Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hangin' with Elvis on my Rez Day!

Hey y'all, I finally made it to Memphis -- and it's my Rez Day!

It's fun to be back in Memphis, home of Elvis Presley, soul-soothing Blues music and great BBQ.

And to be honest, I haven't given much thought to my Rez Day except to continue to wonder whether "rez" is spelled "rez" or "rezz." Or is it all spelled "rezday"? Or "rezzday"?

These questions keep me up at night.

I originally set out to write an epic post about everything I've learned in Second Life, but I started boring the hell out of myself so I stopped. 

I do wish we could send friend requests to semi-strangers in real life though. And fly. That'd be fun.

Then I wanted to write a blog post thanking Second Life for officially inducing a nauseous Pavlovian response to shamrocks by once again completely over-killing a holiday for me, but I decided that would sound bitchy, so I'm not gonna do that either.

HOWEVER, if you're a girl or a cross-dressing guy and you want just one fabulous outfit for my most favorite holiday of the year, I suggest you get yourself over to Moxie Polano's Haute Couture store and grab this Clover Dress:


(Stockings included.)

Oooooh! The shading!!!!

That's Bob from Bob's Big Boy restaurant behind me, by the way, the site of my first job as a teenager, back when I had a work ethic.

That pose is from the Oh Baby! pose set from Pffiou! Poses without Cramps. It's the closest thing I could find to an Elvis pose, but somehow I've managed to transform it into a "Look, I finally shaved my armpits!" pose. 

Ha haaaaa! -- I know my friend and Pffiou! pose creator Laleeta won't mind that joke because she has an awesome sense of humor.

Um, right Laleeta?

I wish I had a real-life pose without cramps right now.

Anyhoo, check the detailing on the back of this dress:



That dress is in Moxie's Lucky Chair at the moment, but do something nice for the economy and just BUY IT for a beyond-believable affordable $150L at the store.

I'm posing at the Elvis Presley Rock and Roll Shop in these pics since there's no SL version of Graceland. Or if there is, I can't find it. I'm going to Graceland in RL next weekend. I've already been there about nine times, but WTH, I might as well make it an even 10.

Hey, I'm not usually a huge fan of free skins because they look, well, free, but click your "I keep this slot open for free sh*t" groups button, join the YourSkin & YourShape group, get this "MoniqueRel_Night" (hey, I just type it like I see it) group gift skin, then leave the group and RUN like the sneaky freebie junkie you secretly are.


Wow, that was a shocking thing to type, but you know you do it. YOU KNOW YOU DO!

(Sorry, I'm giddy on a fake rez-day cake sugar high.)

My regular readers know that I consider myself a connoisseur of cleavage shading, and I give those boobs two thumbs up, along with the face. The nose is a little pinched, but that's probably the fault of my lack of slider skills.

The necklace I'm wearing is Prims & Pearls' Celtic Knot Necklace from the Greatest Love St. Patrick's Day Hunt (it's all HERE), and I'm not going to be an ungrateful bitch and tell you that I threw everything from that hunt away except for about four gifts.

Nope, I'm not.

But maybe we all need to explore Step One and admit that we are powerless over our addiction to having and participating in hunts this year?

Speaking of YET ANOTHER GRIDWIDE HUNT, I think I'm supposed to Go Fly a Kite sometime today through April 19 .

You know what?



(Twenty bucks says I will though.)

Hey, someone sent me a note asking why I never put SLurls in my blogs, so, ummmm, let me just clarify that if you see a word in dark blue, well, that's a link to a SLurl. Or a Web site that will tell you something useful. 

But DO feel free to slam me if I scroooo up a SLurl though. I agree that I do deserve your unbridled notecard wrath if I accidentally TP you to a bondage dungeon.

OK, I'm gonna get a little preachy for a MERE 60 SECONDS (at that) here, and then I'm going to return to pretending to unpack moving boxes:

Lately I've watched large groups of gals cluster around lucky chairs trying to win some popular battered skins that are hot right now. I've read bloggers oohing and ahhing over these same skins, the ones with blood-spattered and bruised faces.

I realize that SL is all about fun and fantasy, but speaking from the perspective of someone who grew up in a violent and abusive home, what's fun about women AVs running around looking like they've had the crap beaten out of them?

There's nothing funny about a split lip and a black eye. You can travel back in time and ask my nine-year-old self if you want. Or you can ask any woman in one of the thousands of shelters for battered women across the country.

Yeah, I realize that I'm taking a form of frivolous artistic expression a wee bit too seriously here, but congrats *certain skin designers*, you always strike a nerve with me when you release that type of skin.

If you're gonna make beaten-to-hell skins for women, at least include a bad-ass machine gun in the skins pack so I can blow the face off the next person who tries to ruin mine. I'm not a helpless child anymore.

Or a helpless noob for that matter!!! :D

*puts Rez Day hat back on and skips off to eat more cake and fly a kite*


Tymmerie Thorne said...

Happy Rezzzzz-Day! (I didn't know either so I made up that spelling.) Glad to know you are safe and sound.

You reminded me that I need to find a Dairy Queen in SL and write about ...god only knows...but I worked there. All bloggers should do this. In fact - it will be the next great meme (and keep me from looking like I am trying to copy you..which I kind of am. :-P).

You aren't ungrateful for not keeping more from the GL hunt - I only kept 3 things and one is on probation. I simply do not need 100 different green dresses covered with shamrocks.

Anonymous said...

Happy Rezaday Eme <3 !!

I think that's a greta name for the pose, I might have to change it to that :p

By the way don't waste all of your energy before the Bunny Hop Grid Wide Hunt *hint hint*

Can't wait to catch you in world soon! *hugs*

Asthenia said...

Happy rezday! (I think it's one Z, rezzday makes me sleepy zzzzzzzzzzz...)
I want that dress from Moxie Polano & have been camping out at that chair for days *sigh*
Take pics of graceland!

Synthiia Beaumont said...

LOL @ 'Haute Couture orgasm'. I'm seriously stealing that phrase. And $150L is definitely a steal, considering how expensive some of the other dresses out there are.

I was a bit confused about the battered skins honestly. I mean, if you're roleplaying in a certain sim, I can see how that would be feasible. But just walking around in a sundress with a busted lip? huh?

Emerald Wynn said...

Thanks everybody for the kind wishes!! I should have had some kind of a party for myself or handed out gifts or something, but you know me, I'm kind of a lazy A-hole.

As for the battered skins things, I've lived a long life - a lot of us have. When you get to your mid-30s, you experience a lot. Hell, I could probably get all righteous about and offended by all kinds of stupid things here if I was the type.

Today is one of those days when I woke up, reread this post from yesterday and thought, "Maybe I shouldn't have ranted about that topic."

Oh well! :D

Merrick Thor said...

No, no, no, Emerald darlin' ... don't EVER apologize for speaking your mind, especially on something you're passionate about!

I am totally feeling you about the 'WTF?' reaction to those battered skins - I seriously don't get the attraction. I was raised to ALWAYS show respect to women, no matter what. Domestic violence is no joke - and DON'T give me the old 'hey, it's only roleplay' defense. Roleplay is just pretend right? And 'pretend' is sometimes just another way to say 'little white lie' ... and anybody with a lick 'o sense could tell ya that in each and EVERY lie ... there's a little bit of truth. =/ Do we REALLY need to go THERE in our little 'fantasy' lives?

Okay ... off da soapbox, Merrick!

Hey, I didn't realize our Rezz-Days were so close together! Have a happy one, darlin'!!!


Emerald Wynn said...

I'm an idiot. My rez day is actually 3/16. Not 15. OOOOOOOOPS! Just goes to show how DAMN SERIOUSLY I take all of it.

Bettye Dugan said...

*hugs Emerald*