Saturday, June 23, 2012

I stripped for Nomine at SL9B

Designer Munchflower Zaius at Nomine recently released some limited-edition Ameno gowns that really knocked me off my pixel feet when I saw them.

The shading and details on these gowns are gorgeous. She originally made only 12 of each color, but then she added a few more. I just checked, and there's ONE Ameno Chestnut gown left, which is what I'm wearing. And I believe there are about four or five Ameno Pomegranate gowns remaining. (See photos on Nomine's blog HERE.) They're 1000L and can be worn in a variety of ways. The headdress is included, along with shoes (not pictured). If you buy one, be sure to pick up and take the box with you.

Proceeds from the sale of the gowns go to help replace Munchflower's poor, dead computer. SL is her primary source of income. A notecard she sent out to her group said the following:

"Recently I've gone through a string of crap luck and my laptop has died. Unfortunately, a number of other things have also died and I am about a mile past broke. Without my laptop, I have no job." (The complete notecard is in her Subscribo history.)

There's a fundraiser page for her HERE.

Here's the big-foofy-skirt version of the dress:

I'm at one of my favorite exhibits at SL9B so far, which is Inside Art by Ginger Lorakeet. (I'm also "sitting" on a pose in that picture. I don't usually smash myself up against art like that.) Every painting there is interactive. But if you go, join the fight against lag and don't get all dressed up like I did. I only stayed for a few minutes, I swear. You can tell by the hasty photos.

I wanted to show the lingerie that's also included with this outfit, so I proclaimed, "To hell with propriety!" and stripped in front of everybody there. Then I hung from a painting. Nobody clapped.

Oh the things I do for this blog.

BOOBS! (That was for the Googlers out there.)

Ugh, sorry — the graphics on my dinosaur Mac are more raggedy than usual today. It might be because I downloaded that lame Second Life knockoff Utherville – Virtual Glamour yesterday and probably blew up my graphics card. Click and look at their ad. LOOK AT IT, SERIOUSLY. Gosh, what a novel marketing idea. ("1000's OF MUST-HAVE OUTFITS!")

Hey, I read an SL Secret last weekend (No. 23) that said some bloggers are all about themselves and never put pictures of "a variety of avatars" in their blogs.

I'm a people-pleaser, so here's another avatar:

I forgot to get her name. Oops. She was there interacting with another painting, which was radiating pixels, BTW. That's not my camera for once.

I personally don't feature a variety of avatars in this blog because I'm kind of a loner. But for the record, I have been known to feature a variety of farm animals. So there's that.

Inside Art by Ginger Lorakeet (SL9B exhibits close June 27)

SL9B Website
Fundraiser Page for Munchflower Zaius

Skin - Akureka at CHIC² – Bianca, Pale (Chic Exclusive), Cleavage Version (It makes me look so sophisticated!)
Hair - Lelutka – Ariel in Harvard


Tigo Volare said...

Dang, I was looking for boobs but ended up here. Then I started reading, and wondering why people depend on SL for a RL living. I'm sure it's great to be able to create and sell so much, but, surely people must realise that as soon as something goes wrong (like laptop dying, getting banned, SL going down) the sales can stop instantly. I don't know, it just doesn't seem smart to me to depend on SL sales. And kind of wrong to ask for donations.

Emerald Wynn said...


1. WOOOOO! Your picture is hot as hell!! I need to update mine. I'm the queen of lazy when it comes to profile pics.

2. When I've been drinking vino I have this weird tendency to number my thoughts if I'm trying to write something. Maybe it's to make sure they're all ... in order. Or something. *hiccup*

3. Your boobs thing made me laugh.

4. OK, getting serious for a sec - I was thinking about your comment about why people would depend on SL for a RL living. I kind of look at it as similar to freelancing. Right now, my only income is coming in from freelance writing assignments. So if something happened to my laptop, I too would be hellascrewed. I feel that pain. And yeah, freelance writing is also a rollercoaster ride. I'll get a lot of assignments one week and then none for two. Oh the life of the artist! (LOL)

5. That said, I think Munchflower is in the same category of the real talented longstanders who actually CAN and DO pull that off – Nomine has been around since I was a noob and I've never seen that gigantic store empty. Her stuff is always awesome. I don't know her personally, but in four years in SL, this is the first personal crisis I've heard from her.

6. And just to clarify to everybody, it was a friend of hers who set up that donation page in an attempt to help her. I should have mentioned that in the post.

There will be no 7. (And the virtual world sighs in relief.)


Deoridhe said...

*ruins Em's SL rep with nudie pictures~!* 8D 8D 8D