Saturday, October 30, 2010

It doesn't have to end


Normally if you were to say, "Hey Emerald, why don't you dress all burlesque today?" I would probably reply, "Why don't you kiss my non-burlesque arse?"

Kidding. I don't passionately dislike that style, but it's just not me at the moment. However, living a rich, fulfilling life sometimes requires stepping out of our comfort zones, kids. So when Ezura Xue of the awesome store + ezura + passed me her new Burlesque Victorian Vampiress set for review, I said, "What the hell?" and donned it. (And now you too must use the verb "don" in a sentence this weekend. I insist.)

And you know what? It's hot!

What I really love about it is that on Nov. 1 you don't have to pack it up in a "Halloween 2010" inventory box where it will crumble and rot as you forget all about it in 2011. You can go from rocking a bloody mouth and posing next to a chair with a big damn pumpkin in it . . .


. . . to just looking hot and gothy whenever you feel like it.

The cool bat-winged hat is included, and those are bat wing attachments on the arms too. Awesome.

Stockings also are included with the outfit, but I switched them out for my Stiletto Moody Lucky Lingerie Stockings because last year I paid a fortune for those things and BY GOD I'm gonna wear them whenever I can until my AV drops dead. (Laughing because that was the longest sentence ever.)

Hair: Nadine 2 in Auburn by Truth

Let's look at a big picture of my face for a second:


As I mentioned in the previous post, every Friday a male and a female skin are marked down to 50L at Skinthesis. I love the fantasy skins there, so my Skinthesis folder is getting FAT. I've been wearing this Mindi, Carnival of Souls skin in Powder for a while. The fangs and blood are a tattoo layer from Olive Juice.

I'm wearing Goldblooded Earrings in Iced Onyx by Ganked because they're cool and I like yelling, "GANKED!" And you're going to have to pry those Booty Bay boots by Adam n Eve off me because I want to marry them.

Last but not least, don't get me started on the eyes because I'll get UNBEARABLY GIDDY! They're Moonstone eyes from the NEW Gems in Your Eyes collection at A:S:S. See the whole lineup on the A:S:S blog HERE or keep watching this one.

The Burlesque Victorian Vampiress set is 498L, or 249L for ezura VIP group members for a limited time. See (much much much much much much much better) professional pics of it on ezura's blog HERE.

Olive Juice
Adam n Eve

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