Sunday, May 24, 2009

A creative outlet for fashion enthusiasts

OK, so this post isn't completely about SL.

It's about the Web site But actually, I believe that site has the potential to increase positive awareness of SL. And I HAVE seen the works of SL designers on this site (for example, momo and I Heart SL are referenced HERE). And all that aside, I think some of you might really dig it.

So I thought I'd talk about Polyvore today for you people out there who like to play, particularly with clothes.

In fact, some of you probably already have heard of it. It's been around for a little while.

Polyvore lets you tap into a giant library of pics to create your own fashion collages (or "sets"). Some users are hardcore professionals who use the site quite seriously to create idea storyboards or showcase their image-consulting, personal shopping, and/or design skills. Or, some aspiring designers use the site to showcase and sell their actual collections.

Other users are people like me, who like to create goofy sets to express moods or play with themes.

Many of the photos in the image library are connected to online stores and boutiques, so if you see something you love, chances are good that you can click through to a store and buy it. The site also runs fun themed contests, allowing you to pit your artistic visions against the sets of other users.

It's also got a slight social networking aspect in that people can comment on your work or vote on whether they like it. You also can add your friends or favorite artists to your contacts list. And yeah, I do call them artists because some of them create some truly amazing work. 

If you happen to be on that site, my user name is "I don't know jack abt fashion." My sets are a mix of earnest attempt, goofing off and, um, some silly Facebook and former MySpace profile pics.

It's been a while since I last visited the site, but I logged back on today and laughed at a few of my past sets that have angsty (what a surprise) stories behind them, mostly related to breakup turmoil. It was like taking a darkly humorous trip down dating memory lane.

So, drumroll please, here's some of my "art" (laugh). After you publish a set, you get a handy embed code for blogs or other networking pages (thus the links after each one):

Uh, that one was inspired by my secret love of Hello Kitty, but also my secret desire to corrupt her a little. My mother is convinced that Hello Kitty is one of the many things that are responsible for my single status. "For God's sake, don't wear these pajamas around a man!!" 


Subtitled, "Don't you want to see my stripes?" (I think a weird guy who wanted to sleep together platonically for about three months, but kept dangling promises of eventual sex in front of me, inspired this collage [hell yeah, I finally dumped that guy] --- WOW I 'VE DATED SOME WEIRDOS.)

And those beehive hairstyles up there are made by an SL designer, but unfortunately the link no longer lists the name. Maybe *BP*?


Subtitled, "You could have joined my circus" (obviously created after another breakup).


Subtitled, "You broke my heart, but I took your Valium, so I guess that makes us even" -- after a Mayo radiologist dumped me for a surgically-enhanced Barbie-girl type. And yeah, when I was packing up my stuff to move out of his friggin' palatial mansion, I threw his bottle of Valium in my purse on my way out the door. Bad girl! But HEY, he was poaching drugs from The Mayo supply closets so . . . whatever. Maybe we'll date again when we're both, um, in hell? 


I made that one after a hot bf cheated on me with a vegetarian -- LOL.


Subtitled, "Who's hiring?"


Stuff that reminded me of my childhood - I was a ballerina for a while as a teen. And I loved fairies and unicorns, but what little girl didn't? As for "The Shining," um . . . I think I just loved that movie and the book. Still do.


Subtitled, "Hey baby, I got your 'more cowbell' right here!" HA HA HA!

OK. I think you've seen enough. (Laugh)

I realize that this is yet another blog post that could leave you scratching your head and thinking, "Why is THIS post on THIS blog?" but I believe Second Life is one of the greatest virtual outlets for self-expression, so I love introducing kindred spirits to other such outlets.

I also think that this site could be a fun way for content creators to let "real people" play with and marvel at your work -- simply use the site's clipper tool to capture and add shots of your creations to the Polyvore library. For even more exposure, create a few sets with them. 

It may even drive traffic to Second Life. If the 650,000 Polyvore members love playing with little pictures of clothes, think how much they'd love playing with highly detailed, gorgeous virtual collections on sophisticated avatars.

(Sorry, always thinking like a PR person.)

BTW, I checked the careers section and noticed that the site is hiring software engineers, if that's your bag.

Thanks for humoring me with this post. I know it was a little off-the-beaten path.

Have a great Memorial Day!


Tymmerie Thorne said...

Once more TY so much for sharing a really cool thing! That site looks like a blast to play on!

The bee one and the unemployment line ones are my favs. :-)

Emerald Wynn said...


Hey, I meant to stop by your kissing booth today -- damn.

Emerald Wynn said...

oh gosh, that came out kind of wrong.

I should have ended it with "to say hi." Laugh.

Krissy Muggleston said...

What a really cool site... (there just went an hour) haha

Isabeal Jupiter said...

I've been playing with Polyvore for awhile. What wonderful, time wasting fun! Thanks for sharing!