Friday, June 29, 2012

Your own personal Jesus (And Oleg Dou. And nip slips.)

Hey, see if you can find Jesus in this picture.

Speaking of going to hell, usually I wouldn't be caught dead in anything that exposes my nips. I'm just not that kind of girl. Just call me Prudy McPrudess of Prudeville.

But I really like this Naughty Alice dress from Sugar. The skirt is mesh and the details are fantastic. But yes, just a warning: This saucy take on Alice in Wonderland (also available in Little Red Riding Hood Red and Snow White-inspired Black) is PRO-NIPPLE. So get ready to air those babies out!

Uh, yeah, I covered mine with contraband Hello Kitty pasties, which were a gift from my friend Soph. She found them on Marketplace. (Shocker!)

I also wanted to show you one of the JeSyLiLO skins inspired by the work of acclaimed Moscow photo artist Oleg Dou. If you're unfamiliar with his art, visit his Website HERE. To quote him on his style: "I am looking for something bordering between the beautiful and the repulsive, living and dead. I want to attain the feeling of presence one can get when walking by a plastic manikin ...." (Source: Oleg Dou official Website)

I think creator LiLO Glom did a beautiful job on these skins. She's got some very ethereal ones at her store that are the most true to Dou's surreal vision, along with a slightly sweeter Valentine series. And she recently released the Oleg Dou Pierrot line at ZombiePopcorn Carnival – I'm wearing one of them. (She's also got one carnival-exclusive Pierrot skin there. It ends tomorrow, June 30.) To get the full effect, I recommend wearing the included shape.

Shoot, I need to segue somehow to Jesus. Consider the subject abruptly changed.

I found this mesh Jesus on Marketplace. I thought it was a lawn ornament. Imagine my surprise when I discovered it can also be worn as an AV. (Use a full-body alpha layer with it.) I put it on and wandered around as Jesus for a while, but then I started to feel a little blasphemous. So I launched him into the sky over my house, where he's just kind of hanging around now.

I may still wear him to a club one night though. Maybe we'd kick ass in a Come As You Are contest.

Skin, Shape, EyesJeSyLiLO at ZombiePopcorn Carnival – Oleg Dou Pierrot, GoSTon J3 ("ghost tone"); teeth and cleavage versions, shape and Candy Eyes in Yellow included, 700L
HairTruth*NEW* Brandy w/Roots in Champagne; rigged mesh, includes roots and standard versions, 250L per color pack
ShoesISON – Color Block Prism Pumps in Red, 249L
DressSugar – Naughty Alice in Light Blue; includes stockings, mesh skirt, 299L
Kite pose propLISP at Collabor88 – Shindig Kite Pose Set; 10 kite poses in wearable and rezzable poseball versions with texture-change mesh kite, 148L. The June collection ends July 7.
Catholic Jesus!All Meshed Up on Marketplace – limited quantities available, 100L. That whole All Meshed Up Marketplace store is filled with amusing mesh AVs, BTW. Check it out.

JeSyLiLO Main Store – Oleg Dou section


Deoridhe said...

OMG you are so totally stealing my look! I'm never speaking to you again! *noseintheairhumph* *stalksoff* *makesdramarifficblogpost*

( I love the outfit and the skin. SO TEMPTED! Did you know Falln Angel Creations is having a huge 50$L sale? I'm such an enabler.)

Romy said...

I love this! Yahhh for HK pasties!

Your pics for this blog are just lovely!

marfita said...

"Prudy McPrudess of Prudeville" - hahaha!
Crashy McCrashypants

Heather said...

Em--You make me laugh so often ( I am a little behind in blog reading) But I loved your Jesus AV. You should wear it to a Come As You Are--that would be a riot!!