Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Taking out the trash

Hey, this one is short!

I went to the grand opening party at the new Fashion Mode mall last night.

The party invite said the theme was Trashy Glam.

I have no idea how everyone else interpreted Trashy Glam or if anyone even bothered to dress in theme at all. No surprise, everyone was mostly grey to me, and the place was laggy as hell. I gave up after about 15 minutes of feeling like I was dancing in slow motion underwater.

Later, still dressed in my Trashy Glam attire, I went back to actually check out the stores. I walked by a couple of chickies wearing jeans and, I don't know, little tops from Pixel Mode or somewhere. One of them said "Oh. My." and the other one said "God."


I didn't know whether to feel sorry for them for their complete lack of a sense of humor or because they were painfully dense and pathetically petty. Honey, if I'm walking around like this, do you REALLY think I'm taking myself seriously?:


Um, I also added a cigarette, silver bangles and a big damn cocktail ring. Actually, I still didn't feel trashy enough. But you know what? I'm still running around like this today.


(Bishes, the bunny likes it.)

I hardly ever do this but:

Wild Woman Hair from miaSofia
*Starz* Glasses -- I bought these early last year and I'm not sure where, but the designer is Apple May of AMD, so maybe they're there now. I don't think they were when I bought them though. (Wow, I'm so awesome at this whole fashion blogging thing.)
Earrings: Shiny Silver Large Hoops from Dark Mouse 
Feather Boa: from Last Call. Despite all the feather boas floating around out there, this one remains my favorite (sorry, Nicky Ree).
Dress: Flame Sequin Dress from DYN, prize in the Keys to the VIP gridwide hunt -- and it restored my faith in the usually detested "tiny crotch prim"
Stockings: Laddered stockings from League
Shoes: d'Orsay in Silver Patent from Stiletto Moody
Skin: Meredith (sunkissed) Post Party (past freebie) from Tuli

"I rolled out of a strange man's bed after a long hard night of partying, kissed him on his gorgeous lips as he still slept, rummaged in my bag for sunglasses big enough to cover my mascara-stained and bloodshot eyes, lit a cigarette and followed the scent of beautiful people across the city to the next glam gathering." (at a mall - LOL)

A continued plea to people to occasionally create a damn character and love it, if only for a day. You've got a virtual world at your fingertips. WORK IT! Be a hungover party girl, be a nerdy little chick with pigtails and glasses, be a thunder-thighed warrior princess, be a banana, be a poster girl for prim boobs, be a unicorn, be an elegant gothic lolita, be a fairy, be a Furry, be something -- anything -- that you can't be in real life. (Um, just don't lie about your gender if you're trying to date me. kthxbai.)

Or if you prefer the safety of your Malt jeans and Pixel Mode tops -- and believe me, on most days I usually do -- at least stop laughing at the people who are having a little fun.

But by all means laugh with us though. :D

P.S. Speaking of dorks: YAY! Who Let the Dorks Out? is back!

P.P.S. Speaking of laughs, this Web site usually has me in hysterical giggles: Texts from Last Night


Anonymous said...

I think you look wonderful.. I particularly like the earrings ;-).

Emerald Wynn said...

oh *BLUSH* and fangirls and *faints*

Thank you, Mouse!

P.S. I love your hair so much, I can barely stand it. So glad you're making it now!

Anonymous said...

Like I said last night that look is hawwwt and its now in my picks! Screw those Beetches!

And oh lets go to Mouse's store and fan girl her together!

Emerald Wynn said...

You know the comments I've been getting today have been killing me. Like, "Is she kidding me with that hair?" or "Nice hair, hun, lol." Any stupid little chickie who doesn't recognize this MiaSnow hair by now needs to be schooled. And like I'd seriously put this hair on and go, "Ooooh! This hair is PURTY!!!!"

When did everyone get so nasty? Or is everybody on SL really 15 years old?

I guess I should quit with the social experiments if they just end up making me mad. :\

*goes back to put on her tasteful Armidi clothes and friggin' played-to-death Truth hair*

V said...

evil evil girls, I love the outfit, I think it's FUN. I generally don't get comments at all from anyone.. I guess I'm not trying hard enough :)

Eevie Lemon

Anonymous said...

I think your character rocks and I totally agree with you about your suggestion that everybody should have at least one crazy alternative SL personality!

Don't listen to those comments - how about having a transferable and wearable avatar ready by hand to drop on people like this (eg the bruised banana :D). Maybe it will make them laugh and they will realise that there could be more to SL than Barbieness.

Interestingly, all of the experiences I have made being a budgie with octopus/cabbage/granny etc. have been very positive with people IMing me about the avatar. Maybe it was just the wrong place or maybe some people don't understand more subtle irony like your human character. :D

Spread the dorkiness, yay! And thanks for the warm welcome. :))

Hallie Galli said...

That was me saying "oh my" in open chat to my friend...on a topic not relating to you. You were a gray avatar to me and so was everyone else. FYI...I believe my top was from Surf and Co and my friend was in pajamas. Thanks for noticing our outfits....:)

Emerald Wynn said...

. . . ?

(but how weird that you thought I was talking about you?)

Isabeal Jupiter said...

I absolutely love the look! I wish more people could have rocked the trashy look. I hate that SL is too laggy to have a decked out party.

I am flabbergasted that you got nasty comments.

I quoted you in my blog, btw. I loved what you wrote about creating a character! I hope you don't mind.