Saturday, October 2, 2010

Help a sister out this weekend (and insert a better headline here)


I belong to the Thrifty Goth group and I'm always waiting for them to discover me and kick me out because I should really be in the Not Very Goth group.

I do have my dark moments though. Especially these days.

Tonight we got this notecard from Belladonna Mureaux, designer and owner of the awesome store Nightshade:

"I am trying to get $125 by tomorrow for the rest of my rent. I am offering one custom skin for donators. If you can donate 500L or more you will get a custom skin of your choice. I REALLY need to be able to get it by then as it' lol... So I am hoping I can reach that goal. If anyone is able to donate towards this just pass me a NC and your donation and I will get your skin to you! - Bella"

I don't know Bella personally, but here are a few reasons why I think you should join me in helping her:

1. You too have been hard-up for rent at least once in your life, so you totally feel her pain. (Don't lie - you have! Yes you have! If you haven't . . . well, you haven't really lived.)

2. Even though the hunts have officially ended, she still has her Kawaii Hunt and Twisted Hunt prizes (cool tattoo, and skins and clothes, respectively) hidden in her store. I LOVE CREATORS who keep their prizes out after hunts have ended, because it's usually a couple of days after a hunt ends that I start to regret not doing it. For instance, I've been drinking beer, watching horror movies and wandering around scavenging leftover Kawaii and Snow White Hunt prizes for most of the day today. (It's chilly outside in RL!)

3. Her work is beautiful. Even if her clothing isn't necessarily your style, if you've ever had the urge to unleash your dark side — and what better time than October? — this is the place for you. Nightshade offers a wide selection of beautiful gloom with something for every budget and now I'm starting to sound like a used-car salesperson so I'll stop.

4. Maybe you need the karma? If not, maybe you'll need it in the future.

5. You're a kind and caring person. Yes you are — I know you are!

You could donate 500L for a custom skin . . . or you could do what I did and just TP over there, buy some awesome stuff and toss some lindens in her tip jar on the way out. (Hell yeah, I'm noble like that. Plus, I have way too many skins . . . and yes, when your inventory has reached 110K, there IS such a thing as too many skins.)

I'm digging this whole Repo! Blind Mag look, inspired by Blind Mag from Repo! The Genetic Opera:


Blind Mag skin and shape, 800L
Blind Mag outfit, includes thigh-high boots and accessories, 600L


Blind Mag eyes, 75L — they're HAUNTED! Kidding. They have a glow option that apparently doesn't photograph so well. However, they look pretty kick-ass off camera.
Blind Mag eyelashes, 50L


Angel's Sanctuary Fetish Wings in Black, 300L
Tattoo: Nightshade's Kawaii Hunt prize, still hidden in the store

(Hair: Shag - Breathe Me in Midnight; poses by Tea and Get Bent)


P.S. YES! I finally made it in world without immediately crashing. Much thanks to my friend IndiaRose, who shared the link to the KnowledgeBase article on how to completely uninstall and reinstall SL. Once I deleted every folder that had anything to do with SL — and some were tricky to find at first — everything worked again once I reinstalled it. WOO HOO!

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Alicia Chenaux said...

I gotta say...that's really a hot look for you.

I have that glow issue, too. There are things I just can't take pics of anymore without the glow shoot off to the side. Sometimes the effect is cool...sometimes, not so much. :-p