Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A day in the life of a League loyalist (and "I got crucified")


Before I get started on this post, I'd like to say that in real life today I'm frantically trying to find three fanatic female Elvis bloggers. I recently got a fun gig writing for an AOL entertainment Web site and that's my first assignment. Tracking down prolific Elvis fans is turning out to be harder than I thought. So if you are one or if you know one, give me a shout please!

And now for SL frivolity.

I have this deep meaningful goal to one day own just about everything in the League store. Yep, I'm a League loyalist and I've been waiting forever for the new League skins to debut. I figured that if creator Nena Janus could transition her amazing texture talents from her clothes to the complicated realm of skins, the result would be pure win.

And she didn't let me down!

Granted, I got mixed reviews when I tried on the Kate demo in Medium:


I liked the fresh-faced "girl next door" quality, not to mention the artistry, but a friend took one look at it and said, "Pass on that. Not feminine enough for you." In defense of the skin, when I tried it on with its optimized shape, it looked smashing. It just didn't look so hot on my own shape.

Plus, my friend was right. I prefer glossy lips and a little more color. So imagine the GLEE when I tried on Misty (Medium) in Glam, shown at the beginning of this post and also below with its va-va-voom cleavage:


WOO! And yep, I bought that one. I was torn between this one and Misty in Fuchsia. Someday, Fuchsia, you will be mine.

These skins are 1100L each, and you actually get four skin options in each folder: two different body types -- the hubba-hubba cleavage above or a more modest (but still fabulously shaded) chest, as well as another version of each body type but with a hair base (cough, meaning on the scalp) included.

Shoot, did that sentence make sense? Probably not. I should have lifted the description from the notecard. Sorry.

Can we look at the cleavage again?



Two more topics, numbered and subtitled for your reading ease!

2. Sacrilegious Shopping

I don't know why I let these gridwide hunts take on the mental proportions of an epic, "must-finish-or-die" religious quest in my head, but I do and, as such, I'm currently scrambling to finish The Storybook Hunt that ends in two days. (Only 40 more stops to go! *collapses*)

I guess that's why it was slightly ironic to me when I saw this really unusual camp pad at Electric Lady Land:


"Please stick to a cross for 10 minutes."

I don't know what was more disturbing -- the crucifixion camping concept or the fact that I actually did it for the following photo opp. (And yes, when I right-clicked the cross to hop on it, the menu option read, "Crucify!"):


That is so wrong. I'm going to burn in hell (even though I'm wearing the more modest League cleavage in that pic).

I'm probably never going to wear that prize dress either. YEAH, I camped the whole 10 minutes. I had to walk my dog anyway.

But hey, as for the dress I AM wearing, that cute little number is one of the latest releases at Sugarcube -- called Crazy Flowers dress. When I bought it yesterday, it was marked down to 100L for subscribo group members. How they knew I was a subscribo member, I'm not sure. It also comes with a non-belted skirt option and an empire waist baby-doll skirt option. Or maybe I don't know what the hell I'm talking about. There are three skirts to choose from. The End.

If you too end up running over to Electric Lady Land to get crucified, be sure to hit the freebie wall, which is full of beautiful intricate outfits with names I cannot pronounce. I drew my friend Prad in the picture because that's my thing now, drawing my imaginary friends into my pictures. I know you all want to be with me 24/7, but there's just not enough of me to go around right now. (That was sarcasm.)


Plus, Prad always begs me for hot freebie tips. :P

3. When you finally give up and fry those damn chickens . . .

Hey, look what I found! No longer do the chicken-haters of the grid have to feel shut-out from witnessing the miracle of fake life. Now we too can agonize over whether our "pet" is happy, sad, properly cared for, dying, etc., etc., etc.

PlantPets! PlantPets start out as little seedlings in a pot and, under your loving and watchful eyes, blossom into plants . . . with moods.


They range in price from 500L to 945L, and there are about 45 plant options to choose from in this particular PlantPet vendor over at Animate This. I screwed around with the kiosk for so long that the owner actually TPed in to see what the hell I was doing.


But yeah, I caved and bought a shamrock PlantPet. Thank God it came with an instruction manual, which I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have to check frequently.


Those aren't fireworks. Those sparks mean that my little baby plant is happy. It apparently also will IM me when it's thirsty or feeling grumpy. Gee, I can't wait. :\

(Hey, I've been there, people. Pushed to the brink of insanity, a decade ago I brutally starved my Tamagotchi to death. I still feel a pang of guilt at the memory. And God help us, my spellcheck didn't even blink an eyelash at the word "Tamagotchi.")

These plants are cool so I wanted to share the joy and angst of being a plant parent with someone. My friend Heidi Halberstadt recently did something unbelievably nice for me, so um, Heidi, if you're reading, you have a little thank-you SURPRISE waiting for you in your INVENTORY! (she crowed gleefully, in a sing-song voice)

Don't let your chickens eat it, Heidi!

*laughs and runs away*


Alicia Chenaux said...

Oh hell. Now I want a plant. I know how to keep a pet alive, but the green thumb fairy did not sprinkle me with her magic dust because I can't keep a plant alive for anything unless I simply don't touch it - like my wild crazy mint threatening to take over my backyard. Keeping one alive in SL might be harder for someone like me, but...I could try!

Anonymous said...

Heidi said...
Oh, gee, nothing like a friend who wants to make me want to feel some angst (mutters something about having to have a closer look at her friends list)!

I lurv my Em Alter, thanks so much! It can't take the place of Kess and Neelix (would it be wrong to fry them up, seeing they're dead anyhow?), but it goes a long way to heal the hurt!

Prad Prathivi said...

Woah.. I lost some weight there..