Tuesday, March 17, 2009

<-- Idiot


I wrote that post about my rezzzzzzzzz day a couple of posts back and just figured out today that my rez day actually was yesterday.

(Read that sentence a few times and I promise it'll make sense.)


(Kidding -- I did nothing on both the wrong day and the right day. Insert violins playing here. Even my loyal friend Fuzzy the Bunny stayed holed up in my inventory.)

I have no photos in this post, thus breaking one of New World Notes' Hamlet Au's rules on how to write a great blog post. I'm also too lazy to link to NWN or that particular post right now, which probably breaks another rule. I believe he also advised to keep blog posts short and snappy and hell, I blew that one from Day One. And actually, maybe someone else wrote that post, not Hamlet.

Whatever. Sorry, Hamlet!

However, New World Notes is in my really long blog roll over there. --->

If you're not reading it occasionally or often, you should be.

ANYHOO . . . 

I really just wanted to wish everyone a HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!!!

I believe it's my duty to officially bestow these good tidings on all of you, as my AV and my RL self are named after the Emerald Isle.

In RL, by the way, my family has been drinking since yesterday. My father has Irish music blaring (on "repeat") on the stereo downstairs and it's actually driving me quite insane. They have a chain of Irish pubs lined up, which we are about to start hitting in a disturbingly planned methodological order -- as in, the itinerary was created about TWO WEEKS AGO -- and I'm pretty sure we're all going to end up in jail or at least in a bar fight by the end of the day.

So, um, nice knowing all of you. Keep your Irish eyes smiling today!

This glimpse of my extremely dysfunctional RL family and idiot SL self brought to you by the letter E.

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Tymmerie Thorne said...

OK...Happy Rez Day again.
I would have to pay any bail with Lindens, so you guys behave yourselves.

I do remember the blog tips on Hamlet's post - which can be boiled down to this: get in, say cheese, get out.

And actually his advice makes me feel better when I have a short blog post. Of course, it makes me curl up into the fetal position worrying that I will lose every reader I have if I have a really long one. So, it balances out.