Sunday, June 3, 2012

In Bloom (CHIC², Mesh Around, some minor bitching, blah blah blah)

Hey, the CHIC² birthday event is officially open, in case you haven't read about it in 90 million other blog posts. I was sort of pleasantly amazed to see my name on the blogger list. So here I am dutifully blogging the hell out of it. They had to really twist my arm, too!

I like this pose from the Fly Lily pack there because it looks kinda boozy. (Either that or "Bitch, don't mess with my topiary.") I'm sure boozy wasn't the intention of Fly Lily creator Melina Fetuccio, but I can make almost anything look boozy with very little effort.

In other "look at this CHIC² stuff I like" news, I wanted to trumpet the glory of this mesh Summer Love Maxi Dress by MONS because it's lovely and I don't have to eff around with a skirt shape or triangle crotch prims to wear it. I do have to eff around with a mesh shape, but fortunately that's pretty painless, thank you alpha layers.

Also, for some reason I always forget how much I like YourSkin & YourShape skins until I put them on, and then it's usually a happy reunion. I'm loving this Rachel skin. She looks a little sultry. Or boozy. Whatever floats your boat. Maybe everything looks boozy to me tonight because it's Sunday night aka "Game of Thrones" + "Mad Men" + vodka/cranberry juice + Dunkin Donuts night. It's a recipe for awesome and my RL is EXCITING!

For a nominal fee, I can come over to your place and pose provocatively with your plants as well.

So are you guys doing the Mesh Around Hunt? As soon as I saw these Desire Ankle Boots by GoS on the hunt Website, I hustled over there to find them. I didn't have to look long because while I was at the store, I saw three different chicks TP in to land directly on top of the "M" we're supposed to find. ARE YOU KIDDING ME with the cheat sheets already?? Didn't that hunt start, like, yesterday or something? Dear Fellow Hunters, when you TP into a store to a landing point that's on top of a shelf or behind a plant or whatever, that's a pretty good sign to the rest of us that YOU'RE CHEATING. And you know what? If you're using a cheat sheet, YOU'D BETTER GIVE ME A COPY or I'M TELLING!

That is all.

CHIC² Birthday Shopping Event, runs through June 24

Participating CHIC² vendors
Mesh Around Hunt prize pictures and hints (Hunt runs through June 15.)

DressMONS at CHIC² – Summer Love Maxi Dress in Pink, 200L (Bought)
BraceletU&R Dogs at CHIC² – Turandot Bracelet in Cinnamon, 150L (Bought)
SkinYS & YS at CHIC² – Rachel in Cat Eye, 800L for a single makeup (includes eyebrows, cleavage, freckles, teeth, hairbase options), 2000L for the exclusive CHICPack (includes three makeups, six shapes, six pairs of eyes and many lips/brow/hairbase/freckles/teeth/cleavage options) (review copy, thank you!)
TopiaryTrompe Loeil at CHIC² – Mesh Topiaries 5-pack, 300L (review copy, thank you!)
PosesFly Lily at CHIC² – CHIC² Birthday Set, includes 25 poses, 100L (review copy, thank you!)

ShoesGoS – Desire Ankle Boots in Baby Pink, FREE, Mesh Around Hunt prize (thank you to creator Gospel Voom!)
HairTruth – Tashia w/Roots, Champagne (♥ Truth)


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately we've entered the realm of "lazy hunters". No one wants to enjoy a Hunt anymore... instead they prefer to just tp around to the spot and keep going. These are the same people who do hunts and never bother to buy anything else in the shop they're hunting in.

Such a sad sad time...

Deoridhe said...

I'd share my cheat sheets, but it's way too much fun to watch you bumbling around.