Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day 3: Blessed art thou among women


I collect articles of SL clothing with the Virgin Mary on them.

("Articles of SL clothing" sounds so stuffy -- I'll probably come back and edit that. Someone give me another phrase, please. If I use it in the rewrite, you get something funny from me. And it's not a cookie.)

Maybe I'm the only person out there in the SL blogosphere who's been working on a Virgin Mary fashion post for WEEKS. There's so much Virgin Mary fashion to be had out there. I'm being serious.

I kind of kissed that blog post goodbye today. It was growing to epic proportions -- and that's saying a lot for this blog -- and it just didn't have the flair I was looking for. If anything, the Virgin Mary deserves flair.

I guess what I'll do is sprinkle my Virgin Mary fashions throughout future posts. Just think of it as another signature element, I guess.

"Hey, there's that damn blogger who has that weird Virgin Mary obsession and annoys the hell out of us with her spellings of "hey" ('HAY!'), God ('gawd' - hey, I don't wanna type the Lord's name in vain, people!), rocking ('rawkin') and dude ('dood!') . . . and why is she saying 'rocking' and 'dude' anyway? And don't get us started on the bold all-caps and that fish tank."

OH YEAH! I hear it. It cuts like a knife. (Kidding, go ahead and mock, I don't care.)

The good news is, if anyone ever wanted to write a parody of this blog or if I participate in the next Great Blog Swap or whatever it's called, this blog will be OH SO EASY to mimic!

So see, I'm doing it all for you!

As to the Virgin Mary, I won't get too much into my deep affection for her. In my late 20s and early 30s, I tried to visit all the Marian apparition sites in the world. My favorite was Fatima in Portugal. I was on my way to the village of Medjugorje in Bosnia, but my trip was scheduled for 9/12/2001, so *sad face* I never made it, for obvious reasons. To my great delight, there's apparently a Lourdes in Second Life, although I haven't been there yet to see how it compares to the real thing.

In RL, I have a collection of Virgin Mary kitsch, which horrifies my mother. And actually, it started out as a truly cute little shrine until my friends got out of control and started picking up Virgin Marys at gas stations, velvet paintings and holographic pictures of her at carnivals, and giant plastic monstrosities from God-only-knows where. Then my collection morphed into this horrific gaudy corner of my home office and, yeah, I can see why my mother almost fainted when she first saw it.


So we can blame the Virgin Mary and, um, my garden gnomes for my spinsterhood, I guess. I still love them though.

Those Maria tanks in the photo above are from the so-spectacular So Many Styles for 100L. There's also an orange and a black version. And gosh, I really managed to look Satanic in that photo. Way to go, Emerald.

The Lala Bubble Dress I'm wearing is from Bliss Couture and as striking as it is, it's unfortunately part of my "Wear it for a Day and then Throw It Away" project. My inventory currently is at 87K. I'm going to keep a few cherished pieces and the things I've spent big lindens on, but sadly the rest has to go. I'm never going to wear some of these outfits twice. I just don't have enough days in my life.

But if I stop shopping for a while and stick to my "Wear it for a Day and then Throw It Away" project, I should have my inventory under control in about 84,000 days!


On behalf of me and all my glow-in-the-dark dashboard Virgin Marys, have a truly blessed day.


Casandra Shilova said...

You actually manage to "load" all of that stuff and see anything rezzed??!!?

I know a designer that had an inventory that size a year and a half ago, she's probably over 95k by now - keep going.

Just kidding - I'll lead the cheer! GO Em! GoOO EM!

Emerald Wynn said...

Actually all this time I thought it was my video card until someone enlightened me and told me it was my inventory.

But it's just too big for me now, Casandra!


No wonder everything is always grey!

Amie Adamski said...

It's all those stupid hunts LOL-I'm at 16,000 but I have only been in SL since October :) I spent 2 hours one day going through POE gifts and got my inventory down by 2000.

Anonymous said...

Dane is making virgin mary tees now...perhaps you should go check his stuff out LOL.

Alicia Chenaux said...

Lola has a new tattoo with a Virgin Mary on the back. It's really pretty. :)

Emerald Wynn said...

Hell yeah, Ali, I ran like Flo Jo and bought that tattoo the minute I saw her notice. It's fantastic! As always, she's awesome. I bought a pose set just so I could show that tattoo off.

She's up next.

Owly Indigo said...

I would *love* to see an All-Mary post. I don't care how long it is, I would read every word and examine every photo. Now I'm all antsy for the post with the tattoo. I've been looking for a good full-back Guadalupe tattoo in SL since forever. (My own Mary thing is specific to Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe.) *ahem* Yes, I am probably officially your stalker now.

Anonymous said...

*makes a note of doing a pose set and calling it the Virgin Mary for you*