Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tiny dancer

Dear Most Awesome Couch EVER:


How do I love thee? Let me count the ways:

1. Your mishmash of patterns is so awful, it's awesome.
2. Thanks to you, I just got to use the word "mishmash."
3. You are half-an-ugly-AV-foot shy of being as tall as my FRONT DOOR, which is totally cool because if somebody breaks in my fake house now, they're gonna think a GIANT lives there and run like hell.
4. Hahahahaha! My head only just reaches the cushions.
5. Hahahahahaha! Hahahahahaha! Hahahahahaha!

OK. I'm done. Thanks for indulging my couch love. Get this Big Silly Sofa (18 prims) at Grim Bros for 444L. It comes in a few different versions. I love that store madly.

Soooooo it's been a while since we've played, "Look who's hangin' out at Stiletto Moody!" And since I really don't want to get banned from that store, this will probably be the last time. *sniff*


All together now:


I went over there the other day and the ladies were keepin' it classy:


Um, OK — I'm actually going to admit that I don't have a huge problem with the nips and midriff on the left because Second Life is all about fantasy and self-expression and big boobs and flat stomachs and, these days, exposed butt cracks. So hey, more power to you, Cher!


(I took this picture in my kitchen.)

Anyway, we all know that no matter how you're dressed . . .

(I bet you thought my fantasy Stiletto Moody marketing slogan was dead, didn't you? Never!)

Can anyone tell me what that AV's tattoo says? I'm just curious. Does it say "Hey, look at my hair"?

As for the sailor on the right, *shrug.* Maybe her boyfriend is into that kind of thing, or maybe she really does have an impressive pixel boat and she's some kind of master Second Life regatta champion. I mean, I would feel like a total ass if I ripped her sailor suit and then found out she's a seasoned sea captain or something.

And that cute little girl in the middle: I'm always fascinated by how many people bring their "children" to Stiletto Moody. But hey, I'm all for educating young women about quality shoes at an early age. Plus, at least from the back she looks a sweet little thing and . . .



Shoot, should I have covered her eyes to conceal her identity? I'm thinking no. Either she's encouraging virtual pedophilia OR she's representing little people in a sassy, sassy way. If it's the latter, good for you, honey! If it's the former, please hop on your friend's boat and get the hell out of here. I'M DISTURBED.

So tired of seeing slutty child AVs. It's so wrong it makes me queasy.

Let's flee to a happy place in our heads:

Stiletto Moody is currently having a 40-percent-off-everything sale for group members. Join now because she's about to close the group before she launches her new cosmetic line. I can't wait, mainly because the suspense is killing me. Ohhhhh Stiletto, I hope you don't mess that up —I don't want to hear people whispering, "She should have stuck to shoes!"

Anyway, I bought these:

(Bare Robin in Tiger Black, 1100L after 40-percent discount )

Sing it with me, Jimi Hendrix:

"Excuse me, while I kiss this shoe!"

Two of my toes up there protested that toenail polish color. They wanted Gunmetal Glitter. I said, "That was so yesterday." They said, "Screw you, then. We'd rather be naked."

Let's molest more clothes before I sign off.

(Lapipi — Romantic Doll dress in Cloud, 200L)

I love this dress so much, I want to make out with it. I don't know what my deal is with running around looking like a ballerina half the time. Some unfulfilled thing from my childhood, I guess. This outfit is meant to be worn with matching vine wraps around the legs, but that was just too much bondage in one outfit for me.

I have to go.

Grim Bros.
Stiletto Moody Bare Boutique


Tashi Core said...

The tattoo tells in Chinese: the first word "bi" means "compare" and the second word "qu" means "interest" (interest as in hobby, not financial). Put together they may mean "comparison of interests" or "comparing for the more interesting". But it is not a usual phrase for the language. I am not sure they can be read in Japanese or Korean though. If they can, it might mean something else. :)

Cheers, Tashi

Emerald Wynn said...

Tashi, hugs! Thank you!

Anjie said...

That was a child avi? Holy shnikes! I thought the other two were Glamazons and the one in the middle was normal sized. Yipes!

Aebleskiver Thibedeau said...

Bwhahahaaha! Cher in the kitchen! Sublime.

Anonymous said...

I could say the same thing about RL children's clothing these days. The 'prostitot' thing is getting -way- out of hand.

And they wonder why we have so many child molesters out there in the world? o.0