Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day 4: Everybody Wang Chung tonight


I promise I'm not going to do this every day, but this (actually sort of distorted and weird-looking) picture didn't make it into yesterday's Virgin Mary post. If I keep blogging regularly, maybe I'll declare my Wednesdays to be Get Your Fashion On with The Virgin Mary Day!

(Yes, this challenge, albeit very cool, is wiping me out. I'm gonna need a blog vacation when it's over.)

The picture above shows the gorgeous Sagrado Corazon tattoo (also available in b/w) from Otaku Designs. I think it's a steal at 100L. There's also a beautiful Sacred Heart on the chest, unfortunately not shown. Try not to look at my freaky feet. I'm not sure what the hell is going on there.

Because of this tattoo, I actually stalked the lucky chair at Diesel Works just to win the Dyna Pose Set that was in it, mainly because that set has some nice "hey, look at my back" poses.

The good news for you is that the Dyna set, along with Diesel Works' Drama set, is now FREE at the new Fab Free Headquarters. I was amazed when I stopped by there this week -- soooo many generous designers, including Beauty Avatar and Exile, have stocked that place with really fantastic gifts. They certainly don't call it Fab Free for nothing.

Some other quick updates:

-- I went to check out the new "adult continent" Zindra to see what it was all about. The link I just gave you takes you to a Linden blog that details the various areas. I started at Kama City, but WOW, it was jam-packed with people who were apparently just standing around talking, most of them in open chat. I TPed in on an uncomfortable discussion about "age play," couldn't walk because of lag, quickly cammed around, didn't see much except for an impressive (and empty?) glass building, and took off.

Next I went over to the outer end of Cinyris Island -- touted as "a premier vacation spot!" -- but, um, it looked a lot like Tucson, Arizona, (insert stomach heaves here) to me (minus the murky looking ocean):


OH YEAH, BABY! I know you've been missing that Obscene cleavage! I haven't worn that skin in a while. LOL - the face looks mean. "Don't mess with the Queen of Zindra!"

My chest slider is only set to a modest 58, by the way. Who needs major slider action with that awesome Obscene shading? (Still patiently waiting for the grand opening of the new Obscene main store at the end of Crush Row -- unless it's been permanently postponed.)

That's about all I have to say about Zindra. Lots of deserted places for cleavage shots and a good place for some interesting eavesdropping. *Bows and accepts the Travel Writer of the Year award*

-- That Spring Daisy Dress in that photo might actually make the "keeper" cut as I continue to slice and dice my inventory. (I got it down from 87K to 82K today!) A Lucky Kitty Crew member spotted it in the Midnight Mania board at Abnormal Ms. and asked the group to help her lock it down. At the time, I just slapped the board to help a sister out, but when I got the dress this morning I actually REALLY liked it! It comes with two versions of that daisy necklace. The lockdown goal is 100 hits. So if you want it, get your 99 alts together and spank that board!

If you do end up smacking those daisies around, be sure to grab this made-me-laugh-and-then-made-me-feel-guilty-for-laughing Homeless outfit there for $1L, if a duct tape bra and a newspaper skirt are your thing:


Note that the bruised skin is not included. *barfs*

The shoes I'm wearing on my double-jointed ankles in that photo are some of my favorite shoes ever and worth every linden. They're texture-change gladiator sandals from Sakka's Studio, and I thank Beanie Canning and her awesome blog for alerting me to their majestic presence.

They're menu-driven with many color choices and there are no prim toes in these, which frankly is a good thing in my book. Seriously, if you're zooming in on my toes, go take your foot fetish somewhere else.

If you're on a budget and don't want to spend 360L for the multi-color option, individual colors are for sale at 120L each. I say go with beige (shown above) because it actually looks like a light shimmery gold, and metallics = neutral in the summertime, honey. You can never go wrong with strappy gold sandals. (Unless you're a guy.)

I'm tired. I don't have a witty way to end this blog. My stomach is kind of messed up (maybe you could tell from all the heaving and barfing) and I feel kind of sluggish so . . .

the end


Anonymous said...

Yay for my 99 Alts!

Krissy Muggleston said...

Tableau makes Mary stuff... like candles and such. They had a little birthday festival or something last year and gave a bunch of Mary stuff away as freebies. Also Mudshake has Virgin Mary stuff too. Pictures for walls, etc...

Emerald Wynn said...

Yep, I scooped up all that stuff, Krissy.

Believe me, my "Virgin Mary RAWKS" folder is an awesome force to be reckoned with. :D