Monday, October 18, 2010

That darn cat


When I was a kid, my two brothers and I would fight over the cat on this T-shirt. He came in a pack of cardboard Halloween decorations, and NONE OF US wanted him taped on our bedroom windows because there's nothing scary about him. In fact, we thought he was damn lame. Even as little kids, we grasped the concept of "WTF is this thing doing in a pack of Halloween decorations?" I mean, they gave it a shot with the fangs and all . . . but he's wearing a monocle, for God's sake.

And we won't even get into his stupid bow tie. He gives a bad rap to black cats everywhere.

Finally, one of us got mad one Halloween and ripped him up. *cough*

Three decades later (gulp), I'm now delighted to see him on one of several free Halloween T-shirts at terri.tees. He reminds me of a really innocent time, when life's greatest tragedy was getting stuck with this thing as a bedroom Halloween decoration while everyone else had a witch, a ghost or Frankenstein. Back then we didn't know far scarier things existed, like my current MasterCard balance. (Ha ha ha! That was stupid, sorry. But true.)

Get this Sophisticat tee (also comes in a tank top) for 0L at terri.tees and give your inner child a big Halloween hug. Bravo, Terri!


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Aimee said...

That cat is hanging over my desk at work. hahahahaha I thought "what the hell?" when I saw it.