Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pull me down hard and drown me in love


(Yeah, when I can't think of blog post titles, I just throw up the lyrics to whatever song is currently stuck in my head.)

I saw this creepy monkey yesterday at Retrology's My Heart Belongs to Daddy hunt and thought, "Man, I am having a really bizarre week."

Nice sweater, monkey.

I can't find the hearts for Flirt and Elate. But then again, I could barely move at that place when I was there, let alone see.

Blame the monkey!

Just blame everything on the monkey.

Celebrity Trollop wanted me to draw her in one of my pictures. I gave you hyooge knockers, Celebrity. And cool shoes.

Celebrity's blog currently has the Hair Fair layout and SLurls on it. Thank you, Celebrity.


(LOL, I'm having such a problem with repetitive word usage these days, my English teacher would kill me and I'm really too tired to care right now and now this is becoming a run-on sentence.)

I'm going to try not to log in for a day, and then I'm going to try not to log in for two days, and then I'm going to try not to log in for a week, and then a month and then a year.

<--- will probably last six hours. (Update: OK, epic FAIL. Make that five hours. :\)

Love to all the good fathers out there on Father's Day. I miss my grandfather. During the last week of his life, we were talking about religion and he said, "It's not all bullsh*t, Erinn, I promise. I'll send you a sign when I get there."

Still waiting. :|

Yeah, that's my real name. Sometimes the name Emerald makes me want to toss cookies.

*tosses a cookie and runs off to elope with a monkey in a purple sweater*


Tymmerie Thorne said...
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Emerald Wynn said...

LOL, Tym. <3

Celebrity said...

They're fabulous and they're REAL.