Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Team Gala

This (oof, pretty crappy, low-res, desperately needs a texture rebake, sorry) pic of me sporting Curio's Cupid 2 skin was taken two years ago. And as I type that sentence, I cannot believe I'm still blogging SL. SHEEEEZUS I need to get a life.

The original post is HERE and obviously I was caught up in some kind of catty drama back then. Apologies for the immaturity of that post. To be honest, I don't even remember the details. My memory is shot to hell. I blame age and a bad Xanax habit.

Speaking of back in the day, I was looking at some old SL photos last night and feeling kind of sad about the devolution of this blog. I used to have things to say – and my pics were full of friends and well, action, if you can call it that. Now I just sort of wander around alone saying, "Look at this. Now look at this. Hey, look at this thing. Look – pretty!" I tell myself that I'm trying to support SL creators by drawing attention to their stuff – and that's partially true – but mainly I'm just at a loss for subject matter and humor these days. (But I can navel-gaze 'til the cows come home, apparently.)

So I keep my mouth shut. I've cultivated this "I don't give a sh*t" attitude about SL, possibly because I'm finally outgrowing it. I try not to get too involved in SL strife anymore. I have enough of it in RL. But these accusations against Curio creator Gala Phoenix make me want to put that T-Rex back in my front yard (yeah, remember when I used to be fun?), climb to the top of it and scream, "BULLSH*T!" without the asterisk.

When Gala sent out a notecard to her group last night referencing the controversy and explaining her silence, I'll admit that I said, "Huh?" and had to Google this mess. I'm not on Plurk. I don't pay attention to a lot that goes on in SL. Occasionally I'll IM a friend and ask her to explain some drama to me, but for the most part I really don't give a damn.

Now here's the part where I'm supposed to launch into a passionate explanation of why I believe what I believe and why you should believe it too, but this isn't the year 2010 anymore. Or 2009. Or 2008. (GOD DAMN, THIS BLOG IS A FOOKING DINOSAUR!) I didn't come here to rant. I just wanted to publicly show my support with some old, jaggedy-ass pictures and some links, if you give a damn about any of it.

And I guess the keyword here is "old" – old pictures, and these aren't even the oldest. I've been wearing Curio skins for almost as long as this blog has been in existence. Who the f*ck is Hush Skins?

What the hell are you talking about? - The SLUniverse thread about all of it. Get out the popcorn.
What she said – A blog post I like that says just about everything I wanted to say here and also explains the situation in detail.  In other words, not as freakin' lazy as I am.
And what she said
And what they said
Check yourself before you wreck yourself – Interesting post comparing Hush skin textures to League's
A picture is worth a thousand words (and possibly dollars) – Interesting Flickr stream
Gala Phoenix's blog post
Hush Skins legal documents – oh sorry, the Webpage is now gone. Here's a screenshot. Thank you to blogger Arica Storaro for sharing.


Deoridhe said...

Yeah, I linked my blog to a friend and she was like, "Sometimes the stuff you say about the internet is cool, but that fashion stuff just isn't my thing."

And Deo goes all droopy. 8( 8( 8(

Asthenia said...

Just <3

Anonymous said...


We don't know each other, I find your blog in a research for something else and I find it really really nice.
I have never been on SL and as you can guess I'm not really really good in english but now I want to try it and I hope I can see such as lovely things as I have seen on your blog.

This message is not really useful but I have write anyway, we never enough say thanks to people.

Have a nice day,

Emerald Wynn said...

Asth and Deo: ♥

Agathe: Thank you! And welcome! If you need any help in Second Life or need someone to show you around, please send me a message and/or add me as a friend there! Just search for Emerald Wynn in Search. :)