Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

(Sorry I'm kind of a pointless blogging machine lately.)

Screw rez days. It's my real birthday today.

I'm not gonna lie. I'm kind of blue about it.

I don't WANNA turn 30-"something"!

*stamps foot*

And hell no, I'm not telling you my real age, but it's depressing. So depressing, in fact, that last night at dinner I spontaneously burst into tears over a plate full of bratwurst.

I'm just feeling . . . blah about it this year.


Anyhoo . . .

Whenever I want to celebrate anything in Second Life, I go to Sweet Dreams Patisserie at Petite Chou and press my face against the window.


(OK, that's not exactly humping the window, but I couldn't find a "How Much is that Doggie in the Window?"-type pose, pardon the pun.)

Edwina Heron's creations there are oh-so-yummy.

For a few months now, I've been lusting after her Red Lacquer Cake:


(I'm holding a gift card for that store, BTW. But there was no "pay with card" option on any of the cakes. Sigh.)

That cake actually looks like a Chinese red wedding cake to me, but someone correct me if I'm wrong -- I probably am. As you can see, it only costs 200L. And the fact that I keep returning to a store to look at a 200L cake -- from which the proceeds go to charity, nonetheless -- is ridiculous.


But I can't. I just can't spend 200L on a cake right now. And don't encourage me by reminding me that it would benefit cancer research, because trust me, I spent WAAAAAAY too much money at RFL booths at the recent SL Clothing Fair. So that argument won't work.

I also looked at these 200L butterfly cupcakes. They appealed to me in that I love butterflies and I love cupcakes, but mixing the two together just seems a little unappetizing to me.

I'm SORRY, Edwina, but it does:


Especially when it looks like there's a dead butterfly lying in the box.

I finally settled for this very plain little 100L cake. In fact, it's even called Small Pale Green Bow Cake:


Yes, it's a little bland, but so is my mood.

Come over and have a piece if you want though! My friend Lizzie and I were talking about having a party, but I sort of drew a blank when I got to the guest list. I have a lot of people on my friends list, but I doubt they'd want to celebrate my birthday.

*plays a big damn violin here*


Kidding. We still might have one later this week. I'll let you know. I really don't like having a fuss made over me though, unless it's by a good-looking man.

I do have plans in RL. Just me and my brother kicking around, and later dinner with my parents at our country club (sheesh, we're so old South, it's sickening). And this past year was a rough one, but I made it. So I'll hopefully snap out of it after a nap, count my blessings and concentrate on cake.

I only asked for one thing for my birthday, and that was a new aquarium for my pet turtle. So keep your fingers crossed.

Go out and have some fun for me today!!



Asthenia said...

Happy Birthday Emerald!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had an awesome one! =)

Selkie said...

Lots of Birthday Happiness to you, Em!

Nuuna Nitely said...

Happy Birthday, Emerald!! :)

Felicity Frak said...

Happy Birthday Emerald! (from one 30-something to another, lol)

Tymmerie Thorne said...

Happy Birthday!!! The number is not important! I'm 30-something, too. Luckily, 60 is the new 40. We are just kids, really. And if you have a party, I hope you invite me and Jerremy - we would love to help you celebrate!!! :-)

Amie Adamski said...

Hey Happy Birthday!!!! =P

And from like 8 posts ago, glad you're sticking around :)

Tristan Micheline said...

Hapy Birthday Em <3 <3 many hugs and kisses with lots of love..

Jon said...

Happy Birthday Sunshine!

As my gift to you, I won't reveal your RL age to anyone... because I'm a gentleman and stuff.


Emerald Wynn said...

LOOK it's RL JON!!! :D

Thanks, everybody!!

Anonymous said...

ARGGH I thought I left Birthday wishes earlier. Happy B Day Em - RAWR!

Stacey er..Bettye said...


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! :)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Eme <3 !!

You need to have a party and then we can ride my balloon around a bit and stand around on flying brooms and then get drunk and talk about our "fun boxes" :D