Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bish, please! (the wide-awake rewrite)

If you're reading this post RIGHT NOW, maybe you're as much of an insomniac as I am and maybe, like me, you're wishing you had some Ambien, Lunesta, a hard crack on the back of the skull, anything to knock you out for the night.

But there's hope for all of us! Do you have iTunes? Sure you do. If you have a little time and $9.99 to spare, I encourage you to hop over to the iTunes store (or this Web site, if you don't have iTunes) and check out Dr. Jeffrey Thompson. He's a cutting-edge scientist who's doing some remarkable things with music. He calls himself a "sound healing pioneer." I call him awesome.

Dr. Thompson embeds brainwave audio processes into ambient musical soundtracks. Listen to his soundtracks for a few minutes and your own brainwaves will lock onto and imitate these pulses, eventually resulting in your desired state of mind, be it focused, creative, meditative, introspective, intuitive, productive, relaxed or, in my case, sleepy as hell. HALLELUJAH!

I'm not gonna get into an explanation of alpha, delta, gamma or theta brainwaves here. But if you want to learn more about Dr. Thompson's work, read and browse HERE. And for the real heavy explanation of using binaural beats to produce altered states, click HERE.

Why am I writing about Dr. Thompson on a Second Life blog? Because most of us are hip and happening and into modern technology or we wouldn't be here. And also because lately I've been listening to his Natural Music for Sleep while I tool around on this blog or wander around Second Life at night, at least until it kicks in. Last night I slept a solid eight hours, which is DAMN MIRACULOUS for me.

I also listen to his Awakened Mind System in the morning and his Creative Mind System when I'm writing. Anything to drown out the sound of my father screaming at "The Price is Right" (oh yeah, you innocent contestants - there's a man out there screaming at your ass if you guess the wrong price for that foot fungal cream) and the bird squawking about Iran and the dog barking and the turtle splashing and the OCD neighbor moving his lawn for the 19th time this week (seriously) and . . . blah.

So yeah. Another way our minds are slowly but surely being controlled by computers, brought to you by Emerald Wynn.

Hey, let's talk about Hair Fair . . . but not too much!

If you want to see the fabulous hair available at Hair Fair 2009, there are several blogs out there showcasing it. Savoir Hair, actually, is the best blog for that, IMHO, and the official Hair Fair blog also fills you in on helpful tips and news and pics and etc.

Me, I'm just gonna throw out random observations. Really, would you expect anything else here?

If I were a "Project Runway" judge, I'd have to say that a lot of the designers seem to be playing it safe this year. I'm not seeing as much of the wild and outrageous stuff that I saw last year -- so much last year, in fact, that it inspired me to create an inventory folder called "Art Hair 2008." (laugh)

For example, who could forget last year's fabulous Baby Construct hair by Crimson + Clover?


Yeah, that was me last year.

Or these styles -- and my bad for being too lazy to dig around in my inventory to find them and identify the creators:




(Damn, I like that skin. I wonder what it's called and where it is in my inventory of 83K.)

Sadly, I haven't seen anything that FABULOUS yet, save for the LMAO Curio Obscura styles.

I still have one more sim to hit though, not to mention a mountain of gift bags to paw through and a zillion hair demos to try on. So stay tuned for my "freakiest styles of Hair Fair 2009" post, if I can muster one.

Forget the hair for a minute. Let's talk about the people. You read the headline "Bish, please!" and I KNOW you thought it was gonna lead to something juicy.

Unfortunately, I was just talking about this chick:


She looks fabulous, doesn't she? I'm glad she got DRESSED TO THE NINES for Hair Fair. With the purse, especially, because seriously, how could you NOT go to Hair Fair without a stylish handbag? And 90 bangles? And about 12 piercings? Not to mention shades, a big damn necklace and a face light that orbited her like a solar system? Oh and don't forget a catwalk AO. She struck a pose every three steps.

Grand total was an ARC of 3824.

Look, I'm actually not a member of the ARC police. I've heard people argue that the whole "Avatar Rendering Cost = lag" is a myth anyway. And it's hard to get mad at people for being decked out when the sim itself looks like my wildest candy store explosion dream come true. I mean, C'MON, that build is AWESOME this year! I'll take it over last year's hot dry Egyptian theme any day. But WOOOOOO! It takes a long time for those lollypops to rez, y'all!

(And thank you, Second Life, for making me crave candy like a mo-fo all day.)

I want to trade my beach house for a gingerbread house now. I think my landlady will let me if I can find one at 100 prims or less. (Emerald embarks on a new quest.)

The candy digression aside, that chick just irritated me. Call me a bitch. I don't care. I hate seeing America's Next Top Model hopefuls strutting their stuff at Hair Fair while I'm bald, barefoot and doing the duck walk just because I'm a rule-follower.

And as to the people riding prims around the place, well, rock on with that but just watch the plumber's crack, OK?


Crack is whack.

See, and now I feel mean. That person looks sort of sad too. :(

If this post seems rambling, unoriginal and disjointed to you, please blame my delta brain waves. They're in full swing right now and everything . . . seems . . . so . . . far . . . away . . . suddenly.



Tymmerie Thorne said...

Wow - were you a tan bish!

I still do not quite get carrying a purse in SL. What for? (When we go out, I make Jerremy hold my ID and a prim lipstick.) If I could get away without a purse in RL, I would do it in a heartbeat. That is why SL is my fantasy come true.

I still cannot get over your 83k inventory. Come over to my house. We will sit, have some lemonade, and throw stuff out.

wordswords said...

Thanks for posting about sound technology and Dr. Thompson! I recently attended a program at The Monroe Institute where we used their guided meditations and binaural beat technology to learn how to relax and access our inner guidance. As you suggest in your post, we were able to quickly access what they call “mind awake, body asleep” states that were incredible. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Bob Monroe, but he was definitely a pioneer in the field of binaural beats and brain synchronization. Anyway, thanks again for sharing this, and I look forward to learning more about Dr. Thompson!

Emerald Wynn said...

LOL the first part of this blog post really sounded like an infomercial, actually. Oh well.