Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Who wants to be my little guinea piggy? :D

My friend Galene TPed me over to see her new cottage today.

Galene is the alt of an alt of an alt of a good friend, and that makes me laugh. Girl, I cannot keep track of all your damn alts, and I say that with much affection.

Galene just rented one of those cool cool cool cottages over at Sunshineacid, and if you've never heard of Sunshineacid, you should hop on over to the new SL City Zen blog and specifically check out my lovely and talented friend Krissy Muggleston's post on those cottages.

And HEY, guess what? I'm going to be writing for City Zen soon!! My beat is Dating & Sex, which is somewhat ironic since I'm not engaging in either at the moment . . . but we're gonna get to that a little later in this post. And beware -- I plan on kidnapping some of you for blog subjects.

But first, a lovely picture:


Yep, that's how pretty those cottages are. Galene is looking all serene in her pin-up girl gloriousness and I am looking like, well, a cartoon bunny.

That cartoon bunny experiment only lasted a few hours, by the way. Once my friend Ali told me where to get the Bunny AO (Egg 000 in the Bunny Hop Hunt), I put it on and it took about 10 minutes for all that hopping to give me a headache.

Plus, I'm just not the cute bunny type. Trashy unicorn, possibly; but fluffy little bunny, no.

After I checked out Galene's glorious new digs, she mentioned that she'd love to see my beach cottage sometime and I sort of panicked. At the moment, my beach house is a wee bit fugly:


Yeah, one day I just apathetically slapped down that free Turquoise Dreams bedroom set from the Vinyl Cafe and Shops Grand Reopening (that gift is gone now, but there are some great free stilettos with toes out instead), hung up a painting I like, tossed a couple of pose stands down and called it a day.

That pose my bunny is striking is called Kung Fu on Your Ass from Pffiou! Poses without Cramps' awesome new Bunnyfight poses set (100L). The whole set is so cool and the names alone make me laugh so hard! I'm an idiot because I meant to include them in my Gangsta Bunny post yesterday.

Here's what a human AV looks like striking that pose:


Uh, I'm not really the ideal pose model.

This pose is called Trusty Sidekick:


Ha ha! I am so damn delighted right now. That is awesome.

So as I mentioned, I'm going to be writing about Dating & Sex over at City Zen and I think I'm going to profile a bachelor or a bachelorette each week. I know it's been done before, but not Emerald-style.

What I'd really like to do is spend some quality time cruising around the grid with my victim, checking out his/her favorite places, home or whatever the brave soul feels like showing me. Meanwhile I'll bombard my subject with silly questions, attempt to take a decent photo (oh God, help us all) and then further attempt to write an amusing yet enticing write-up and get some of you single people HOOKED UP!

Occasionally I might profile couples and get their fun stories, lessons learned, secrets to success, etc.

I don't know. I'm kind of still working this all out in my head. I imagine that, like everything, it'll get off to a rocky start . . . but then evolve into pure awesomeness.

So holla if you want to be one of my bachelor/bachelorettes of the week. I need volunteers to kick this off. **looks pointedly at Laleeta, Quaintly and Galene**

I've never been part of a group blog before, and some of the writers over there are really talented. As such, I really need to get over my current SL identity crisis, put a look together and get a headshot taken (or take my own). Anyone who reads this blog is used to my frequent fashion experiments, but I think I need some kind of persona if I'm going to be a blogging matchmaker on someone else's blog.

Look way up there at this blog header, or hit the Flickr gadget on the right (I forgot that login/password!!!) or go waaaaaaaaay back to my early posts and you'll see that I used to be "kinda-quirky Emerald." I liked that version. But somehow I evolved into "trying too hard to be sexy/cool" Emerald and it's not really working for me. 

I want to ultimately get my AV to reflect who I am in RL, actually, which is just a fun, funny, goofy gal who, in the right lighting and on good hair days, is cute or possibly even pretty, depending on how many drinks you've had.

Today I spent an hour trying on hair alone.


Blonde bitch who will slice you with her pointy chin? No.


And, um, another fail. This is not a picture of someone you'd share your romantic dreams and aspirations with. This is an empty-eyed ice queen.

(I think I got that hair free at ROGE Hair recently. I know I didn't buy it because a hair flower isn't usually my style.)


My skin is, as always, from [the oBscene], but I may need a friendlier skin for this assignment. And slightly less cleavage.

Speaking of, [the oBscene] postponed the grand opening of their new main store today (check out the post here), which made me sad. No definite date yet.

I'll close this post with my current SL location. I call it hell right now, but it's actually called Perfect Prefabs. It has brought my Bunny Hop Hunt to a screeching halt. There's a hint at the TP point: "The egg is in a grotto!" Oh, you mean one of the 90 grottos there? 

*sad face*


I'm just going to admit it at this point: I NEED A CHEAT SHEET! When I get this desperate, I usually swing by the D-List Headquarters (now on the new Harold sim) and click on Ding's oh-so-awesome Hunt Update Box, which will usually give you every "help sheet" for whatever hunt ails you. 

But at the moment she only has a list of Bunny Hop location SLurls, not the prize locations. Still helpful if you get stuck though. I'm about to give up on Perfect Prefabs and hop to the next location. I can't even find this egg with my trusty Treasure Hunt Radar.

And now I have to go walk my geriatric dog, bless his heart. *insert the reemerging Southern accent here*

Have a great night!


Anonymous said...

*hides somewhere never to be found*

Just kidding I would love to help you with your column but I have to tell you my SLife is pretty boring so chances are you won't have a lot to talk about :p

Noelyci said...

will be a Guinea Pig anytime, although I'm not sure you can meake me unsingle. Oooooh, challenge.

Peter Stindberg said...

Unless this is an April Fool joke, I'm open to get interviewed anytime, as I surely have been through all ups and downs of SL relationships.

P.S. The movie rights are still available, but Nicholaz Cage bids heavily on them...

Tymmerie Thorne said...

I am looking forward to reading your posts to City Zen! I think you will have a wonderfully unique take on Dating and Sex in SL! Good luck finding guinea pigs - although I am sure it will not be difficult to find willing subjects.

Now - I think your av is completely adorable and you will do a great job of making her "look"...but if for some reason you want some help, ArminasX Saiman has started a new business called AvaModo that does image designing for avatars: ...anyhoo, just an FYI.

Learning Teacher said...

I can totally give you the "sex" part of dating & sex... oh wait, did I just say that out loud? :P


Anonymous said...

Hey how about profiling a nerd girl. I divorced Anal....the thrill was gone :{