Tuesday, April 24, 2012

In the deep and quiet water (FF 2012: Bibi's Coral Reef Shop)

Oingo Boingo (woo, I just dated myself) has a little-known song called "Long Breakdown" that I've always held close to my heart for various reasons. It has some lyrics about finding peace in the quiet depths of the ocean, which seems kind of fitting right now, particularly if you caught a ride on my last crazy-train blog post (now deleted). WHOOPS! Sorry about that! But hey, what's a blog without a little meltdown once in a while, right?

So let's get back to Fantasy Faire — and speaking of the ocean . . .

I'll admit that I panicked a little when I learned that one of my assigned creators to blog for this event was Bibi's Coral Reef Shop. I am not a mermaid, nor do I play one on TV.

I have a lot of respect for the merfolk of Second Life because they are beautiful creatures with stunning habitats. It often takes skill and artistry to create them (both the AVs and the habitats), though. I learned this lesson the hard way. Like an idiot, I thought I could just DIG A GIANT HOLE IN MY YARD and dive down there and create some mermaid magic. Not only did I turn my yard into one hell of a mess, but I jacked up and flooded my neighbor's parcel too.


Then it dawned on me that creator Bibi Questi probably already has examples of her three RFL donation items — which are kits that are jam-packed full of everything you need to create three different underwater wonderlands — on her own gorgeous reefs, which are open for public use and include ballrooms, an ocean bar and a fish memorial (for education about overfishing), among many other sights to see.

And I was right! THANK GOD! And by the way, these kits do include (impressive and extremely helpful) step-by-step instructions for building a reef, which I obviously did not follow when creating my yard-reef monstrosity. She even includes instructions on how to make your reef glow at midnight and how to build your own realistic rocks using textures included in the kits.

Almost everything in these kits is copy/mod except for the hard coral fields. Without further ado, here they are. Pretend I have fins in these pictures:

Black Volcano Reef set, 475L. Dive down and see it in action HERE.

You get A LOT for your lindens in these sets, and this one includes 15 sculpted rocks in various shapes and sizes, one volcano, five rock coral textures, six different hard coral fields in four colors each, 13 fish groups, three (kick-ass) jellyfishes with sparks, 16 fusilier stream parts in silver, 17 corals, one cluster of fireflies, one sunbeam, one cloud, and one wave sound rock. WOOOOO! I'm out of breath! (Pardon the pun.)

BTW, I had to look up the word "fusilier," and the definition essentially was "a soldier," which excited and confused me at the same time. But in underwater lingo, it means a streaming school (or army, even) of fish, as seen in the picture below.

Midnight Coral Reef set, 475L. Check out the underwater example inworld HERE.

Includes 15 sculpted rocks in various shapes and sizes, six rock coral textures, six different hard coral fields in four colors each, 15 fish groups, three jellyfishes with sparks (SPARKS!), 16 fusilier stream parts in green, 19 corals, one group of fireflies, one sunbeam, one cloud and one wave sound rock.

And last, but certainly not least:

Sunset Coral Reef kit, 475L. Visit the underwater example HERE.

Includes 15 sculpted rocks in various shapes and sizes, six rock coral textures, six different hard coral fields in four colors each, 15 fish groups, three jellyfishes, 16 fusilier stream parts in grey, 17 corals, one group of fireflies, one sunbeam, one cloud, and one wave sound rock.

And a partriiiiiiidge in a pear treeeee! (LOL. Sorry — I just realized I was singing that list in my head.)

Almost all these elements can be purchased separately as well.

And I know everyone's blogging these free low-lag AV sets by Fallen Gods and Wasabi Pills — available at all the Fantasy Faire sim landing points — so you're probably sick of seeing it. But listen, people are leaving out a really important detail, and that's that there's a version of hair in the kit called "Teeloh FEM Mesh Hair - (BOOBS)" that got me all excited because I thought, "YES! HAIR with BOOBS in it!" But then I discovered that it's just shaped a little differently to accommodate busty females. Oh well.

Look at my butt!

(What is going on with that one leg? Sheeezus.) Admit it! At some point or another you have all wanted to walk around SL with book pages slapped to your privates! Especially you literary types!

Bibi's Coral Reef Shop at Fantasy Faire 2012
Bibi's Coral Reef & Underwater World

FOR MORE INFO: Visit the official Fantasy Faire 2012 Website.


Eurydice Barzane said...

When I was new to SL I'd created a gorgeous garden and decided to terraform a 'meandering stream', but ended up creating a 'large sinkhole' that took out two adjoining properties. So, I think your terraforming is quite restrained in comparison.

Love your fins by the way - I imagined them as requested and they were magnificent. I also gave you awesome gills. Then I sang "Gold". Coz that's how I roll - 80's karaoke style.

Anyhoo, I've had my own homestead sim for almost four years now, so the idea of creating a lttle mercave is very tempting - I'd have tea parties and such down there. So thank you - I'll check out Bibi's at the fair. Or Faire.

Your pics in this post are just lovely, btw. OH! And if that's your house to the left in the terraforming pic it's gorgeous and I want to ask you where it's from without coming across as really pushy.
So I'll come across as really boring and wordy instead. :p

Emerald Wynn said...

I heart you, Eurydice, and I don't even like using the verb "heart". Your comments always make me smile. :)

That awesome house is from the very talented Harlow Heslop's store - Honey, I'm Home . . . which she recently closed. WAAAAAAA! I was crushed.

I checked to see if her stuff is at least on Marketplace and it's not. Although the way Marketplace is going these days, I can't blame her.