teatime set by Baffle! (53 prims, five woods available, texture-change seats, 140L), available at Back to Black. It looks like a little romantic breakfast table I'd set to try to disguise the fact that I can't cook. ("I slaved away all morning on these croissants!") I even slaughtered some nonproductive breedables to make some prim space for it on my screened-in porch. Please pardon the fact that it's snowing out here. Wear a jacket if you stop by.

Happy Valentine's Day, Bunny!

When I saw that "Virgin" T-ball Jersey in the Sn@tch gatcha at The Love Gatcha event, it made me laugh. I totally wanted it, but my heart sank a little because there were 11 other shirts in there and I have wretched, wretched gatcha luck. To my great delight, I got it on my third and last try. Holler if you want one of the other two I got: "Erotic" and "Wet." I am neither at the moment.


I just got a package in RL from the guy I'm monogamously texting. I don't know what else to call it. We spent extensive time together over the holidays, but he lives in Florida so we're not really seeing each other on a regular basis. And we hardly ever talk on the phone. Which is good. I hate talking to him on the phone because he sounds exactly like Forrest Gump and it makes me want to start screaming hysterically after a mere 30 seconds of conversation. I keep trying to break up with the guy, actually. I'll give him a big speech about how I can't do this long-distance thing and I'm just not feeling it . . . and the next day he'll act like it never even happened and start bugging me about changing my FB status to "In a Relationship." I'll say, "I don't want to see you anymore," and he'll say, "OK" and then two hours later he'll send me a text that says, "Hi Sweetie how's ur day going?" So effing irritating. It's like being trapped in a bad "Seinfeld" episode.

So I had a little heart attack when I got the package because it said, "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL VALENTINE'S DAY!" in huge letters on it and I realized I sort of forgot Valentine's Day. I didn't get him a Valentine or anything. I opened the package — did you really think I was going to wait? — and it was a pair of flannel pajamas. If I gave a damn, this is the type of random gift that would have me agonizing for hours: "What does it meeeeeean???? Does he not want to see me in lingerie? Does he have a flannel pajama fetish? Why did he pick pajamas with little ice cream cones all over them?"

But my heart is as cold as my screened-in SL porch right now, so I just looked at the ice cream pajamas blankly for a second, put them back in the box and shoved the box under my bed. Ironically the only thing I felt was a huge wave of relief that it wasn't something fancy and expensive.

That's my Valentine's Day 2012 story. Exciting, huh? One for the grandkids.

Back to Black (thru Feb. 29)
The Love Gatcha (thru Feb. 14)

Hair - Truth - Alexis in Swedish, 250L per color pack
Skin - Mynerva - Caramel in Summer Nights, 250L
Shirt - Sn@tch at The Love Gatcha - "Virgin" T-Ball Jersey, 20L per try
Jeans - League - Garage Jeans in Cool Blue, 245L
Necklace - Ginza at Bloody Valentine Market - A Sinner's Pendant, 214L
Boots - Le Poppycock at Back to Black - Keep on Truckin' Endurance Boots, 149L
Eyes - Rozena at Back to Black - Lively Eyes in Violet, 90L
Wings - December - Cupid's Wings (part of a Cupid set for Project Themeory)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

RUTH, there it is! (and Back to Black)

Isn't it trippy how even in this modern day and age, most of you still look like Ruth to me on my browser? (With those big man-hands and everything!) That's just not right. For a long time I thought people were doing it on purpose to be funny or maybe making a political statement against the Lindens, like a "Screw The Man" Socialist Ruth protest or something. Then I sadly realized it's not you, it's me.

So don't worry about what you wear around me. If you're not rocking a Ruth mullet, you look like a supermodel in my eyes. Seriously.

I wanted to write something meaningful about mental health awareness for my post about the Back to Black event that opens today because I wanted it to be more than a "Hey, look at all the cool stuff there!" post. So I wrote this big thing about my ongoing battle with depression, and then I felt embarrassed about it so I stashed it in Drafts, then I took it back out and took some pictures to go with it, then I hated the pictures so I stashed it all back in Drafts, then I took some more pictures and then I deleted them and then I read the post again and it made me feel kind of tired, so I edited it and I still sort of felt like someone had hosed this whole blog down with a steaming hot stream of EMO so I rewrote it and I still hated it and then I got kind of sniffly and strung-out before I realized the whole endeavor was taking on a life of its own and turning into an angsty obsessive trip to crazytown. How fitting! That's what it's like inside my head sometimes. Isn't it fun?

If a blog post drives you to run screaming away from your keyboard in search of a Xanax with a tequila chaser, you should probably just stop already. Maybe one day I'll publish that post, but apparently not any time soon.

Hey, look at this cool stuff at the Back to Black event! (she said, with a tone of utter defeat)

I wore this outfit yesterday and three strangers IMed me (not at the same time) with "HEY, where'd you get that dress?!" Granted, two of them were child AVs, but still. This Doudou dress makes me want to walk into a party and yell, "FEEL THE POWER OF MY TEDDY BEAR COUTURE, BITCHES!" (It's also available in a pink version and a cream version.)

"Give me back my bong, Larry, before the teddy bears turn brown again."

Dress - Elemiah Design - Doudou 1, 269L
Hair - Amacci - Emma in Pink, includes feather hair ornament, not shown, 250L per color pack
Pose - Geez - Editorial pose set for Back to Black, 100L for pack of five

I Googled "doudou." It means "snuggly stuffed animal thingy" in French. That's some quality journalism for you right there. I'm an information bloodhound.

And yes, you can see nipples when you wear it. NIPPLES, I TELL YOU. I slapped on some duct tape pasties, partly because I never know when Photobucket is going to get prissy on me and partly because I'm modest. Also, my nipples were constantly rubbing up against my teddy bears and it just felt wrong.

I should have made this picture bigger.

Boots - Coro - Cherie in Tan, 320L

Yep, my fingertips are jaggedy, but hey, at least they're not those Volleyball Coach Ruth paws today.

Eyes - Rozena - Lively Eyes in Sky, 90L per pair
Ring - phresh - Forever Ring in Silver/Red, 100L, also includes gold, silver, and gold/red versions for each hand
Skin (not at the Back to Black event) - Mynerva - Caramel in Candy Floss (Mynerva is back! There's a new Bargain Basement there with loads of classic Mynerva skins starting at 10L each. This one was 250L down there, I think, and the fatpack is 1500L. Be sure to grab the new group gift skin while you're there - see a picture of it HERE - 50L join fee.)

Everything except the skin is available at the Back to Black mental health awareness event by Chic Management. When you go, you'll find information about various mental health disorders and resources for people seeking more information or support. This year, more than 100 creators are participating in the shopping venue, offering themed items in uplifting categories such as hope, strength, spirit, family, endurance and more. Some creators have chosen to donate proceeds from the sale of particular items to various charities. Other creators have shared raw and moving stories about their own experiences on notecards. I felt not-so-alone when I went there. I think that's the point.

Watch for more quality and award-winning photos throughout the month.

Back to Black, runs through Feb. 29
Mynerva's Bargain Basement store
JUST FOR KICKS: Revisit the 2008 "New Ruth Experiment" makeover challenge on Flickr HERE. I'm still amazed at what people managed to do with Ruth.

Kicking in Stiletto Moodys
(My Ruth makeover from my 2008 Flickr stream. LOL. I feel so helpless because I don't remember the password to that Flickr profile, or the email address I used. Gosh, and my photos were only a hair worse back then than they are now. Oh well. "Fix your prim shoes, Emerald 2008!" Wow.)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"Get your placenta sack out of my yard!"

(Well, gosh, I look a little bitchy!)

Sometimes I like to multislack in real life. I'll find a freakshow like "Toddlers & Tiaras" on TV — does anyone else notice that almost all those little Stepford-pageant-bots have names that end in a Y sound? — then start up my favorite waste-of-time app on my iPhone (Dream Zoo FTW!) and put my AV somewhere with a random prize giver, like BareRose. (Wow, that's three monitors/screens in my face at once. Healthy!)


(In the first draft of this blog post, I accidentally typed my real first and last name in that sentence. That would have been so entertaining for all of us if I would have accidentally published it, huh? Then you'd all know that I'm really AN OSCAR AWARD-WINNING MOVIE STAR!!)

Um, so anyway, that was a long, pointless way of saying, "That's the context of that picture up there." Kickin' it at BareRose. I snapped a picture because I looked at my AV and suddenly thought, "Damn, I love that Illusory skin (Paige in Vintage Doll) so much, I want to COVER IT IN BUTTER AND EAT IT FOR LUNCH!" There's a new Illusory skin for 88L in the latest Collabor88 collection that opened today if you want to check out the brand for yourself.

And those eyes! Thanks to my eye fetish, I probably have about 30,000 pairs of eyes in my inventory, and the Herbalist Eyes by A:S:S are some of my all-time favorites. If my inventory ever catches on fire, they're on my "Try to Save This Stuff from the Burning Flames" list.

Herbalist Eyes in Borago by A:S:S

Hey, speaking of, my friend's house burned down in RL and before he ran outside, he used several precious, smoke-filled minutes to find his iPod. And for some bizarre reason, the newspaper jumped all over that "news hook" and ran the story with the headline, "MAN SAVES IPOD, DOG BEFORE HOUSE BURNS DOWN." (And you thought you were having a bad day.) How do ya like THAT free advertising, Apple? I tried to get him to send that article to Apple, actually, and work it for some free stuff, but he wouldn't do it. I guess he had better things to do. Like buy a new house and some furniture.

It's been a while since I've played the "What would you grab if your house/inventory was on fire?" game, but yeah, there it is. Your turn!

"Happy Valentine's Day! I got you some COWS! Because you MOOOOOOVE ME with your love!"

I didn't know we had breedable cows in SL — actually, they're called Breedabulls — but you can always count on me to give new and exciting procreating pixels a whirl. I don't plan on doing much with these, except maybe give their babies to reluctant friends. ("Hi, I got you a gift! It's a cow! Now you have to put it in your living room and feed it and keep it alive so you won't hurt my feelings!") If you want to be on my Awkward Cow Gift List, just let me know.

The menu-driven "Veal" (that's what it's called) that you have to "Birth" looks creepy. Ugh. Can't they just pop out the calves in boxes like all the other breedables?:

"Get your placenta sack out of my yard!"

Here's something exciting, though. If you own one cow, you can go to the Breedabulls store and pick up another free cow. You can't get one unless you already own at least one though. Somehow the computers that give away cows know all about you, your life and your farm animals. I ended up getting a few of them by setting my one cow to Buy for 0L, logging in an alt, buying that cow, then picking up the free cow and selling them both back to my main AV. God, that sounded greedy and dishonest. Sorry. I only have two alts if it helps. They mainly exist to flip lucky chairs, smack Midnight Mania boards . . . and pick up free one-per-AV cows, I guess. *hides face in shame*

Here's one of them:

I abuse the hell out of her, as in, I really don't give a damn what she looks like, whether her prims fit properly, or even if her Cabbage Patch Kid hair is sticking out of her cowboy hat. (Get that hat for free at the Breedabulls store.) She's like, Tacky SL Freebie Poster Child. *shrugs* Whatever. If she doesn't like it, she can go out and get a damn job.

Hey Emerald, what're you wearing today?

In RL, I am (or was, before I got laid off) in PR/Marketing, and when I dressed for work I liked to sometimes rock the cliché "I'm a creative type who works at a trendy ad agency" look of mostly black with a splash of color. (I refuse to use the phrase "pop of color." I want that phrase to die.) This is the type of outfit I would totally wear in RL.

I found this Neon Pixels Skirt (55L, and wow, my badonk looks AWESOME in it!) at a new-to-me store called Paperbag, and then I dug in my "Fashion Essentials" inventory folder and grabbed a black turtleneck by Penned and Basic Black Tights by Tres Blah. The Mino boots in Red are by R2; the Narayan Necklace is by A:S:S.

(Hair: Your Wish in Bombshell by Shag.) Look at my sassy 3way Classic Bag ("ryuck version") in Navy by 1mm. (Includes a shoulder version and a handheld version.) There's a blog I love called SL Yummies. I don't know blogger Lily000 Gartner, but her whimsical style and photos delight the hell out of me. I saw this bag in pink over there and thought, "Ohhhh, I love it! WAIT! I own it! In blue!" Nothing like someone else's blog to remind you about something that's wasting away in your own damn inventory.

I need to stop talking now.

Have a great day!

BareRose (Random prize giver every five minutes. Or 10. Or 15. I really wasn't paying attention.)
Illusory (skin)
A:S:S (eyes, necklace)
Breedabulls (COWS, Y'ALL!)
Paperbag (skirt)
Penned (turtleneck)
Tres Blah (tights)
R2 (boots)
Shag (hair)
1mm (bag)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Faeries I have known (and gifts!)

I have soooo much to write about, but I can't cram cows, underwear and fairies into one post. It wouldn't be fair to the cows. Or to you. So let's start with this rockin' new(ish) Fae skin by Nomine and save the cows and underwear for another time.

Fae Skin in Ocean Constellation, 500L (also includes a non-constellation version) at Nomine. These skins are available in eight Fae colors and eight Dark Fae colors.

I get a little giddy whenever Munchflower Zaius releases fantasy skins. I'm a big damn fan of her work. In fact, this shape (Eirlys) and the Material Squirrel wings (Iola) are from Nomine's December 2010 limited-edition Fairy AV sets. Those were the good old days when I was gainfully employed and could occasionally splurge on a limited-edition AV. Or two. Sigh.

Speaking of fairies, whenever I'm in the mood to read some fabulous fantasy blogging with equally fabulous pictures, I head over to my friend Deoridhe Quandry's blog, Prim Dolls. I like her whimsical style. We met through exchanging blog comments, and now she's also the friend on whom I dump my unwanted Meeroo nests and extra gatcha stuff. My goal is to ultimately make her inventory explode. If you want to get on my list of Meeroo/gatcha love, just holler. 

Roll additional credits:

Dress - Les Petits Details - Petal Dress in Ocean, includes glow and non-glow skirt prim, 180L
Stockings - FallnAngel Creations - Kimono Cloth Stockings in Teal, gatcha item, 15L per play. You like? I have extras. Shoot me a message in world and I'll drop them on you!
Necklace, bracelet - soulsick - Peacock Set. I don't have an LM for this store. Can't find it in Search either (shocker). The creator is Waka Zapedzki, but he doesn't mention the store in his profile or Picks, and I'm too shy to ask him. I'm sorry. *hangs head in shame*
Hair - Truth - Tammy w/Roots in Teal, includes hairbase tattoo, 250L for a pack of eight colors with and without roots
Hairpiece - Split Pea - your love is stag in the white sand, 100L (SPLIT PEA GIVES ME A STOREGASM EVERY TIME I GO THERE!)
Claws - [ni.ju] — Tintable White Claws, 150L
Eyes - Vision: Eyes by A:S:S - Northern Eyes in Oat, 50L

Shoes - Blossom - Chained shoes in Teal - FREE in-store opening gift. Blogger Khloe Nitely has opened a cute little shoe boutique called Blossom. YAY, SHOES!!

God, that was exhausting! The SLURLs, the prices, woo. I have admiration for hardcore fashion bloggers who do this kind of thing every day.

One more fairy, not for the glory of my photography, but because much of this stuff is free or extremely affordable.

She'll break your heart and eat the pieces.

Look, I'm not great with those little piece-of-toilet-paper skirt prims. I can never get them to look right. But if you don't have a problem with them — and most people don't — you might want to head over to Les Petits Details and grab this FREE Optical Minidress. (Not a group gift - it's for everyone! WOOHOO!) Get it in the white gift box HERE. Other gifts and group gifts are also available there.

Also free:

Skin - LpD Skins - Art Skin in White (also includes Art Skin in Black), FREE LpD group gift (free to join) at LpD Skins. I guess I'm all about Les Petits Details today. I love that store. LOVE. Maybe if I ask nicely, it'll be my Valentine.
Necklace - Finesmith - Heartless Necklace, FREE group gift (free to join), includes five colors. This necklace rocks. If you get mad at your date, you can smash him/her against your chest and bask in the resulting bloodbath. That's my kind of jewelry.
Hair - Pomme d'Amour - Oh la la! in Sparkle Blonde, 120L for a pack of four colors. Hit the Subscribo while you're there and get a gift of this cute Pom Pom Girl hair in Cupcake Pink:


Also shown:
Boots - YS&YS at The Dressing Room - Big Sur Boots in Santa, part of a 70L fatpack of eight colors at The Dressing Room. If you want them, HURRY — as in, go TODAY — before the collection changes.
Tights - Rotten Toe - Torn Tights from RT's Skavenger outfit. The inworld store seems to be closed, but the Marketplace store is HERE.
Wings - MeKa (now roobix) - The New Daylight Wings in Red. I went to the store to check the price on these and couldn't find them, nor could I find them in creator Mekaila Hinterland's Marketplace store. She has a great selection of wings and fantasy accessories though.
Claws - [ni.ju] - Black-Tipped Claws, 120L
Eyes - Vision: Eyes by A:S:S - Northern Eyes in Snow, 50L

Happy Friday!