Monday, March 30, 2009

Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta

If you've been trying to IM me in world lately, most likely you've gotten that annoying "This person is too damn busy to talk to you" message.

Yeah, I've had my World set to Busy lately. Not talkative these days. I dwell in blissful silence.

Plus, I just want to finish this motha-jumpin' Bunny Hop hunt and get on with my life.

I'm about to become an editor-at-large for a RL bridal magazine -- **cough, hack** (sorry) -- and meanwhile in this parallel universe, I recently was kind of shocked to discover how many wedding dresses I happen to have in my SL inventory. 

They're all wedding dresses I've won in lucky chairs or snagged as freebs or dollarbies (I hate that word), along with one Last Call gown I won at a charity auction last year.

So this post originally was going to be a showcase of all my SL wedding gowns.

I got about a third of the way through it and screamed, "MY GOD, THIS IS BORING AS HELL!"

So I killed that draft and spared you the agony.

**blows the smoke off the blog-killing pistol**

We'll go this route instead (still probably boring as hell though):

Today my RL little brother -- who actually is not "little" but almost 30 -- dropped by after he got off work and busted me "playing Second Life."

I use the term "busted" because I come from a family with a really solid work ethic, meaning if you have time to sit on your derriere in a virtual world, then you have time to, I don't know, wax the floor, paint the house and give the dog a bath. So whenever I log on these days, it's kind of a guilt trip.

But blessedly my youngest brother gets it, so he merely looked over my shoulder and said, "Why does your AV look like such a hooker?"


HEY -- it's just stuff I threw on for hunting. I wasn't TRYING to look like a hooker. But in retrospect, damn, I guess I did look a little bit loose.

That Big Damn Hair is called WhiteLies*Faith Midnyte Hair in Pink Hot (hey, I just type it like I see it) from a freebie fat pack from Panache.

The corset is part of the Eve in Blush outfit from Elate, which I snagged from a Lucky Chair during the Bunny Hop hunt. (Double win!)

I bought those groovy *QU*3 Hippy Pants for something like $77L (maybe?) at one of my FAVORITE STORES, Yome Shoujo, when I went there to snag that Bunny Hop egg as well. (They also come with a "no flower" option.)

Skin is from [the oBscene], jewelry is from all over the damn place, and those are Stiletto Moody Glam Booties in Nude.

That pose is a freebie (or $1L, I forget) from KiiToS!! called "Shoes and Nails," but I like to call it "Go ahead! Smell my armpit!"

I'm not particularly proud of that look, but I thought I'd throw all that info out there in case you too wanna look like a cotton-candy hooker! 

(Add a cute little jacket and some different hair and it really wouldn't be so bad, actually.)

You can't see it very well, but I'm also wearing a butterfly tattoo on my face from [fairy tale]. I bought that during the Bunny Hop Hunt too. Unlike some hunters, I DO try to check out the wares in the stores that are so generously giving me a migraine with their carefully hidden eggs. These face tattoos are in a little $20L-a-pop gumball machine at the back of the store. There are different styles, but I wanted the butterfly. Thank God I got it on the second try or it could've turned out to be an expensive whim.

My little bro's hooker comment was appropriate in one sense though -- that I'm tired of the HOT MESS that currently is my Second Life. I'm tired of petty assholes, and they seem to be everywhere these days. I'm tired of clothes, frankly, and the constant quest to look like a sexy bitch or whatever it is some of us are trying to accomplish here. I'm tired of my ugly furniture. (Must redecorate!) I'm just . . . tired of all of it.

**somebody play a violin righ'chere!**

And at the moment I'm tired of girls. Or women who act like girls, for that matter.

I don't wanna be a girl anymore. And I'm tired of being the queen of the universe, too. **drop-kicks crown across the room**

I feel an extended vacation coming on.

In the meantime, even though I'm not one of those "bunny people," I think I just want to be this Elegant Rabbit from Curious Kitties for a while.



(I kind of want to get GANGSTA and give her a machine gun or something, though. I'm not used to being so . . . cuddly.)

That AV costs $100L and is yet another item I bought during the Bunny Hop hunt. (Yep, I usually end up going broke on hunts, if that makes you participating store owners feel better.)

Hey, did I hear that there's a Bunny AO somewhere on this Bunny Hop Hunt? If so and you know about it, tell me where please! I need one!


Now that I've returned home to the land of trees and grass and fantastic barbecue and Graceland and, most importantly, people I love, I'm slowly transitioning back to real life. Hanging out with my two-year-old niece is like getting a shot of Vitamin B. 

And I'm not bragging, but I made $4K today before the antique grandfather clock even struck noon (RAWWWWWK!), so I'm also back in the realm of actively participating in and contributing to society (if you can call it that) . . . oh, and a little something called paying bills on time. Sweet, sweet relief.

My mom also is shoving her Southern home-cooking down my face faster than I can eat it, so I'm finally getting my badonka-donk-donk back, and the mosquito bites are finally starting to look like boobs again.


That's kind of a long stupid way of saying that you'll probably find me as my real self on Facebook in the coming weeks more often than you'll find me on Second Life (I hope), so if you want to -- SHOCKER -- connect over there as real people, shoot me an e-mail or a message in world and maybe we can "make friends." [I just have to get my Facebook page back up.]

And now I must get back to being a bad-ass Elegant Bunny. I still have about 150 more eggs to go. :\

**wiggles an ear and hops off**


Meara Deschanel said...

It's great to read that things are going a bit better Em. I miss you bunches. I am super-lazy about updating my Facebook but for you I will, just so I can keep following along. <3

Anonymous said...

Just realized I still haven't commented on your blog Meara >_>

Anyway great news Eme! Looks like you are riding that RL train all the way to the terminus! Good for you, nothing makes me happier then seeing a friend fix up their lives :)

*huggles you bunch*

P.S: I am technically still allowed to be a girl at 21 right?

Krissy Muggleston said...

Yep, you sound like you've had a breath of fresh air... Congrats on the job, too. :)

Tymmerie Thorne said...

Emerald - I am really happy for you! What great things! Job, cash, teeny-tiny niece, home cooking by Mom! I am so glad things are looking up and I hope they keep getting better!

Merrick Thor said...

HOORAY! Welcome to the world of anthropomorphic avatars, Em! I say let your freak flag fly ... being human is boring!

Seriously, though ... I feel ya on the total frustration with the clothes/fashion/"look like sex on two legs or be ostracized by SLociety" (ok, do we REEEEALLY have to add 'SL' to the beginning of every word to be considered cool? 'nuff already.) It's doubly a pain in the tuchas as a male avatar, believe me ... or maybe I was just too much of a cheap bastard to spring for the 'hot mess gear'. =/ Regardless, not a problem for me anymore, eh? Who wants to snuggle with somebody with a tongue longer than your arm??? LOL!

And congrats on the RL headway! It's tough to get your life in order again after major upheavals - I know. Roll with everything the way you have so far & you'll be great!

See ya in the funny-papers!

Alicia Chenaux said...

The bunny AO is in the first egg, which I believe is #000 or something like that.

I happen to enjoy being a pretty pretty girl. :-p

Emerald Wynn said...

LOL -- you go, Ali, you are damn awesome at it! Every time I see you, I just want to pick you up and glomp you.

Bravo to my friends who work the sexy/pretty stuff so well.

As for me, I'm tired of trying so hard. I am total fail unless I do everything Meara tells me to do.

I can pull off "hot fugly mess" effortlessly though! And hey, that should be an art form too!

Maybe I'll start doing a "Flaunt your Fug" look of the day, for those of us out there who are total fashion bombs.

Emerald Wynn said...

And wow, I was really chipper last night! Not so much now as I pray for the caffeine to kick in.

See world, I CAN write a "Life is Good" blog post. I can I can I can!

They're just boring as all get-out though. :P

**runs off to get Egg 000**

Selkie said...

Gratz on the job, Em! And the other stuff :)

Bettye Dugan said...


Congratulations Emerald, well done. :)