Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nice bulge!

New Enaid mesh eyes at Vision by A:S:S!


You get two versions — clear and natural whites. I prefer to call the natural ones "veiny" though. And my AV uses Visine.

Each set also includes an eye alpha layer, a resize HUD . . . and a pair of system eyes in case you get a little crazy with your mesh resize HUD and decide to see how big you can blow up your eyes and then start laughing really hard and then get too weary to fix them or even put periods or commas in long run-on sentences and you think "Maybe I'm too juvenile for mesh eyes — THANK GOD there's a system pair."

They're beautiful though, huh? (80L per pair or 600L for a fatpack of 10. See the colors and what they really look like HERE.)

**and she never received review copies of eyes again**

Meanwhile, if your maternal instincts are kicking in but you don't have a linden to spare . . .

Free baby, TANNED AND BOXED! (Version 3)

You don't have to breastfeed in that tanning bed anymore!

. . . OK, see now I feel bad.

I mock because my life is so empty.

Seriously, there are five babies of varying shades and dress in this free set. And an adjustable holding position in each baby. And they make sounds and everything. Very generous. Now you don't have to be rich to be a pixelated parent! Get them HERE. (I did.)

I think I'm done. My apologies to Vision by A:S:S. Thank you in advance for not kicking mine.


SpaceCase said...

Hah! Excellent!
Have you seen the talking Embryo & Fetus yet? Not free, but a good wtf. :D

Anonymous said...

I have read your blog several times and always enjoy it.After this post I think you're one crazy biatch and have added you to my fav's.

Love Bri

Whispers said...

I had a baby once in sl and kept all her stuff in one at that folder out of my inventory. I took it as a sign I shouldn't be a mother. hahaha Great post! <3

Anonymous said...

Sooo crazy!! :)

Anonymous said...

Soooo crazy :)

Blingtardette said...

Yay, another free baby! I still have the one I won off the MunBabies Midnight Mania so now little Ug can have some younger siblings.

/me goes to Marketplace to order prim babies.

Photos Nikolaidis said...