Sunday, May 17, 2009

A sunburned "hello"

Hi from (RL) Aruba!

At the airport, waiting for a delayed flight, so I finally splurged on wireless Internet.


And wow, this whole Web site is in Dutch.

I had too much fun. I learned that you don't really think about Second Life when you're on the beach. Or at least I don't.

Hey, I wanted to point out a couple of cool SL blogs that I recently found and like. And NO, they're not written by my friends!

-- Hunt Outfits: I really hope Maleficent Benoir keeps this blog up because, man, it'll really save me a ton of time sorting hunt prizes. I'm not sure if the Keys to the VIP Gridwide Hunt is still on, but HOLY COW, she has a pic of EVERY prize in that particular post. BRAVO and thank you for the hard work. I wish I would have thought of this idea, frankly. How totally helpful and totally awesome.

-- Owly Indigo Birds SL: I never really thought about birds in SL, but the aptly named Owly does, and her bird-themed blog is creative and different. Find everything fun and birdy -- from SL birds to bird-themed fashion -- here. And holy crikey, I'm on her blog roll -- I swear that's not why I'm pimping her blog here, but THANK YOU, OWLY!!

Ooh -- they're finally boarding my plane. Thank God.

Love and laughs,


Eliza Wrigglesworth said...

Thanks for the links! That Hunt Outfits blog is AWESOME!

I wonder how much drama she's going to attract?

BastDawn said...

Did you go for only the weekend? It sounds like you had a good time. :) I love the link to the bird blog, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Yay for mentioning Owly's blog and it goes to show how small the SL blogoshpere is. Owly is a good friend of my partner in crime Cerulean and he raves about her all the time. Not only does she blog but she owns a couple sims that I have really grown fond of the last week. Hope to chat you soon Em!

Owly Indigo said...

/me wipes away tears of joy at the kind words from both Emerald and Lizzie. OMG I LOVE YOUR GUYSES BLOGS TOOOOOOOO! *lovefestfreakout* and yes, this SL world keeps getting smaller and smaller ...